The 11 Best Toy Cars for Kids

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    Best Toy Cars for Kids

    best toy cars for kids
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    Lots of kids love to play with vehicles. Babies love to crawl around on their hands and knees, pushing big plastic trucks. Toddlers line up traffic jams. Elementary school aged children build Hot Wheels tracks, racing their die-cast cars to the finish line. Older children show interest in custom designs. Tweens, teens and adults can't pass up an opportunity to integrate technology into their car play as they use their smartphones and tablets to control race cars.

    These are some of the best...MORE toy cars for kids.

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    Anki OverDrive

    For race car and technology enthusiasts, Anki OVERDRIVE allows players to design and build their own racetracks.  Magnetic tracks seamlessly and easily attach together. Then, using their smartphone, they are able to race up to 6 robotic vehicles in a variety of battle modes. Players will first need a basic set, but can purchase additional expansions packs, changing the game play with curved tracks, and 180 degree tracks that allow cars to turn around and race in the opposite direction. Anki...MORE DRIVE and Anki OVERDRIVE is both iOS and Android compatible.

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    Hess Toy Trucks

    2015 Hess Toy Truck Fire Truck
    Hess Toy Truck

    Hess Toy Trucks have been available for purchase for over 50 years. Trucks can only be bought online in early November in the months leading up to Christmas. These collectible trucks always sell out before the holidays. Hess releases 1 vehicle toy per year, but the truck is usually a 2-in-1 or 3-in-1 vehicle. 

    Toys have featured space ships, excavators, tractor trailers, helicopters, fire engines and tanker trucks. Not only are the toys well thought out with audio and light features, but they...MORE also arrive gift wrapped with batteries installed. Many families buy 1 truck to collect and another to let their children play with.

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    Automoblox cars come in a variety of sizes and include both sports cars, classic cars and emergency vehicles. While these cars have a wooden base, kids will love customizing their car by mixing and matching their pieces. Each Automoblox vehicle is considered a collectible and includes its own personal VIN number. 

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    Air Hogs Shadow Launcher Car Copter

    Air Hogs Shadow Launcher
    Keri Wilmot

    Remote control car, helicopter and vehicle fans will get 2 amazing toys in 1 with the Air Hogs Shadow Launcher. First, kids can drive the vehicle around, then with the push of a button doors will open. The helicopter will launch and can then be driven with a remote control.

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    Modarri Cars

    Keri Wilmot

    Modarri cars are unique. Using a small hex tool, kids build their own customized vehicle. When finished, the vehicle can be driven in a unique play pattern, banking smooth turns and racing against friends, just by placing 1 index finger in the drivers seat. Modarri cars have a patented steering system and suspension that allows kids to "drive" the vehicle in figure 8 patterns. They can also slalom race, drift, complete wheelies, maneuver obstacles, or spinout. Each toy is unique with its...MORE own individualized plate number.

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    Meccano Model Construction Toys

    Keri Wilmot

    Meccano construction sets were invented in the early 1900's.  Using small tools, re-usable metal strips, plates, wheels, nuts and bots, kids were first given the ability to design and build structures. Unhappy with their toy, they could take it apart and build a new creation. designing their own toys and inventions, then taking them apart and finding new creations.

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    ThinkFun Maker Studio Sets

    ThinkFun Maker Studio
    Keri Wilmot

    ThinkFun Maker Studio Sets help children design and build their own cars and vehicles, while also learning about engineering principles related to winches, gears and propellors. These sets ask children to use common household materials to serve as the foundation for the design. Additional challenges are also included to help children think about different ways to play with their toys that can also start more creativity and imagination. Finally, a good use for all those snack boxes you throw away...MORE every week!

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    Luke's Toy Factory Fire Engine Toy

    Luke's Toy Factory Fire Engine
    Lukes Toy Factory

    Luke's Toy Shop eco-friendly fire engine toys are made in the United States out of Wood Plastic Composite (WPC), which is an innovative recyclable material that is made of 30% sawdust and 70% certified plastic pellets. The toys are actually 5 pieces that are stacked to create a fire truck. Pieces are interchangeable from one vehicle to the other.

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    Auldey Wave Racer

    Auldey Wave Racers
    Keri Wilmot

    The Auldey Wave Racer vehicles are different than any other car. There aren't any batteries. To give the car power, super-charge them by waving a hand in front of the car, then releasing it onto the tracks. The faster the child moves their hand, the faster the car will drive. These toys can sustain enough power to travel through over 100 tunnel tracks, in a row!

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    Keri Wilmot

    Looking for a road for your vehicles? Playtape can create a road for cars or trains, anywhere in your home. It can stick to carpet or hardwood floors, and will not harm them.