The 7 Best Towel Warmers of 2021

Because nothing is better than a warm, fluffy towel

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Our Top Picks
"This stainless steel towel warmer optimizes towel drying and warming across ten crossbars with both horizontal and vertical heating."
"Neutral enough to complement all types of decor, this freestanding towel warmer has a slim design and is easy to transport."
"Along with its eight ladder-style bars, this rack also features a convenient top shelf for towels and other bathroom textiles."
"Intended for commercial use, this high-capacity towel warmer cabinet can hold up to 72 spa towels (or one to two bath towels)."
"Its generous 10-bar design distributes heat evenly and thoroughly, enough for two sizable towels or bathrobes."
"With a built-in ultraviolet sterilizer, this compact unit both heats and sanitizes your linens (with a 16-liter capacity)."
"Much like a radiator, this wall-mounted unit uses hot water from your home's plumbing to warm and dry towels."

Hot showers and baths can be oh-so-comforting on cold fall and winter days. And yet, all that warmth can slip away as soon as you get out—that is, if you don't have a warm towel at the ready. Sure, you can always throw your bath towels in the dryer, but unless your clothes dryer is in your bathroom, this might not be a practical solution. That's where towel warmers come in.

A towel warmer solves this post-shower problem by keeping your bathroom linens perfectly warm right where (and when) you need them. With that said, there are quite a few types on the market, which vary in terms of price, style, size, and functionality. To determine which is right for your home, check out our roundup of the best towel warmers below.

Best Overall: Amba RWH-CP Radiant Hardwired Curved Towel Warmer

Amba RWH-CP Radiant Hardwired Curved Towel Warmer

Heated towel racks are relatively compact with a straightforward, effective design. That's why the best towel warmer overall is the Amba Radiant Hardwired Curved Towel Warmer (model RWH-CB). Manufactured out of industrial-grade 304 stainless steel, this towel warmer features ten curved crossbars and two vertical bars, all of which heat up when switched on. In just 15 minutes, the steel can reach up to 145 °F.

Not only will your towels heat quickly, but they'll also dry much faster than they would on a standard rack. This product is designed to heat two bath sheets at once, but when you're not using it to warm linens, it can hold more. You can use it to hang-dry clothing, too. The Amba Radiant Curved Hardwired Towel Warmer uses minimal electricity—about as much as two standard light bulbs. Measuring about 32 inches high and 24 inches wide, its sleek, minimalist appearance will effortlessly complement most bathroom design schemes. Additionally, this towel warmer comes with an easy-to-install hardwire kit and mounting hardware.

Best Design: Zadro Luxury Ultra Large Towel Warmer

Zadro™ Luxury Ultra Large Towel Warmer in White

The Zadro Luxury Ultra Towel Warmer (model TWB01) embraces a different take on towel warmers. Unlike heated racks, the free-standing round compartment can be placed on the floor virtually anywhere in your home. Measuring 21.25 inches high with a 12-inch diameter, the 8.5-pound Zadro has a lightweight and easy-to-carry design with a slim profile. And since it doesn't attach to a wall, you can move it around from room to room as needed. 

You can use this towel warmer to heat bath linens, blankets, and robes during the chilly season. Just plug it in and set it to one of the preset timer settings, or just let it do its thing. If left on, it will eventually automatically shut off to prevent electrical hazards. The Zadro is constructed out of plastic and metal and features built-in storage for its 78-inch cord. It's also more affordable than many other towel warmers on the market.

Best Rack: ANZZI Eve 8-Bar Stainless Steel Wall Mounted Electric Towel Warmer Rack

ANZZI Tower Warmer

When it comes to warming towel racks, the ANZZI Eve 8-Bar Stainless Steel Wall Mounted Electric Towel Warmer Rack (model TW-AZ012CH) stands out among the competition. As the name suggests, this wall-mounted stainless steel fixture features eight ladder-style bars and a convenient top shelf for towels and other bathroom textiles. The rust-resistant stainless steel meets Rhino Alloy quality standards for durability and functionality. And the shiny chrome finish is both sleek and versatile.

At 39 inches in height, this towel warmer is taller than the Amba model. It's also surprisingly lightweight, weighing just 12 pounds. With a power-regulating on/off switch and 93-watt output, the ANZZI Eve is an energy-efficient product. In about 20 minutes, it heats linens safely and thoroughly—even thick, plush towels and bathrobes. This warmer comes with mounting hardware and is easy to install. It's also backed by a lifetime warranty.

