The 7 Best Toilet Brushes to Buy in 2018

Clean every crevice with these top picks

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Cleaning a toilet is one of those terrible-but-necessary tasks that no one can avoid if you want to maintain a hygienic bathroom. That is why the right tool makes all the difference. A toilet brush that fails to clean the tricky surfaces of a toilet bowl fully will make the task longer than necessary. The right toilet brush, however, can make the task go quickly while producing a better, cleaner result.

Most toilet brushes use some variety of plastic fibers for their bristles. The specific material will affect the hardness of the bristles, which can influence how well they scrape debris away from the toilet bowl. You should also pay attention to the overall design of the brush, especially the handle. Long, ergonomic handles make it easier to clean the tricky angles inside the toilet bowl while preserving your wrist and arm health.

Here are the top toilet brushes you should consider to put the right tool in your bathroom cleaning arsenal.



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    Best Overall: OXO Good Grips Hideaway

    The best overall toilet brush should provide enough reach to dig around the toilet bowl without getting your hands near the harmful bacteria, mold, fungus and other contaminants likely found on the surface of the toilet. The bristles also need to have a firm-yet-flexible design to thoroughly clear away harmful debris. This top toilet brush has both of these qualities while providing a great containment vessel to prevent the spread of bacteria when not in use.

    The OXO Good Grips Hideaway takes the top spot for a smart, ergonomic design and excellent build quality. The brush uses a tapered head that forces the bristles down into the cracks of a toilet bowl. The shape of the handle also provides an extra reach so you don’t have to get your hands close to the mess. When done, the included canister will contain any leftover debris while allowing the smell to vent away.


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    Best Budget: HDX Brush & Holder

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    The last thing you want while cleaning the toilet is a brush that fails to actually make a difference. This is the risk with many budget toilet brushes when cheap designs and materials fail to ​clean up the mess properly the first time. The HDX Brush & Holder is the option you should buy when saving some money is important without having to sacrifice on the quality of the product itself.

    This toilet brush offers a lot of extra features for the price. An extra-long handle will give you plenty of reach to keep your hands out of the toilet bowl. The brush fibers come treated with an antimicrobial ban that will clear away any hidden bacteria from the toilet and prevent harmful mold and mildew from growing on the brush itself.

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    Best Electric: Sieges Automatic Scrubber

    Some toilet bowls are just too tough to clean with a typical toilet brush. Harmful matter and debris can crust over to form a hard layer that typical bristles will have no hope to break apart. When this happens, you will need an extra boost of power and force to clean the bowl itself. That is why an electric toilet brush might be the best choice if your needs are drastic enough.

    The Sieges Automatic Scrubber takes away the challenge of cleaning dried messes using a cordless electric motor. Using the extendable arm that reaches up to 40 inches in length, you can use the scrubber on a variety of surfaces regular brushes can’t reach. To prevent the spread of harmful bacteria, the head is completely replaceable so you can separate brushes you use on the toilet from other surfaces.

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    Best Anti-Odor: Lysol Brush & Holder

    Lysol Brush & Holder
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    Toilet smells usually come from leftover fecal matter and other debris in the toilet bowl. Sometimes, removing this mess isn’t enough to clear the odor or the potential of future smells. To treat this kind of mess, an antimicrobial layer is necessary to kill the bacteria and germs that create the smell in the first place. The Lysol Brush & Holder set provides such a layer.

    The toilet bowl brush includes the brush and caddy for debris containment when not in use. The brush head is designed with Lysol’s patented under-the-rim fiber design for extra reach when cleaning the rim of the bowl. Each fiber is treated with an antimicrobial agent that leaves a small film of anti-odor protection on the bowl’s surface. The protective layer will also prevent the build up of mold and mildew.

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    Best Toilet Brush/Plunger Set: Mr. Clean 440436 Turbo

    The typical bathroom usually has a plethora of cleanup and maintenance tools to keep everything working around the clock. Beyond the toilet brush, the plunger is one of the most common tools to keep around for the unexpected clog. To keep these common tools together, it’s helpful to have a specially designed caddy that will safely contain both tools and the messes they may bring along.

    The Mr. Clean 440436 Turbo is a brush/plunger set that provides this caddy which will keep both tools in one spot when needed. The caddy contains messes created by either tool so your bathroom will remain clean and hygienic after using the brush or plunger. The brush itself comes with a rounded head to provide a large cleaning surface area that will maximize the coverage in a typical toilet bowl.

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    Best Set: MR. SIGA Toilet Bowl Set

    For homes with multiple bathrooms, keeping each space well stocked with the tools you need to clean and maintain the toilet can quickly add up in cost. Multiple toilet brushes are handy to have so you aren’t carrying around previously used brushes in other areas of the home. To save some money while expanding your brushing arsenal, the MR. SIGA Toilet Bowl Set will give you two brushes for the price of one.

    This set includes two identical toilet brushes and caddies. Having two brushes means you will either have a backup or another brush for multiple bathrooms around the house. Each brush features a compact design with a durable polypropylene plastic. With a 5-inch diameter, the brush heads provide just enough coverage to adequately clean the toilet bowl without taking up too much space in the bathroom.

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    Best for Commercial-Use: Rubbermaid 6320

    Commercial toilet ​cleanups require another level of build quality to survive the repeated abuse public toilets can dish out. These tools usually use hardened, durable plastics and fibers to keep everything together while in use. If you have a job or cleaning task that might damage or destroy a typical toilet brush, the best heavy-duty option is the Rubbermaid 6320 toilet brush.

    This toilet brush uses a heavy plastic handle to prevent the body from flexing during heavy use. The polypropylene bristles will also provide a certain firmness to scrape away challenging debris and particles while resisting stains, bacteria, and odor from ruining the cleanliness of the bristles. The brush head itself sports an effective design that simultaneously cleans the side and rim of the bowl.