The 8 Best Tool Boxes to Buy in 2018

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Stanley STST70574 12-Inch Soft Sided Tool Bag
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Having more and more tools means you can handle different types of projects. Unfortunately, it also means you need to have extra storage and organization to keep everything together and in its place, because a tool without a proper spot is likely to get lost. That’s why we have tool boxes: convenient storage solutions that have been used for hundreds of years. These days, the tool box still does the same thing, but has come a long way in the different options available.

When looking for a tool...MORE box, the most important thing to consider is the size and organization you need to store your tools. Larger tool boxes are great for a large tool set or bigger tools, but can be difficult to move around if you need something truly portable. Smaller boxes will give you portability at the expense of the storage and organization you can work with. You should also keep in mind how much protection you want the box to offer your tools. Different materials will be more durable, but usually heavier, than others.

Check out these top eight tool boxes to start your search.


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    A large tool box doesn’t necessarily have to be heavy or hard to move. In fact, modern day tool boxes are larger and more durable than ever before. The Ridgid 22 in. Pro is an ideal size for storing tools around the garage or taking them on the go for projects away from home. 22 inches will be perfect for small hand tools and even some larger power tools.

    The most important thing with tool boxes is durability. A box is useless if it doesn’t give you the necessary protection for your tools. This...MORE one comes with a high-impact resin exterior with an integrated seal to keep out water and dust. A metal handle keeps the lid locked tight yet is easy to open when you need quick access to your tools. Best of all, this box is compatible with Ridgid’s customizable line of carts and organizers, so you can expand and organize as you prefer.

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    Smaller tool boxes are great for keeping a set of tools around for yard work or offsite projects. Instead of having to lug around a larger box or pack your tools each time you go out of the garage, the Stanley STST70574 will let you reach for your travel tools and head off. As a bag, this option is also easy to store when not in use.

    While a soft exterior may seem to leave your tools exposed, in truth, this tool bag has enough padding to prevent damage from scratches and minor impacts. A rubber...MORE foam bottom will also keep everything protected from hard falls on solid surfaces. Use the outer pockets for small tools and accessories for additional organization as well.

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    Despite popular opinion, it’s more than possible to find a great tool box without spending upwards of a hundred dollars. The Husky 16 in. tool box offers a simple design to carry and protect your tools whether in the garage or outside. The heavy duty construction in the body uses hardened plastic that won’t rust or crack with age. A large pad lock will hold the lid together without worry of busting open.

    The interior storage is large enough to hold a good supply of common hand and small power...MORE tools. The removable top tray also provides an extra surface to hold smaller accessories and parts that are easy to lose in the main compartment. Remove the lid to keep it nearby as you work around the project site.

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    Many people stay away from budget tool boxes due to the lacking organizational features of most options. A single compartment is rarely enough to keep your most common tools together and organized. For the same budget price, however, the Stanley 016013R gives you more compartments for smaller items you may need to quickly reach for while working.

    The primary compartment and interior tray provide a standard amount of storage and organization possibilities. The tray is divided into different...MORE sections for separating small parts. On top of the lid, two secret compartments open without having to access the interior of the box. Each top compartment is large enough for small items or personal belongings.

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    Beyond storage, a tool box should help you keep track of all the tools you are using on any given project. If you have to spend time digging around for the right tool, your entire project will drag on and on. The Stanley STST19950 will help you prevent this outcome by organizing your tools to your personal tastes. Central dividers in the main compartment can be moved and adjusted to create different spaces for your tools. The straightforward shape of the box maximizes the amount of space you...MORE have to work with.

    The removable top lid also contains several storage compartments for other smaller parts and accessories. The hard resin exterior of this option is strong enough to protect tools against common impacts, falls, and stray drops of water while not in use.

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    Some people assume that the only way to truly protect your tools is with a metal box. While hard plastics will often offer the same level of protection, a true metal exterior is highly impact and rust resistant when constructed properly. The Stack On-SHB-16 weighs in at 4.8 pounds so it's heavy duty enough to protect your tools. A lift out tray makes it easy to keep smart parts on top and bigger items on the bottom. 

    At 16" x 7" x 7.5" it is not the biggest of boxes but it can...MORE also host various other items like makeup, sewing supplies and more. 

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    Looking for your first tool box and don’t know where to begin? Perhaps you are starting to build your collection of tools as well? If so, the Cartman Tool Set 160pcs box will make things easier for you on both fronts. As a complete set, you will get all of the most common tools and accessories you need in a portable, durable box. This option keeps everything in its proper place without you having to take the time to organize it all.

    All of the tools meet ANSI critical standards, meaning they will...MORE resist the usual abuse typical projects will throw out. For experienced professionals, this complete set may also be a good solution as a secondary or portable tool set to keep around the home or garage in case of emergency repairs or projects.

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    For the maximum storage from a tool box, the only true solution is a deep box. Unlike traditional tool boxes, these boxes expand the depth and width of the interior storage compartment to the max. The DeWalt DWST17806 is larger than traditional boxes, but is still small enough to remain portable and storable. The hard plastic box is even strong enough to carry a total weight of 44 pounds.

    Beyond the sheer size, this box also excels at allowing you to customize your tool storage to your personal...MORE liking. The interior includes a primary storage compartment and top tray with individually divided spaces for small parts. To expand your organization options, you can even stack multiple boxes on top of each other and lock them down for stability. 

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