The 12 Best Toys for 4-Year-Olds in 2020

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Our Top Picks
"Everyone loves to play Bingo, and this alphabet version takes the class favorite up a notch."
"Little animal lovers will love playing doctor to their furry friends with this sweet pet vet set."
"Teach your kid about the days of the week while also giving them a daily routine they can see."
"Bath time has never been such a blast!"
"Hidden in each sealed bag is a cuddly stuffed animal wrapped in a soft blanket that's meant to look like a burrito."
"Help them work on their STEM skills as they build and build."
"Twist these toys into jewelry for a unique toy experience."
"It's suitable for children up to 44 pounds, and the three-wheel profile and low, flexible deck help kids feel stable."
"comes with 360 pieces in a rainbow of colors, two light-up LED cars, two balls, a suspension bridge, gas station, and road signs."
"These open-ended sets encourage kids to construct buildings, vehicles, and people."

When it comes to picking out the perfect toy for the 4-year-old in your life, look for something that will keep them engaged and help them learn an essential skill such as communication or coordination.

Here, the best toys for any 4-year-old on your list.

Peaceable Kingdom Alphabet Bingo!

Everyone loves to play Bingo, and this alphabet version takes the class favorite up a notch. Instead of a caller shouting out numbers, players reach into a bag and pull out a letter. If the letters are on their card, they mark them. Once someone gets four in a row, they should “Bingo!” and win.

Each space on the cards has a picture of something that starts with the letter. For example “F” has a flower and “O” has an owl, so not only is the game great for teaching letter recognition, but it helps with letter sounds as well. The set comes with six game boards and 72 chips for marking the matches, so there’s enough for the whole family to get in on the action.

"By playing with friends and family, preschoolers practice cooperation, sharing, and taking turns (aka patience). It took some time, but our 4-year-old eventually understood that he had to wait for everyone to identify their letters before drawing another token, and he eventually shared the responsibility of calling out letters."—Charlene Petitjean-Barkulis, Product Tester

B. toys by Battat B. Pet Vet


Little animal lovers will love playing doctor to their furry friends with this sweet pet vet set. It comes with everything they need to make sure they’re well taken care of including a stethoscope, syringe, thermometer, scale, x-rays and their very own clinic.

The clinic is equipped with a fold-out exam table and four rooms for the patients. Kids get their own set of keys for locking and unlocking the rooms as necessary, and there’s a wise owl in the chimney that pops in and out. Two adorable plush patients—a cat and a dog—are included as well, but kids will be sure to find plenty more patients in their toybox.

The roof lifts up to store all of the vet’s tools, and the handle on top makes it easy to take on the road for house calls.

"The way kids interact with the clinic will likely depend on their age. For example, our 4-year-old son used the scale and thermometer to fix up imaginary ouchies and boo-boos, while our 18-month-old used them to work on his dexterity and coordination."—Charlene Petitjean-Barkulis, Product Tester

Melissa & Doug My Magnetic Daily Calendar

If you are looking for one of the best educational toys for a 4-year-old look no further than this magnetic calendar. Here your child will learn more about the days of the week, seasons, months, holidays, temperature and more.

Besides being a fun way to teach your child it also helps set up a daily routine for them which can lead to better emotional stability and flexibility during the day. Some reviewers remark that it is lacking in the activity magnets, but many agree it is a great starter calendar.

Yookidoo Submarine Spray Station

Rub a dub dub, kids will want to stay in the tub with this fun bath toy. At this age, the longer you keep them in the tub, the better, and this submarine spray station will have them begging to stay in for some serious splashing fun.

The battery-operated toy (four AA batteries are required but not included) attaches to the tub. Water comes in through the submarine and is circulated up through the diver shower head, which can then be sprayed into two funnels that produce fun, mesmerizing effects with spinning wheels, fountains and googly eyes. Kids will also have fun spraying themselves and other toys as well. Bath time has never been such a blast!

