The 6 Best Toilet Plungers to Buy in 2018

Clearing clogs has never been easier (or more decorative)

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It's the one tool for the bathroom that most people don't like to think about. But unless you want to call a plumber every time your toilet backs up, it's absolutely necessary. Unlike standard dome-shape sink plungers, toilet plungers typically have a taller, larger cup, or head, as well as a flange that extends from the bottom of the cup. The cup and flange are designed to seal over the drain hole in the bottom of the bowl so there's minimal loss of pressure as you're plunging back and forth. 

Toilet plungers come in all shapes and sizes while doing essentially the same thing. The cup pushes water into the toilet drain passage, creating water pressure and a back-and-forth force to dislodge blockage in the toilet's trapway. In order to be effective, a toilet plunger must create a proper seal around the base of the bowl. When searching for a new plunger, think about the size you need for the specific toilets you have in the home.

Here are the top seven toilet plungers you can buy today to get you started.


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    Best Overall: Neiko 60166A Plunger

    Many people think that the best toilet plunger is simply the one that gets the job done. While this is true in most cases, some get the job done more quickly than others. Better plungers also have quality cups that accommodate a variety of toilet configurations.

    The Neiko 60166A Plunger is a basic toilet plunger that proves you only need a simple design to get the job done. With a long aluminum handle to provide plenty of leverage and help keep your hands away from water and debris, the plunger uses a graduated suction cup to fit a range of toilet drain openings. The suction cup is made with pliable rubber to ensure a tight seal. 

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    Best Budget: E-Z Bellows Plunger

    E-Z Bellows Plunger
    Courtesy of Home Depot

    Most toilet plungers are fairly budget-friendly to begin with. In fact, the common toilet plunger is one of the most inexpensive tools you can buy for the home. To make the top of this list, however, a plunger needs to offer more for less. 

    The E-Z Bellows Plunger is a surprisingly heavy-duty toilet plunger given its small price tag. Using a bellows suction cup design that is 7 inches long, the plunger draws in more water with each stroke, delivering more pressure into the toilet trap to remove the blockage.

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    Best Combo: Mr. Clean Turbo Plunger and Bowl Brush

    A good combination bathroom kit can be a great way to keep the space clean and hygienic for the family. A toilet brush is crucial for keeping the surface of a toilet clean, and having a plunger at the ready helps you make quick work of clearing unexpected blockages.  Combination plunger/brush kits also make it easy to keep toilet tools off of the floor.

    This kit is a small and convenient all-in-one cleaning solution for your bathroom. The Mr. Clean Turbo Plunger includes a compact toilet plunger and bowl brush both contained in a convenient holding caddy with a non-slip base. The plunger itself uses a simple round suction cup to deliver a good amount of water pressure into the toilet to dislodge debris and blockages.

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    Best Heavy-Duty: Sendida Plunger

    Conventional toilet plungers don't always do the trick, and you need to move to a different tool, such as a toilet auger. The Sendida plunger may just save you from having to advance to another tool. 

    Technically, the Sendida Plunger is not your traditional plunger at all. While conventional plungers merely cover the opening in the toilet bowl (even if the cup's flange goes a few inches into the hole), the Sendida can be inserted deep into the toilet's trapway to clear a blockage with the force of water as well as with the tool directly. If you've had mixed success with conventional toilet plungers, the Sendida may be worth a try. 

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    Best Power Plunger: Johnny Jolter Professional Power Plunger

    Johnny Jolter Professional Power Plunger
    Courtesy of Home Depot

    Effective plunging takes some practice, and many homeowners simply struggle with plungers and hope for the best. Getting the plunger to seal and pushing and pulling with adequate force is tricky. 

    The Johnny Jolter aims to make plunging simpler. It works like a giant syringe: you suck up water from the toilet by drawing back the plunger's handle, then force the end of the plunger into the toilet drain hole and push in the handle, driving a blast of water into the toilet trap to clear the clog. 

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    Best Hidden: OXO Good Grips Hideaway Toilet Plunger and Canister

    It's no secret that toilet plungers present a storage problem. Even when you rinse them after use, they're not something you want to leave out in the open. In addition, they're unsightly and detract from a bathroom’s overall decor. That is why a hidden toilet plunger is both more hygienic and visually pleasing at the same time.

    When you don't want people to see your toilet plunger on display, the OXO Hideaway Toilet Plunger is a great choice to consider. This plunger comes in a white that will blend into any bathroom's decor. After you are done plunging your toilet the plunger will rest in the white holder that folds around the soiled plunger part, keeping it away from touching anything in your bathroom and eyes from seeing the unsightly parts.