12 Best Easter Toys for Kids

4 Kids Lying Down With Easter Basket
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​Filling easter baskets for kids at an affordable and reasonable price without gaining 10 pounds in the process can be a challenge. That is why the Easter Bunny often fills the plastic eggs with small toys and the baskets, too. While not everyone is health conscious, lots of parents would prefer to buy toys with a little more long-term play value than over indulging in disgusting amounts of chocolate eggs, bunnies and jelly beans. Here are some of the best toy Easter gifts for kids.

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    Easter Plush Toys

    Folkmanis Standing White Rabbit Puppet - Beautiful, Detailed Hand Puppets - Easter Toys
    Folkmanis Standing White Rabbit Puppet. Folkmanis

    There are so many small stuffed animals, finger puppets, Beanie Babies, and Beanie Boos that feature super-soft and cuddly bunnies, chickens, ducks, lambs and teddy bears.

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    Easter Baskets

    4 Kids Lying Down With Easter Basket
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    With a little bit of planning ahead it is definitely possible to design a great Easter basket for kids that will keep them happily entertained without going overboard. Many companies realize that Easter is not Christmas and offer smaller, more affordable activities that are a perfect addition for an Easter basket.

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    Bubbles for Kids

    Gazillion Triple Bubble Blaster

    No matter the age, there is no Easter basket complete without bubbles. Bubbles can be enjoyed indoors and outdoors. Whether you buy a container of bubbles, edible bubbles, a hurricane blaster or go for the gold with a big bubble machine, it is a simple activity kids of all ages love playing with together.

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    Children with Colorful Balls Getty Images
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    Fidget balls, tennis balls, mini-footballs, baseballs, beach balls, sky bouncers, Sky balls, NERF balls, Junk balls, Koosh balls and even Booger balls are great Easter basket additions.

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    Sensory Activities

    Kid Playing with Play-doh
    Getty Images

    Kids love sensory activities. These can be any one of those soft, sticky, smelly, gooey, slimy textures and experiences. Look for small Easter themed containers or pastel colors of Silly Putty, Kinetic Sand, Play-Doh, and Doh-Vinci.

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    Popular Video Game Toys

    Skylanders Super Chargers Spring Ahead Dive Bomber

    For video game players, consider adding more video game toys like Skylanders or LEGO Dimensions characters to their basket. Skylanders fans especially, will love the Easter themed figures that will give them a special advantage during game play.

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    Blind Bag Collectible Toys

    Puppy in My Pocket Blind Bag Toys
    Just Play

    For kids who love to collect toys, surprising the kids with blind bag toys in their Easter basket may quite possibly be the only toys you'll ever have to buy! You never know which toy you will find hiding in these small foil bags.

    Look for blind bag toys that include  Shopkins, Puppy In My Pocket, Paw Patrol, The Littlest Pet Shop, Disney Tsum Tsum and My Little Pony collectibles. 

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    Easter Themed Construction Sets

    LEGO Easter and Bunny Sets
    LEGO / Amazon

    During the holidays, LEGO offers special Easter themed animals and mini-figures. If bunnies and chickens aren't your child's favorites, there are other smaller sets in almost all of their other most-wanted themes that cost under $10. You'll find the most affordable choices in the LEGO City, LEGO Creator, LEGO Friends, Ninjago, Mixels, Star Wars, DC Comics and Nexo Knights sets. 

    Looking for something different than LEGO's? Are your kids Shopkins fans? Look for Shopkins...MORE Kinstructions sets as an alternative.

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    Small Vehicles

    Toy Vehicles
    Getty Images

    For as low as only $1 there are dozens of cool vehicles to choose from. For a few dollars more you might even be able to score some Easter themed Hot Wheels cars. Do your children like trains more than cars?  There are over 70 different collectible mini engines, featuring classic trains and fun themed trains that look like Heroes, Dinosaurs and Spooky Monsters. 

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    Little Live Pets

    Little Live Pets Ducks
    Moose Toys

    Nothing is sweeter in an Easter basket than cute little quacking Mommy and baby duck. Little Live Pets are small electronic pets that interact with each other and with kids by singing and quacking. Once removed from their packaging they will sit very easily inside any Easter basket. Not sure if the child will like ducks? There are chirping birds, turtles that swim in water, beautiful butterflies and sweet little scampering mice.

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    Sand Toys

    HABA Sand Toy Pizza

    New sand toys including shovels, pails and sifters are always a great addition to the backyard sandbox, a sand/water table, or to place in your bag for the beach or the community sandbox.

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    Arts and Crafts

    Little girl doing arts and crafts
    People Images / Getty Images

    Easter is a great excuse to stock up on arts and crafts supplies that include new crayons, colored pencils, markers, water color paints, acryllic paint, canvases, sidewalk chalk, stickers, googly eyes, pipe cleaners, coloring books, paint by number sets, pom poms, scratch art, Shrinky dinks, Beados beads, jewelery sets and perler fuse beads. Don't want all the added supplies? Look for small targeted craft kits and sets, which you can be bought at craft stores or the dollar store.

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