These Tiny TikTok House Tours Will Make You Want to Downsize STAT

Micro-living never looked so good

tiny home
Mireya Acierto / Getty Images

TikTok is more than viral dance challenges, cat memes, and giant Halloween skeletons. If you wander down the right hashtag rabbit hole, you’ll find Tiny House TikTok — a corner of the app featuring itty bitty house tours, tiny homes on wheels (think skoolies and vans), multi-purpose furniture, and creative, but still stylish, smart storage solutions. 

To spare you some scrolling, I’ve rounded up some of my all-time favorite tiny house tours on TikTok.

1. Mid-Century Modern Mobile

Believe it or not, this mid-century modern home was once a humble school bus. Now painted pink (with a matching 8-foot channel back sofa inside that’s a total show-stopper), it’s unrecognizable from its days of carting around kids.

Why we love it: Between the pink couch, the green cabinets, and those adorable porcelain bathroom tiles, I can’t get enough of this dreamy color palette in this skoolie.  

2. Upcycled Shipping Container

Shipping container homes have been rising in popularity over the last few years. Not only are they sustainable, but this tour shows just how cute they can be. Though only 20-feet long, it certainly doesn’t look cramped. 

Why we love it: I’m obsessed with what isn’t shown. The murphy bed is a total space-saver and can be easily tucked away out of sight. 

3. 1954 Crown Skoolie 

@crownedinstyle converted a vintage Crown bus into a home on wheels. The bar top and pinewood floors are to die for, and the twinkle lights give the space an extra touch of coziness. Blink and you might miss the mini wooden stove behind the driver’s seat!

Why we love it: This nearly 70-year-old bus belonged to @crownedinstyle’s grandparents. In it, they traveled across North and South America from 1974 to 1994, driving everywhere from Alaska all the way down to Tierra del Fuego. Now that it’s freshly renovated, the bus is back on the road all these years later. 

4. Geometric Bus 

This bus has a bit of a rustic feel thanks to the sliding barn door, the whitewashed wood ceiling, and all the cute blue wooden storage. But it’s looking a bit different these days as @kelsandjay just completed a big New Years renovation to make the bus even homey-er. 

Why we love it: The wall behind the lofted bed is basically a work of art — the perfect DIY headboard. 

5. Tiny Home Cottage

Shiplap instantly transforms your walls into a cozy, cottagecore space. The paneling in this work-in-progress tiny home makes it so adorable, especially when coupled with that gorgeous vaulted ceiling and dark brown trim.

Why we love it: Tiny home living means multi-purpose furniture is essential, and’s handmade couch that doubles as a bed and storage space is a perfect example. 

6. The Butter Bus

This skoolie has so many little details I love. The shower skylight makes me so envious, and I’m convinced the pull-out pantry has more storage space than my own apartment’s kitchen. And is that peel-and-stick wallpaper I see?

Why we love it: Look at all that wood paneling! And when paired with the rug and tiny wood stove, it’s easy to imagine you’re in a cozy cabin deep in the woods and forget you’re on a bus altogether. 

7. A Van Called Vance

@kendallandglenn self-converted a 1982 VW T3 (affectionately nicknamed “Vance”) so they could travel around Australia full-time. Their clothes, utensils, cookware and other knickknacks are all organized into hidden storage areas, and the pop-top makes the small space feel a bit roomier (and lets them stand up). 

Why we love it: The pull-out kitchenette, complete with ample pantry and portable stove storage, caught my eye immediately. Easily being able to cook outside is a must for a happy van life. 

8. Boho Style Beauty

I love a good boho style aesthetic, and that is certainly on show in this van-turned-home. Just peep at the macrame and moon phases decor! Plus, the light wood paneling along the ceiling adds some fun texture without being too distracting.

Why we love it: I prioritize coziness at all times, so I can totally picture curling up for movie night with that little projector screen.

9. The Blue Bus

Real talk: my apartment doesn’t even look this good. This 25-foot bus has been completely redesigned to be a roomy, modern home. The blue paint job just makes it even cuter. 

Why we love it: The abundance of wall decor really makes this skoolie feel like home.