Basic Fun Cutetitos

Kids can't get enough of unwrappable mystery toys, and the Cuteitos are yet another example of the trend. Hidden in each sealed bag is a cuddly stuffed animal wrapped in a soft blanket that's meant to look like—you guessed it—a burrito. The 12 animals in Series 3 include  Chihuahito, Catito, Puppito, Sealito, Pigito, Walrusito, and more. Each one also comes with a collector's card listing its name, birthday, and species.

Magna Tiles Magna-Tiles 32-Piece Solid Colors Set

These transparent, multi-color magnetic building tiles are something your children will likely play with well into the tween years, with the structures getting increasingly complicated. The 32-piece set comes with a mix of two sizes of squares and three types of triangles, but you'll likely want to spring for an additional set to cut down on sibling squabbles and increase the design possibilities. While these tiles are obviously fun for your child they also help hone their STEM skills.

Twisty Petz Unicorn Family Pack Collectible Bracelet Set

Twisty Petz are the ideal gift for 4-year-old girls who love both jewelry and toys because as the name suggests, with a few twists, they can easily transform a tou into a piece of jewelry.

This set comes with a family of five unicorns—the babies can be flipped into rings, while the parents can be maneuvered into bracelets. The animals can also be connected to create larger pieces like necklaces.

Micro Kickboard Micro Mini Original

This lightweight, durable scooter has a "lean-to steer" design, meaning that kids will intuitively learn to shift their weight right or left into turns, thus improving balance and coordination. It's suitable for children up to 44 pounds, and the three-wheel profile and low, flexible deck help kids feel stable from that first push-off.

USA Toyz Glow Race Tracks

The only thing cooler than a race track is a race track that also glows in the dark. This one comes with 360 pieces in a rainbow of colors, two light-up LED cars, two balls (they can get pushed by the cars during races), and fun touches like a suspension bridge, gas station, and road signs.

Constructive Playthings Mobilo Large Set

Many preschool teachers love to use German-made Mobilo sets in their classrooms. With pieces like wheels, axles, geometric shapes, and faces, these open-ended sets encourage kids to construct buildings, vehicles, and people. The colorful pieces snap together using flexible connectors and are easy for little hands to grasp and manipulate.

Think Fun Zingo

Zingo, aimed at helping kids with matching skills and sight-word recognition, is based on bingo but with a fun twist. There's a "Zinger" box that kids can take turns pushing, and when they do, two tiles pop out. (The tiles all have familiar words like "shoe" or "clock," with corresponding pictures for the kids who can't read yet.)

Each child gets a bingo-like with card with nine squares, and as the tiles show up, they can grab one if it matches a square on their board. As with bingo, the kid who fills their card first wins. Playing games also teach children important life skills like waiting their turn, compromising, and learning to act like a graceful winner or loser.

VTech LeapFrog Scoop & Learn Ice Cream Cart

This fun ice cream cart will serve up hours of fun, imaginative play. Kids can play ice cream scooper as they serve up delicious treats for their friends, family, and stuffed animals. It comes with four flavors of ice cream, three toppings and three flavors of syrup.

Six order cards are enclosed for kids to follow, and a magic scooper lets them know if they’re getting the orders right. There’s even a bell to let people know they’re coming or that their order is up.

The cart also plays music and features more than 200 fun phrases. There are also seven games kids can play as they serve up the treats that help them develop memory, counting and color skills. This is one seriously cool toy!

What to Look for in a Toy for a 4-Year-Old

Age range Four-year-olds are at a tricky age, as they’ve officially graduated past the “toddler” stage, yet they might not be ready for big-kid toys. It’s important to check the age rating on the toys you’re considering, as these will help you purchase one that’s appropriate for their level of development.

Educational value Soon 4-year-olds will be headed to school (if they haven’t already), so it’s always beneficial to get them toys that reinforce the important skills they’re learning. You might consider getting them toys that teach basic counting or reading skills or games that help them practice taking turns.

Current obsessions At this age, many children start to develop strong opinions and likes. For instance, it seems like just about every 4-year-old absolutely loved Frozen a few years ago. Ask the 4-year-old in your life what they like, and let their answer guide you to the perfect toy to fit their interests.

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