The 8 Best Toys to Buy for 10-Year-Old Boys in 2018

Find the right gift to match your little man's imagination

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Boys who have finally reached the double digits are a fun crew. Stuck somewhere between childhood and the impending tween/teen years, they’re in a sweet spot that’s a mix of wonder and innocence, but also enough sophistication to really enjoy exploring and digging into new areas.

Of course, no two 10-year-old boys are the same, but there are a variety of great toys out there they will love, no matter their interests. Here are our top picks for the best gifts for 10-year-old boys. 

  • Watch your back when you give this gift to a 10-year-old, because he’s going to track you down and discover all your secrets. In any case, he’ll have fun putting on his detective hat to see just what mysteries he can uncover.

    From cracking codes to dusting for fingerprints, this kit contains everything he needs to do some serious sleuthing. Included are things such as a magnifying glass, fingerprint powder, an ink pad, a dusting brush, lifting tape, spy glasses and a code book. A spy guide...MORE teaches him how to use it all and get down to important business. If you need to figure out who ate those cookies in the middle of the night, you’ll know who to call.

  • Snap Circuits Jr. SC-100 Electronics Discovery Kit

    Light up his life with this incredible, award-winning electronics discovery kit. There are more than 100 projects he can build with more than 30 color-coded circuit components, including wires, switches, an alarm circuit, speaker and music-integrated circuit. Projects include cool things like making a photo sensor, a flashing light, a voice-controlled lamp and an adjustable volume siren. There’s no need for tools, as all of the parts snap together on the plastic grid.

    Easy-to-follow directions...MORE with large, colorful pictures allow him to explore and complete projects himself without the need for adult help. Once he’s mastered the basics, he can experiment and build his own electronic devices, and extra kits can be purchased to add on and take projects to the next level. This kit is a great way for kids to develop important STEM skills while having fun.

  • Hamper Hoops

    He shoots, he scores, and mom wins! This over-the-door basketball hoop is the cleanest game in town, and there are no losers. He has fun throwing his dirty clothing through the hoop instead of leaving it all over the floor to pile up, and mom marvels at the lack of mess. There’s a backboard to bounce items off of, and the bottom is a detachable laundry bag so you can take off the whole thing and haul it to the laundry room, or you can unzip the bottom right into a laundry basket. Slam dunk.

    It...MORE fits right over any door, and is a great way to encourage skills on and off the court. Now, if only it would teach them to do their laundry too.

  • Newest Syma X20 Mini Pocket Drone

    It’s a bird, it’s a plane, nope, it’s this cool little drone. It’s perfect for first-time operators, but also has enough cool features to make it fun for those with more experience. It’s easy to manipulate and can be flown up, down, forward, backward and even do a 360-degree roll. The sky is truly the limit to what this thing can do. An automatic take-off-and-landing feature ensures the drone will return to the place it took off. An altitude hold mode can keep it at a predetermined height.

    The...MORE drone runs on a built-in, rechargeable battery, and for every 50 minutes of charging time you get about five minutes of flying time. The controller runs on four AAA batteries, which aren’t included. Extra blades are included as is a screwdriver for the battery compartment.

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  • Nerf N-Strike Elite Precision Target Set

    Ready, aim, fun! This Nerf set is perfect for target practice. Just set up the dartboard on a tabletop or hang it from a door or tree, and he’s ready to shoot and score depending on where the darts land. The set comes with a Firestrike blaster, the target and 10 suction-cup darts. The gun features a super cool laser light beam that allows him to line it up, aim and hit that target, even in the dark. Two AAA batteries are required.

    It makes a great gift and is fun for the whole family if you want...MORE to get a little competition going. Not to mention, the price is affordable. Bull’s eye!

  • SmartLab Toys Room Defender

    Sometimes a “do not enter” sign just doesn’t do the job, and a kid needs to keep people out of his room. This room defender is just the thing he needs. He can program it ahead of time, then when someone tries to enter his sacred space, lights, sirens and/or one of 10 funny sounds, such as evil laughter or a barking dog, will alert him that there’s been an intruder. A universal mount allows it to attach to any door.

    Not only is it fun and a legit way to keep little siblings out of his room, but it...MORE also teaches kids basic programming skills as they can set specific codes to grant some lucky individuals access. This toy is so cool, mom may want to put one on the pantry door to stop a cookie thief in their tracks.

  • Ozobot 2.0 Bit Starter Pack, the Smart Robot Toy

    This teeny, tiny robot is just one cubic inch, but it does some pretty big things. Kids are straight up fascinated by it as they can control it with colors. With special markers, they can draw OzoCode color codes on paper or a tablet screen to send the robot moving at their command.

    This starter pack includes the robot, a charging cable, four markers, skins and stickers to customize their robot, and more than 20 games and activities. Once they’ve mastered the color-coding basics, there’s an...MORE Ozobot website and apps that allow them to take their coding skills even further. Mazes, maps, entire cities—there are no limits as to where they can take their Ozobot.

    Take a look at other product reviews and shop for the best robot toys available online. 

  • Djubi Classic - the Coolest New Twist on the Game of Catch!

    They may not be able to pronounce it (it’s joo-bee), but they’ll love to play it. Not your average game of catch, Djubi Classic takes it to the next level of fun. There are no mitts in this game, but instead each player gets a paddle that has both a launching hook and a catching net. You aim, pull back on one of the balls, which are attached to the launching hook via a loop, and fire. The other player then attempts to catch the ball in their net, and back and forth you go. The balls can fly up...MORE to 100 feet, so you can cover some serious space too.

    Each set includes two rackets and two foam balls. It’s great for the backyard, beach (bonus: the balls float!), park or wherever you want to have an active good time. 

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