The 8 Best Towel Racks to Buy in 2018

Keep your linens neat and dry with the right fit for your family

Tree Wall Mounted Towel Rack by Wildon Home ®
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Towel management may sound simple enough, but if you have a large family, have recently moved or often have overnight guests, you soon realize proper organization is a must. Aside from simple rings and rods, their other options that can not only be ​efficient at organizing but also space saving,

So, whether you are looking for a general towel rack or need something a little more niche, these are the seven best towel rack for your home. 


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    Best Towel Rack with Shelf: Organize It All Shelf Rack

    Installing and organizing a towel rack isn’t as hard as it sounds. It makes sense to install a towel rack in your bathroom, where you will have instant access to it in the most necessary place. However, most bathrooms aren’t known for being roomy, so when space is at a premium a wall mounted rack is a smart option. 

    The chrome finish looks very modern, and can easily fit in with most décor. If your ceilings are high enough, it would be great over the toilet or behind the door. The shelf can hold extra towels and toiletries while the rack can be used to dry used towels. There is a double rack effect on this model, so the back can hold towels you are using while the front can hold nice hand towels. 

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    Best Wall Mounted Towel Rack: Deco Brothers Wall Mount Rack

    Many towel rack options come in wall mounted designs because, for space purposes, it makes more sense. Especially for smaller bathrooms, wall mounted towel racks take away from any floor clutter and lift storage space and décor to new possibilities. The Deco Brothers’ Wall Mount Rack is great option to store towels family members might need or perhaps in a guest room. This model is not the best option for letting towels dry. 

    Many users have used this wall mounted rack for holding wine, hanging hats, storing rolling pins, and much more. So, think of it as the perfect towel rack that you can upcycle to something more eventually. This model only comes in bronze, so that could be a problem for those who prefer colorful or chrome options. It measures at 38.8" x 6.7" x 4.9". 

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    Best Standing Towel Rack: eHomeProducts Chrome Finish Towel Stand

    A free-standing towel rack can be the perfect choice for those renting an apartment or homes worrying about making holes in the wall. While wall-mounted options can save space, a towel stand is great for letting towels dry or a good option to keep in guest bathrooms when you have a lot of guests staying over and they need somewhere to rest their linens.

    This model comes with a chrome finish which is one of the most popular choices when it comes to bathroom fixtures. It measures at 33" x 25" x 10.5" so not suited for tiny spaces. The rack features a bottom wire shelf where you can conveniently store other items and toiletries. There are also three leveled bars to hang your towels with about two inches or so between the bars. 

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    Best Shower Door Towel Rack: InterDesign York Over the Shower Door Towel Rack

    If you have a shower door, then a shower door towel rack lets you use the real estate you have to hang wet towels. All you need to do is hang this unit on your door and it acts as instant storage. The rack measures at 4.5" x 17.75" x 22.5", and is made of steel with ceramic finial accents and has three bars to hang linens. 

    Use this as an everyday solution or keep it under the sink for when you have guests or extra towels to dry.  Besides working on the back of your shower door you can also use this on the back of any door. 

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    Best Over the Door Towel Rack: InterDesign York Lyra Over the Door Rack

    The InterDesign York Lyra Over the Door Rack is different from the bar options thanks to its hook design. This model features five double hooks to conveniently store your towels and clothing behind your door. 

    InterDesign York gives you various size options with this model: five, three, two, two quad and quad hook models. Depending on your needs, you really do get a great amount of choices to store your towels and rid your bathroom of clutter. It can fit over doors up to .75-inches thick, plus it was made in the USA. The Lyra Over the Door Rack was created for you to conveniently hang not only your towels but even your handbags, robes, hats, and more. This model definitely can serve as a multi-purpose storage option.

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    Best Towel Rack for Clutter Busting: Household Essentials Hinge It Towel Rack

    Space is always a major issue. No matter how you plan and decorate, it seems that there is still never enough of it. Perhaps over the door storage just doesn’t completely suit you. Don’t give up just yet; maybe you’ll enjoy a towel rack that works with the hinges of your door instead. The Household Essentials Hinge It Towel Rack is an innovative design; four hanging bars work as a towel rack that can easily install at the hinges of your door, or on a wall.

    The entire rack measures at 53.5" x 66.5 between the top and bottom hinges. In all, it is 70" high and one inch deep.You can preview the installation instructions before purchasing in case you fear it may be too difficult of a DIY project to handle. This innovative design allows you some space freed while also getting rid of unnecessary clutter. It makes for a perfect fit in your bathroom or even bedroom.

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    Best Towel Rack for Guests: Wildon Home Tree Wall Mounted Towel Rack

    Tree Wall Mounted Towel Rack by Wildon Home ®
    Courtesy of Wayfair

    Towel collectors rejoice! You no longer have to part ways with your various beloved towels when you have Wildon Home’s Tree Wall Mounted Towel Rack. The chrome plated finished beauty can store up to twenty-one towels, and can fit six full bath towels. This wall mounted towel rack can definitely wrap up any of your towel rack needs.

    It is perfect to install in your bathroom, and guest bathroom. Given the fact that you can store bath towels, beach towels, hand towels and more in one mounted tree style towel rack makes this a powerhorse. The rack weighs about eight pounds on its own and measures at 8" x 38" x 4.5".

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    Best Heated: INNOKA 2-in-1 Heated Towel Warmer & Drying Rack

    It is no fun to get out of the shower and grab a still damp towel to dry off with. If that is often the case in your household then a towel warmer and drying rack is a great solution to rid the home of dampness. 

    This model is an Amazon bestseller and comes at a very reasonable price. The unit can be mounted on the wall to free up space or used freestanding — either way you use it, it will need to have access to a 110-120V outlet to plug in. To use you'll just flip the switch on and your towel will warm and or dry out to give you toasty towels for your next use. These towel dryers are great for cold and humid conditions.