The 7 Best Towel Warmers to Buy in 2018

Because nothing is better than a warm, fluffy towel

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Installing a towel warmer is an easy, effective and affordable way to turn every shower into a luxurious spa experience. These devices, which vary in both shape and style, do exactly what their name suggests: they warm your towels so that drying off after a shower or bath has never been so warm and cozy. And besides helping you feel toasty, they also speed up the drying of your towel so you are never left with a soggy one. Finding the right towel warmer means considering a number of factors including your budget, your available bathroom space, and whether you’d prefer a rack-style or cabinet-style towel warmer.

While most towel warmers boast similar features, the ideal candidate boasts the right style, shape and capacity: after all, you’ll want enough towels to keep you and your family nice and toasty on those cold winter nights, post-shower. Be sure to inspect the dimensions of your bathroom before you make your final purchase.

With these considerations in mind, here are some of the best towel warmers to buy.

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    Best Overall: Homeleader L34-002 Towel Warmer and Drying Rack

    Rack-style towel warmers, like Homeleader’s L34-002, serve two purposes: they warm up your towels to keep you warm on cold, wintery nights — and they dry your towels so they’re ready for your next shower. Nobody likes wrapping themselves in a sopping wet towel, after all! This stainless steel towel warmer that doubles as a drying rack boasts even heat distribution — in other words, wrapping yourself in a towel warmed by this baby is like a warm hug from the summer sun itself!

    Customers can’t stop talking about this trusted, easy-to-install device, which customers claim is great for storing towels in addition to keeping them nice and toasty. And while the comfort that comes with Homeleader’s towel warmer is incentive enough to dish out your dough, this rack brings practical performance to the table too: it’s a well-known fact that bacteria, mildew, and even mold can collect in warm, damp surfaces — but with Homeleader’s drying technology, you can rest assured knowing that your bathroom is fungus-free from here on out.

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    Best Overall Cabinet: Spa Luxe Hot Towel Cabinet Towel Cabi

    Cabinet-style towel warmers like the Spa Luxe Hot Towel Cabinet Towel Cabi, on the other hand, aren’t meant to be mounted on the wall the same way that rack-style warmers are. And while racks are great for larger towels, cabinets are ideal to warm smaller ones. Cabinet-style towel warmers are meant to be placed upon a flat surface so that hand towels and washcloths can be slid into its microwave-like interiors. This Spa Luxe cabinet-style towel warmer epitomizes the balance between affordability and performance, fitting a whopping 24 manicure-sized towels inside of a 20" x 16.6" x 14.1" cabinet. While homeowners love this cabinet for their personal use, happy buyers who work in massage therapy sing its praises too — not only does it hold plenty of towels, but it’s quiet and unintrusive to their work, meaning customers get the most for their money — and so do the professionals that buy this nifty tower warmer.

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    Best Budget Rack: Homeleader TW-05S Towel Warmer and Drying Rack

    Homeleader’s TW-05S model towel warmer boasts most of the same features as its higher-end counterpart (the aforementioned L34-002) at a fraction of the price. And while other towel warmer racks are meant to be affixed to a wall, this model is free-standing, meaning easy transport for those with multiple bathrooms in their homes. And with 100 watts of heat that’ll tackle any type of towel whether it’s a hand towel, face towel or full-sized one, this deal is a hard one to pass up.

    Modern homeowners will appreciate the TW-05S’s white lacquered steel look — meanwhile, athletes who are in and out of the pool on the regular will love being able to dry their swimsuits in a jiffy. While it doesn’t warm towels up to the same degree of heat as its higher-priced competition, this device makes up for it with a sleek design and exceptional price tag.

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    Best Budget Cabinet: GC Global Direct UV Heated Towel Warmer Cabinet

    If you’re going to wipe yourself down with a towel, you’d better hope that it’s been sterilized. After all, showers are meant to get you clean —what’s the point of a dirty towel? The easiest way to ensure that you’re as germ free as can be is by placing your towels into a towel warmer that boasts sterilization capabilities — just like GC Global Direct’s patented towel warmer.

    Matching affordability with advanced UV cleaning technology and enough room to fit over 30 terry washcloths or facial towels, GC Global Direct’s towel warmer and spa sterilizer delivers the full facial spa experience to your very own home. Great for both homeowners who dabble in extreme relaxation and professionals on a budget, this competitively-priced alternative to big-name cabinet-style towel warmers is beloved by customers who can’t stop raving about its fast, effective performance and unparalleled price.

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    Best Bucket-Style: Brookstone Towel Warmer

    Just because cabinet-style and rack-style towel warmers have a hold on the market, that doesn’t mean there aren’t less commonplace alternatives that offer benefits that other types don’t. Case in point: Brookstone’s Towel Warmer, a “bucket-style” warmer that can also accommodate larger items like comforters, sheets, and even robes, so that you’ll never shiver through a cold night again. A built-in timer even allows users to heat up their towels for specific amounts of time, and its tall and narrow design takes up little space so even homeowners with cramped bathrooms can enjoy fresh, hot towels — and optimum relaxation.

    Just toss your towel in, set your prefered heating timeframe, hop into the shower, and voila! A piping hot — or warm, if that’s what you prefer— towel awaits. In the mood for a night in? Toss in a blanket, wait for it to heat up, and snuggle up with your loved ones on the couch with coziness courtesy of Brookstone’s towel warmer. Satisfied buyers can’t get enough of this product, claiming that they don’t know how they made it through the winter before they purchased it.

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    Best High End: Amba RWH-CP Radiant Hardwired Curved Towel Warmer

    For an eye-catching design, unbeatable performance, and high-quality spa experience in the comfort of your own home, look no further than Amba’s Radiant Hardwired Curved Towel Warmer. Easy to install — and easy to fall in love with — Amba’s stainless steel towel warmer optimizes towel drying and warming across ten crossbars with both horizontal and vertical heating coupled with a sleek, modern design and construction that’s built to last.

    A fair warning courtesy of otherwise happy customers: this towel warmer really heats up! And while these temperatures are ideal for drying and warming your damp towels, it can spell trouble for those standing nearby with exposed arms. Try to stay away from Amba’s device when it’s on, as, according to a few buyers, bumping into it means running the risk of a minor burn. Our suggestion? Keep it relatively far away from your shower so that stepping out of the tub doesn’t mean instantaneous blisters on your bare elbows!

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    Best Compact: Elite Hot Towel Cabinet, Mini

    Let’s face it: Not every bathroom is big enough to fit a full-sized cabinet-style towel warmer. For those with limited space, the Mini Elite Hot Towel Cabinet is a great alternative that offers many of the same functions as its larger counterparts. With a capacity that holds up to 12 facial-sized towels or — according to buyers, 6 folded hand towels —this miniature beast boasts excellent bang for your buck.

    Because the Mini Elite Hot Towel Cabinet doesn’t rely upon bulbs to warm your towels, your beloved towels have no chance of burning. That’s performance and home safety wrapped up in one important feature. Satisfied customers love setting their Elite towel warmer 30 minutes before they’re ready to use it — and then enjoying the resulting spa-like experience. Just be sure to keep in mind: this is a mini towel cabinet, which means its drip tray (the reservoir where water drips during the drying process) is smaller than most. One otherwise happy customer claims it’s best to empty it every time you use it, as it may overflow within two days of constant use.