5 Best Toilet Cleaners

Cleaning a toilet often tops the list as one of the worst chores we have to complete, but a great toilet cleaner can make a big difference in getting this chore done with little frustration.

Here are the 5 best toilet cleaners around.

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    The Clorox Toilet Wand is a fantastic and convenient tool to get a toilet clean. The pads come pre-loaded with cleaner on the detachable cleaning head. These disposable cleaning heads actually can scrub inside the bowl and under the rim. While the cleaning heads can't be flushed, the versatility of the Clorox Toilet Wand makes it a great choice for cleaning toilets.

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    Looking for a good gel toilet bowl cleaner with good coverage and a powerful formula? Lysol's Power Toilet Bowl Cleaner is one of the best. This stuff is heavy duty. Be sure to use precaution. Lysol's formula has excellent coverage and really powers through even tough stains. Even icky under the rim areas sparkle brilliantly after being cleaned.

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    The bad thing about toilet cleaners is the sometimes caustic and dangerous ingredients. If you are looking for a more environmentally friendly toilet cleaner, Seventh Generation's Natural Toilet Cleaner is a great choice. Seventh Generation lists its ingredients and has a long-standing commitment to producing products that are better for the earth. Natural cleaners sometimes get a bad rap as being ineffective, but this toilet cleaner really works.

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    I cannot tell you how much I love this product. I always love to find a product that can maintain the clean and extend the amount of time between deep cleanings. Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Cleaning Gel is my go-to guy for the job. Just stamp a bit of gel on the inside of the toilet bowl. The gel gradually dissolves after each flush, freshening the toilet bowl and preventing build-up. Each stamp lasted about 7 days in my house, with 6 gel stamps in each wand. This is definitely a product that my...MORE home won't be without.

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    Have a toilet that has been neglected for so long that the build-up is beyond being able to be cleaned? For last chance toilet bowls, Lime-A-Way Toilet Bowl cleaner is an intense product. Even with the intense and caustic ingredients, toilets that are very far gone may need multiple applications. Please use caution with this product and follow the instructions. This is super heavy-duty stuff. But when you have a toilet that nothing else will work for, turn to Lime-A-Way Toilet Cleaner.