The Best Toilet Paper Delivery Services of 2021

The companies put a premium on quality and convenience

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Toilet paper is the kind of thing most people hardly think about at all—until they run out of it. Whether the impulse is sparked by an empty roll in the bathroom or sparse shelves at the grocery store, plenty of savvy consumers are rethinking the way they keep their bathrooms stocked. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to involve hoarding hundreds of rolls in the linen closet.

From do-good upstarts like Who Gives A Crap to big-box chains like Staples, getting your toilet paper delivered has never been easier—these delivery services are leading the way by shipping boxes of the soft stuff at regular intervals.

The Best Toilet Paper Delivery Services of 2020

Best Overall: Who Gives A Crap

Who Gives a Crap

 Who Gives a Crap

Why We Chose It: Who Gives A Crap offers convenience and value to its customers while staying true to its charitable mission, donating half of its profits to sanitation efforts for those in need.

What We Like
  • 50 percent of company profits go to charity

  • Vibrant packaging

  • Free shipping over $25

  • Affordable cost per sheet

What We Don't Like
  • Hefty shipping costs for customers in Alaska and Hawaii

Founded with a charitable mission and the backing of a wildly successful crowd-funding campaign, this Australian-owned company has donated nearly 6 million Australian dollars to help billions of people access proper sanitation. But splitting its revenue with a good cause doesn’t mean Who Gives A Crap skimps on value for its customers.

Each roll boasts at least 370 two-ply sheets, double the standard length, and customers can choose from varieties made with recycled paper or bamboo, which are both environmentally-friendly options. The more you buy, the more you save: Recycled paper can cost as little as $1 per roll if you buy in bulk, while the softer, thicker bamboo is less than 10 percent more. Regardless of which option you choose, enjoy free shipping within the contiguous United States on all orders over $25. Who Gives A Crap also offers 24- and 48-roll subscription plans that can be scheduled at various intervals.

Looking for more sustainable household items to pair with your TP? Add the company’s Forest Friendly paper towels and tissues to your cart, or skip the disposable goods altogether and purchase Dream Cloths, a reusable paper towel replacement sold in packs of three.

Most Socially Conscious: Reel



Why We Chose It: Sustainability and social good is built into every aspect of Reel’s business, from the company’s biodegradable packaging to its partnership with the nonprofit SOIL.

What We Like
  • Nonprofit partnership with SOIL

  • 100 percent biodegradable shipping materials

  • Transparent, straightforward pricing

What We Don't Like
  • Shipping costs for individual orders can be unclear

Launched in 2019 by co-founders Livio Bisterzo and Derin Oyekan, Reel offers just one option for toilet paper shoppers—three-ply, 300-sheet rolls made from 100 percent bamboo. Reel’s choice in material makes sense when you consider that more than 27,000 trees are destroyed for toilet paper every day—a huge waste when soft, strong bamboo can grow three feet in 24 hours, allowing it to be harvested without the need to replant.

But using environmentally friendly ingredients is just one way that Reel minds its carbon footprint and makes the world a better place. Each 24-roll box of toilet paper is packaged with compostable shipping materials and absolutely zero plastic—right down to the tape. And for every box of paper sold, Reel makes a donation to their non-profit organization, SOIL, which is working to end the sanitation crisis in Haiti.

Subscribe to Reel for deliveries every four, eight, or 12 weeks—shipping is free for recurring deliveries. Reel also rewards its happy customers for word-of-mouth promotion: Share a $5 discount with your friends, and receive a $5 discount for every new customer who signs up.

Best Packaging: No. 2

No. 2

 No. 2

Why We Chose It: No. 2 pairs environmental responsibility with serious style, offering chic packaging in a variety of patterns.

What We Like
  • Wide selection in aesthetics

  • Multiple quantities available

  • Serious discounts for bulk buying

  • Septic tank safe

What We Don't Like
  • Steep cost per roll for smaller quantities

Why banish your extra bathroom goods to the under-sink cabinet? No. 2’s individually wrapped rolls of toilet paper come in a variety of eye-catching styles, from black-and-white geometric patterns to animal print and floral designs, and are perfectly suited for front-and-center display.

