The 9 Best Toothbrush Holders of 2021

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Made of stainless steel, this toothbrush holder won't rust and looks great on any vanity.
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This family-sized toothbrush caddy organizes all of your toothbrushes and accessories in six compartments.
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Colorful and easy to organize, kids will gravitate to this caddy—especially if you color coordinate their toothbrush and cup.
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If you're looking for something that won't take up any counter space, go for this tiny, minimalist toothbrush stand.
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If your motto is: the simpler, the better, then this no-fuss marble toothbrush holder is the perfect pick for you.
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If germs and bacteria are your main concern, opt for this toothbrush holder that comes with a UV light for sanitizing.
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Maximize your bathroom counter space with this wall-mounted holder that fits your toothbrush and other accessories.
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Keep your toothbrush clean while you travel with these antibacterial covers that offer protection and plenty of airflow.
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This lidded container keeps your toothbrushes clean and out of the way, making them a great solution for busy bathrooms.
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Best Overall: HBlife Toothbrush Holder

It might not look like much, but this highly-rated toothbrush holder is made of a simple food-grade stainless steel option that’s easy to keep clean and won’t rust or fade over time, but still looks pretty enough atop the bathroom vanity.

According to many reviewers, it’s also the “perfect size,” since it is slim enough to fit up and out of the way in some larger medicine cabinets, but it separately accommodates four toothbrushes and an entire full-sized tube of toothpaste. And the icing on the cake: Four non-slip rubber pads ensure the toothbrush holder stays firmly planted on whatever surface you put it on. 

Best for Families: Joseph Joseph EasyStore Toothbrush Holder

This slim, attractive toothbrush caddy has six built-in storage compartments to accommodate enough brushes and toothpaste tubes for the average-sized family—or even a suite of roommates. Each slot is large enough to fit any type of toothbrush—from standard manual brushes to chunkier electronic ones. 

The larger two side compartments make for the perfect place to store toothpaste and other dental accessories, including floss. Perhaps the most admirable quality about this toothbrush holder, though, is how easy it is to clean. Though it’s ventilated for quick-drying to extend the time between deeper cleans, the entire thing dismantles easily, so you can really get in there and sanitize.

Best for Kids: Eslite Toothbrush and Toothpaste Holder

The surest way to get kids in a consistent routine is to have everything front-and-center and exactly where they need it, when they need it. This toothbrush and toothpaste holder does that, and does so in a colorful and fun way that kids will like using. If there’s any downside, it’s that this bathroom caddy is a little larger than some of the others. Still, if you have the space, it’s a worthy choice, because it comes with everything you need, and keeps it all organized

The tray holds five toothbrushes (enough for an entire family!), plus has two larger compartments for toothpaste, floss, or other bathroom accessories. It also comes with three colorful drinking cups for kids to rinse their mouth out after brushing. 

Best for Small Spaces: Airmoon Mini Ceramics Toothbrush Holder

When space is at a premium, you simply don’t have room for extra accessories in the bathroom—and, unfortunately, that often includes a toothbrush holder. But it’s no secret that surfaces in the bathroom aren’t exactly the cleanest surfaces in your house. Instead of perching your brush on the vanity where it’s susceptible to overspray from the toilet (yuck!) or cramming it in the medicine cabinet, grab one of these whimsical toothbrush holders. Each little pedestal only accommodates one brush, but it comes in a set of two, which makes it a great option for a couple with limited space. Plus, most of the real estate is vertical, so although your toothbrush is better protected from germs, you won’t sacrifice much room on the counter. 

If you’re worried your toothbrush won’t stay put, don’t be. Buyers say the holder is stylish, sturdy, quality made and functions very well.

Best Minimalist: Frost Marble Toothbrush Holder

Frost Toothbrush Holder

When it comes to something like a toothbrush holder, some people simply don’t need much. In fact, you may think: The simpler, the better. If this sounds like you, this is the best toothbrush holder for your bathroom—it's simple, design-forward, and easy to clean.

This pick is made of a sophisticated 100 percent natural marble—a soft and attractive stone that looks good on just about any countertop. Even the most extreme minimalists should know: There are no separate compartments—all toothbrushes sit on one single cup—so it’s not a great choice for roommates or anyone who frequently has guests who share the same bathroom.

Best Sanitizing: SARMOCARE Toothbrush Sanitizer

If you’re concerned about germs and bathroom bacteria building up on your toothbrush, a toothbrush holder complete with a built-in sanitizer is a worthy investment. The holder also has a built-in spot for toothpaste, so you can keep everything in one easy-to-access location in your bathroom.

This wall-mounted toothbrush holder firmly holds up to five toothbrushes in place. It has a built-in UV, or ultraviolet, light that helps to manage germs and increases your toothbrush's overall cleanliness. For even more protection, a built-in fan accelerates air flow to help minimize the spread of bacteria. When the light goes out, simply recharge the unit via a USB cable, and then get back to a cleaner routine.

Best Wall-Mounted: Tooletries The Harvey Silicone Toothbrush and Razor Holder

Wall-mounted storage is typically recommended for anyone with space concerns, since they get all of your dental accessories up and out of the way, leaving that valuable countertop space for other items like soap. They're also the best toothbrush holder for anyone who prefers to streamline their routine by brushing their teeth in the shower. 

This wall-mounted holder fits both bills. Because it’s silicone, it’s waterproof and perfectly suitable for the shower—and it even has a dedicated spot for your razor. That said, it adheres to a wide variety of shiny surfaces without suction cups or adhesives, so you can put it on the tile above your sink, too. Even though it may get wet—especially if you opt to use it in the shower—the silicone is antibacterial and will remain relatively clean. It’s also built with custom drainage holders that allow water to pass through easily. This eliminates any gross buildup and resulting smells.

Best for Travel: GUM Antibacterial Toothbrush Covers

A travel toothbrush holder is a must-have for obvious reasons—nobody wants their toothbrush rubbing up against their shampoo and sunscreen. But you don’t need anything fancy to get the job done. The most important thing to look for in a travel toothbrush is whether or not the container has any airflow. Ventilation keeps bacteria (and smells that result from this sort of buildup) at bay. 

This set couldn’t be more affordable or well-suited for the job. The cover easily snaps into place (and stays put), and it cover has ample ventilation and an antibacterial coating to keep your toothbrush cleaner in your toiletry bag.

Best With a Cover: OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel Toothbrush Organizer

Covers aren’t just great for travel. A countertop toothbrush holder with a cover is a great solution for busy bathrooms—like, say, a bathroom on the main floor that also functions as a powder room for guests. When not in use, the lid closes to keep your family’s toothbrushes out of the way and cleaner. Don’t worry about stagnant air, though—this toothbrush holder has both top and bottom ventilators to keep air circulating throughout.

This one, which reviewers rave is attractive, functional, and easy to clean, accommodates four toothbrushes (even larger ones) and a full-size tube of toothpaste in separate compartments that come out of the container for easy cleaning.

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