The 10 Best Toddler Gifts for Grandchildren

Sure to Please Children From 1 to 3

Toddlers are so much fun! They take such joy in new skills and discoveries. These gifts are geared to helping little one's boy or girl develop and grow. Of course, they are also really cool.

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    water table makes great gift for grandchildren
    This sturdy water table translates into hours of fun for the grandchildren. Courtesy of

    Fill the tower with water and make the water wheel turn. Float the boats, fill the cup and have a splashing good time. That's what your grandchildren will do with this sturdy water table. Made by Step 2, this water table is just right for toddlers, but don't be surprised if older children want to play.

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    vet kit gift for grandchild
    Your little vet will love this carry case with stuffed dog and medical tools. Courtesy of
    Have a wannabe veterinarian in your family? He or she will love this vet kit that comes with 13 tools and an adorable stuffed dalmatian. Tools are large so they are easy to handle and safe for toddlers, and the whole kit and caboodle is contained in an easy carry case, just like you use to take Fido to the vet. Adorable!
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    tricycle gift for grandchldren
    Grandparents and grandchildren will love this sturdy trike. Courtesy of

    Italtrike makes a series of tricycles in eye-catching styles. Some are two-seaters, but I'm partial to this little number. Grandparents will love its durability. If you are looking for a tricycle to keep at your house to go through a series of grandchildren, this one is the ticket. Of course, it also makes a great gift for a grandchild's birthday. In most cases, they'll be ready to ride by age 2.

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    Duplo blocks from Lego are perfect for toddler grandchildren.
    Can't wait until your grandchildren are ready for Lego? Start them off right with Duplo blocks. Courtesy of

    The large-sized Duplo blocks by Lego are a great introduction to building. Kids can usually learn to use them somewhere around the two-year mark, and they will be played with regularly for years to come. Don't be surprised if your grandchildren are still playing with these easy-to-manipulate blocks when their ages are in double digits. This set features 95 pieces in a cool storage box. Two pint-sized mini-figs are included.

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    Fabric birdhouse with birdies is fun for toddler grandchildren.
    Colorful birds in a peekaboo birdhouse will delight your toddler grandchildren. Courtesy of

    This fabric birdhouse is fun to carry around and comes with four colorful birds. The roof and the door open and shut, and toddlers will love peeking through the see-through windows. Your grandchildren will use this for carrying around other toys, too. It comes in a doggie version as well. It's from Manhattan Toys.

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    bilibo toy for toddler grandchildren
    Bilibo is a versatile seat, step, carrier and toy of many uses. Courtesy of

    It's hard to explain the appeal of this simple toy until you see the grandchildren in action with it. Basically, it's for sitting in and rocking and also for spinning around. Children, however, find many other uses for it. They wear it on their heads, carry toys in it and use it as a step stool, just to name a few of the purposes it's been put to. Grandparents will like its durability, too.

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    Whimsical tent by Haba encourages creative play. Courtesy of

    Toddlers are fascinated by tents, and this one by Haba is one of the cutest I've seen. It's decorated with floppy leaves and cute forest animals. Also, it folds into its own storage bag when it's not in use, but that may not be very often. Haba makes play tents in several other motifs, including one in a pirate motif.

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    Radio Flyer Gift for Grandchildren
    Radio Flyer has been producing quality products for years. Courtesy of

    The Radio Flyer 2-in-1 Journey is a classic wagon with modern improvements, like seats, seat belts and cupholders. Parents will like the handle which is extra-long for pulling comfort and which folds under the wagon for storage. The kids will like stashing their stuff in the storage compartment and taking a ride. The seats fold down so it can carry cargo instead of kids. Solid rubber tires are quiet and durable.

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    Haba dolls are great gifts for toddler grandchildren.
    Haba dolls have cute features and quality construction. Courtesy of
    Haba dolls are among my favorites, and the Little Scamps line is great for toddlers. They are the perfect combination of sweet and sassy. With cloth bodies, well-constructed clothing and chenille hair, they are great choices for first dolls. Choose the girl Mette or the boy doll Michael.
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    nesting blocks gift for grandchildren
    Nesting blocks never fail to fascinate, and this set is especially captivating. Courtesy of

    This block set allows toddlers to engage in two favored activities: stacking and nesting. In addition, they can begin to learn their ABC's. Cute colorful pictures of animals make these blocks even more fun. They don't take much room to store, they are quick to pick up and they will present a number of teachable moments.

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