The 8 Best Tool Belts to Buy in 2018

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Custom Leathercraft Suede Nail and Tool Bag
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The tool belt is one of the most useful construction garments anyone from hobbyists to professionals can buy. They keep your most common tools and parts close while saving your back from the need to bend down repeatedly. Better still, a good tool belt will allow you to organize your most common tools in a way that is natural to you. Eventually, reaching for the tool you need will be instinct.

The common tool belt has evolved in recent years. While you can get away with a simple, three or five pocket belt for working around the garage or yard, you will want something larger for professional work. Large suspension rigs that strap around your shoulders and waist have more pockets/dividers while taking more weight off of your hips. You can even find some specialized belts like a drill holster for keeping your power drill close by you at all times.

Here are eight tool belts of different sizes you should consider.

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    Best Overall: Bucket Boss 55135

    You may think a traditional tool belt is nothing more than a few pockets hanging off of a belt, but this top pick is anything but traditional. Taking a modular approach to its design, the Bucket Boss 55135 will allow you to wear the belt with an extra degree of support and comfort if you need. The included suspenders can help take the weight off of your hips, making it easier to wear the belt longer without experiencing discomfort.

    The modular design extends to the carrying capacity of the belt as well. Two large pouches and several pockets are all adjustable with velcro on the belt. Use whichever pouches/pockets you need and place them anywhere on the belt. This setup will give you the ultimate potential in customizing your tool belt to your exact liking.

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    Best Traditional: DEWALT DG5103

    If you are looking for something with a more traditional look and feel, the DEWALT DG5103 is the tool belt that offers the most. Using a central, large body divided up into a variety of pockets, you can easily position the tool bag around the belt. The primary pocket is large enough to hold large tools like a flashlight or electrical tape. Keep the bag to your side so it's out of the way or place it front and center so you can see your tools and parts as you work.

    The belt also comes with several convenient loops and sleeve pockets to place around the main bag. The loops will hold large hand tools like hammers and screwdrivers, while the smaller pockets are perfect for nuts and bolts that are easy to lose.

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    Best Budget: Husky 12-Pocket Fabric Handyman Rig

    12-Pocket Fabric Handyman Rig
    Courtesy of Home Depot

    Budget tool belts often take a minimalist approach to their design, meaning you only have a couple of pockets or loops to work with. The Husky 12-Pocket Fabric Handyman Rig keeps the budget price while offering an astounding 12 pocket setup. Two large pockets and two nail bags are just the tip of the storage iceberg with this design.

    In addition to a plethora of smaller pockets, the belt also has a steel hammer holder and metal clip for a tape measure. If you want something that is cheap and suitable for common construction projects that involve a lot of nailing, this setup was almost made just for you.

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    Best Basic: Dickies Work Gear 57026

    True budget seekers will love the Dickies Work Gear 57026 for its no frills approach to saving money on a tool belt. With a simple set of five pockets in a side apron form, you will have the most basic setup for keeping your tools near you at all times. In addition to the pockets, the belt also has loops for a large hand tool, pliers, and two small slip pockets for small parts.

    Despite the low price, the tool belt is made to take the weight of heavy tools. The belt is made of webbing that stretches with the weight around your hips. The plastic buckle is designed to take high impacts so you don’t have to worry about damaging the belt with unintended swings.

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    Best Small: Custom Leathercraft IP489X

    Even small, quick projects can benefit from a tool belt. Even if you aren’t on your feet all day, working on a massive construction site, it can be handy to keep whatever tools the project calls for close by. The Custom Leathercraft IP489X is an affordable, simple tool belt for the occasional weekend or repair project where you can save some time not having to pace back and forth to your tool box.

    Three pockets provide you enough space for small tools and parts like nails, pliers, pencils, etc. A leather side loop will hold a single hammer or tape measure. The entire belt is made of suede leather which makes it durable for normal uses. For something that won’t weigh you down, this is a great option.

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    Best Large: TR Industrial 88021

    On the opposite end of the size spectrum, a large tool belt like the TR Industrial 88021 will provide you enough space to carry around almost anything you need for long projects. This one is ideal for large worksites or multi-day projects where you need to minimize the number of times you visit your tool box.

    The pockets can even handle cordless drills, hammers, screwdrivers and other common tools you will use almost constantly. To handle the additional weight, the belt strap is made with a two inch, durable webbing that stretches for additional comfort. The primary pocket sections can be positioned around the belt so you can adjust the tool placement to your liking.

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    Best Drill Holster Tool Belt: Custom Leathercraft 5023

    While most tool belts have a loop for something small like a hammer or belt, a specialized option like a drill holster can make certain projects easier on your body. A drill holster looks like an old fashion gun holster, keeping your drill right at your side for easy access. The Custom Leathercraft 5023 not only gives you a dedicated spot for your drill, it also comes with several outer pockets for the drill bits, screws, and other small parts you need.

    Made from polyester fabric, the tool belt is strong enough to hold the weight of many common types of power drills. A saftey strap fits above the holster to secure the drill when not in use. Unhook the strap for instant access to the holder.

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    Best Suspension Rig Tool Belt: Milwaukee General Contractor Work Belt

    General Contractor Work Belt with Suspension Rig
    Courtesy of Home Depot.

    Need the ultimate amount of storage and flexibility? A suspension rig tool belt offers the maximum in how you set up and use a tool belt. The Milwaukee General Contractor Work Belt acts as an entire harness that fits comfortably around your shoulders and waist. The design divides the weight of the tools up so no single spot on your body begins to feel weighed down as you work.

    The design of the belt is customizable, offering 24 organization pockets of various sizes. There are also several loops and handles for larger tools that you can position anywhere along the main belt. There is even a plastic lined, puncture resistant pocket to hold sharper objects like knives safely while you work.