Best Cabinet: Salon Sundry Professional High Capacity Hot Towel Warmer Cabinet

Salon Sundry Professional High Capacity Hot Towel Warmer Cabinet

The Professional High Capacity Hot Towel Warmer Cabinet from Salon Sundry (model SPA-CABI-507) is a top-rated cabinet warmer. While it's intended for use in spas, massage studios, restaurants, and other professional settings, it's also totally suitable for at-home use. Measuring about 14 inches high, 18 inches wide, and 11 inches deep, this warming cabinet boasts a 72-towel capacity. However, since it was made to hold notably small spa towels, you should expect it to realistically accommodate one or two full-size bath towels.

This 120-volt towel warmer has a cool-touch composite door with a magnetic latch and a 5.25-foot power cord. The door is double-sealed to reduce heat loss and optimize efficiency. While it maintains an average interior temperature of 176 °F, it's CE-certified for health and safety. It comes fully assembled with removable chrome wire shelving for towel storage, which you may want to take out if you're using it for larger textiles. Also, the drip tray can be emptied when it fills with accumulated condensation.

Best High-End: WarmlyYours 10-Bar Infinity Towel Warmer

Warmly Yours 10-Bar Infinity Towel Warmer

If you're open to splurging on a towel warmer, consider the WarmlyYours 10-Bar Infinity Towel Warmer (model TW-F10BS-HW). This high-end heating rack is manufactured from brushed stainless steel with a cordless, wall-mounted design. It's hardwired to connect to a 120-volt circuit. With a 10-pound weight capacity, it can evenly distribute enough heat to warm two sizable towels or bathrobes.

The clean lines of the WarmlyYours Infinity offer a sleek and understated appearance that can complement any bathroom design and warm up the ambiance. It's 32 inches tall, almost 24 inches wide, and easily mounts to a wall with the included hardware. The on/off switch makes this towel warmer easy to operate. And with the programmable timer, you can set it to heat your linens right when you step out of the bath or shower. Not only that, but your investment will be backed by a two-year manufacturer's warranty.

Best Compact: Costway 2-in-1 Hot UV Sterilizer Towel Warmer Cabinet

Costway 2-in-1 Towel Warmer Cabinet

If you've got limited space, we suggest the 2 in 1 Hot UV Sterilizer Towel Warmer Cabinet from Costway (model RTD-16A). This compact heating solution can be used for both professional and at-home applications. It keeps towels evenly heated at 175 °F and has a built-in ultraviolet sterilizer to kill bacteria and keep your linens clean.

The Costway 2 in 1 Towel Warmer Cabinet has a 16-liter capacity. It can accommodate up to 60 facial cloths or about two full-size bath towels. With a hinged door and handle on the left side, this white rectangular cabinet looks a lot like a mini fridge. Like the Salon Sundry warmer, it has a removable rack, which you can take out to fit larger towels, as well as a removable drip tray.

Best Hydronic: Hudson Reed Arch Anthracite Hydronic Heated Towel Warmer

Hudson Reed Arch Anthracite Hydronic Heated Towel Warmer

Hydronic towel warmers use hot water from your home's existing plumbing to deliver heat. If you prefer a hydronic model, we suggest the Hudson Reed Loa Hydronic Anthracite Flat Heated Towel Warmer. This notably large rack-style warmer measures 47.25 by 23.5 inches and is manufactured out of steel. With an 815-watt heat output, you can count on warm and toasty towels when you want them. The Hudson Reed Loa can also work as a drying rack for bath linens and clothing. 

It has an anthracite (pure carbon) finish and a flat, sleek profile that'll work well in modern bathrooms. You can also choose from four heating valve styles, including angled, chrome round angled, straight, and thermostatic chrome angled. Keep in mind that since Hudson Reed products are designed for a closed-loop system, it won't work with open-loop or gravity hot water plumbing.

What to Look for in a Towel Warmer


There are several different styles of towel warmers. Rack-style options are great for larger bath-size towels, while cabinet-style versions are perfect for hand towels and washcloths. Some rack-style warmers offer the advantage of being wall-mounted, freeing up floor space, but free-standing models are also common. There are also barrel-shaped warmers that can also hold robes, slippers, and more.


Decide how many towels you want to heat and choose your warmer accordingly. Whether you opt for a rack or cabinet-style version, there are both larger and smaller units to choose from. You’ll save space and minimize energy usage with a smaller warmer, but it may not be ideal for a large family.


Some towel warmers also offer sterilization, often in the form of UV light. If you’re concerned about germs and bacteria, this extra feature may be a good option to consider. It’s of special concern to businesses, like nail salons, or massage therapists who are looking to keep germs away. In general, though, even a towel warmer without UV sterilization will assist in minimizing the favorable conditions for the growth of bacteria by helping towels to dry faster and more completely.

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