But don’t judge this environmentally friendly company by looks alone. Founded in 2018 by entrepreneur Samira Far, No. 2 has prioritized sustainable ingredients and plastic-free packaging from the beginning, and its price per roll—less than $1 each if you purchase the largest 48-roll package—makes it more affordable than many other services of its kind. No. 2’s signature toilet paper is clog-safe and suitable for septic systems. It also has a classic dot pattern and is free of ink, dyes, or scents, too, with three-ply construction and 240 sheets on every roll.

Subscribe for regular deliveries at whatever interval you choose, and No. 2 will reward you with a 5 percent discount and free shipping. Or treat a friend to a prepaid subscription: Just pick the delivery interval and the number of shipments you’d like to buy, and your loved one can cross this essential off their shopping list.

Best Luxury Brand: Peach



Why We Chose It: Peach’s strong, soft toilet paper holds plenty of luxurious details, providing a high-end option for consumers looking to splurge.

What We Like
  • Donates 10 percent of profits to charity

  • Free shipping

  • Embossed touches on every sheet

  • Risk-free trial

What We Don't Like
  • Nearly double the price of many of its competitors

Peach clocks in as the most expensive of the leading toilet paper delivery lines, offering customers high-end toilet tissue (seriously, it’s embossed with the brand’s fruity logo) and the customer service to match. The subscription-only model has three options—eight rolls for $24, 16 rolls for $34, or 24 rolls for $44—and provides delivery intervals of one, two, and three months.

Peach customers can buy with confidence knowing that each roll is made from organic materials, sent with completely recyclable packaging, and produced using a fair-wage supply chain. Peach also donates 10 percent of its profits to Safe Horizon, an organization that provides resources to victims of domestic abuse and human trafficking. The brand’s devotion to giving back doesn’t mean they skimp on quality though—expect a plush feel and strong, three-ply construction.

Customers have seven days after the arrival of their first order to make sure they’re satisfied with the toilet paper—or get a full refund. All subscriptions offer the flexibility of skipping orders, customizing delivery dates, or even changing the shipping address to account for a robust travel schedule. And if you’re looking to upgrade your bathroom in more than just the toilet paper department, try contacting Peach’s concierge, which bills itself as a helpline for sustainable products, socially-conscious purchasing, and even soothing decor choices.

Most Sustainable: Bippy



Why We Chose It: Bippy boasts its capability to minimize your carbon footprint, changing the market with its “tree free” toilet paper and wet wipe alternatives.

What We Like
  • Ingredient transparency

  • Offers a sustainable wet wipe alternative

  • All packages delivered within eight days

  • Sustainable packaging

What We Don't Like
  • Fewer sheets per roll than some competitors

Bippy bills itself as the earth-friendly option in toilet paper delivery, and the company’s stats back up the claim. The Los Angeles-based company, founded in 2019, specializes in bamboo toilet paper, wrapping its flagship product in recycled—and recyclable—paper and cardboard for shipping, and forgoing any plastic packaging in the process. Bippy also describes its TP as soft, lint-free, fragrance-free, and hypoallergenic, with durable three-ply construction.

If that’s not enough, consider trying Toilet Paper Foam, the brand’s wet wipe alternative. The paraben-free foam elevates standard TP, promising more than 300 “wipes” in each bottle and killing zero trees in the process.

Receive a roughly 9 percent discount when you sign up for regular deliveries of either product. (The tissue runs about $32 for 24 rolls without a subscription, and the foam about $12 per bottle.) While you’re browsing, learn a little something, too: Bippy’s blog—humorously titled “Buttwell”—offers interesting (if occasionally kind of gross) primers on the bathroom questions you never thought to ask.

Best Value: Staples



Why We Chose It: This go-to spot for office supplies is a steal for budget-conscious home consumers, too.

What We Like
  • Large selection

  • Cheapest prices

  • Free shipping

  • Customizable delivery timelines

  • Option to bundle with other goods

What We Don't Like
  • Least environmentally sustainable

  • Carries same risk of supply chain issues as any other retail store

  • Quality of paper is hit or miss

Yes, your best bet for budget toilet paper delivery just might be an office supply store. Staples has long been a go-to retailer for business clients, going beyond the standard pen and paper to help office managers stay stocked up on snacks, coffee, and cleaning supplies—in addition to bathroom tissue. But at-home buyers can cash in on the savings and convenience, too, thanks to Staples’ free deliveries and returns. 

Because Staples serves so many different kinds of customers, the quality and price of its toilet paper range widely, too. If you’re looking for specific features, like softness or strength, check the description for each listing before purchasing, especially on bargain-priced rolls. Many of the best values may be single-ply sheets, and larger rolls may not fit the dimensions of a standard home bathroom.

Still, if you’re able to find your go-to brand, Staples can be a low-hassle way to automate deliveries. Look for the “Auto Restock” option, which offers free delivery at monthly intervals. The service can be customized at any time, altering the shipping date or adding other essentials like coffee or paper towels. But if you’re setting up the Auto Stock to side-step the risk of empty shelves at your local grocery store, beware. Since Staples is also a brick-and-mortar retail store, the company can suffer from many of the same shortages that groceries and big-box stores see from time to time.

Best for Pairing With Other Bathroom Accessories: TUSHY



Why We Chose It: For those who are truly passionate about optimizing their time spent on the toilet, TUSHY offers a plethora of accessories to pair with TP—and continues to expand.

What We Like
  • Works well with other bathroom accessories

  • Unique Tushy Stand tissue dispenser

  • Portion of profits go toward building community toilets in India

What We Don't Like
  • High cost

  • Limited options

Brace yourself for over-the-top puns and a gratuitous amount of bathroom humor—both are hallmarks of the TUSHY brand, which was founded in 2015. But beneath the cringe-worthy jokes, the company makes serious business of toilet hygiene, offering items like bidets (its flagship product) and ottomans to help make every bathroom break a pleasant one.

While TUSHY’s whole mission is to lessen your need for TP, the company does still offer delivery—but it will cost you. Prices go as high as nearly $70 for 36 rolls, with discounts and free shipping for recurring orders. Still, with premium price comes premium quality, and customers can count on BPA-free, three-ply sheets made of 100 percent unbleached bamboo, a highly sustainable material that minimizes the brand’s carbon footprint.

TUSHY also takes TP a step further than the typical roll with the “Tushy Stand” and tissues—a bathroom upgrade designed to cut costs and help the planet at the same time. The setup, which looks like a suspended upside-down box of facial tissue, allows users to grab a single sheet at a time. With four-ply construction, the brand expects that two sheets are all you’ll need. Order the stand, which comes with two boxes of tissues, for about $60.

Final Verdict

Toilet paper delivery services can be a great fit for consumers hoping to automate their toilet paper needs or shrink their carbon footprints. Most online companies incorporate an environmental promise into their mission statements, and many toilet paper delivery brands have turned to bamboo rather than paper, eliminating the need to cut down trees.

Customers can find bargains at Staples, which sells standard consumer brands as well as industrial toilet paper rolls at affordable prices (and offers the option to automate deliveries). Most online outlets, like No. 2, Reel, Bippy, Peach, and TUSHY, emphasize their sustainable ingredients, with 100 percent bamboo construction on their toilet paper and sustainable packaging to ship it to you. Some of those sustainable brands offered style, some a sense of social responsibility, and some luxury, but Who Gives A Crap won best overall for its well-roundedness: The Australia-based company offers multiple toilet paper options (including bamboo), donates a whopping 50 percent of its profits, prices its products reasonably, and maintains a reputation for quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Toilet Paper Delivery Services?

These companies offer seamless delivery of toilet paper, in many cases giving customers the option to bundle deliveries with other essentials like paper towels and various bathroom products. One of the best benefits of using a toilet paper delivery services is convenience. With subscription plans, even the most forgetful shopper never risks running out of this essential bathroom tissue.

How Much Do Toilet Paper Delivery Services Charge?

The cost per roll varies widely, but expect to fork over at least $20 per order. Many companies offer free delivery, with additional discounts for subscriptions or bulk orders. To get the best deal, consider your long-term needs before ordering.

How We Chose the Best Toilet Paper Delivery Services

To choose the best toilet paper delivery services, we looked at product offerings, customer reviews, price, delivery information, and social good initiatives. Overall winner Who Gives A Crap impressed in nearly every category, but other companies stood out for their own strengths, too.

Style-wise, No. 2 cleaned up, with multiple options for eye-catching packaging. We also found that many companies approach production with an eye on the environment. Reel, Peach, TUSHY, and Who Gives A Crap all donate portions of their proceeds toward charitable causes as well. Consider looking into their individual mission statements if social welfare is a priority for your purchase.

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