The 9 Best Toys to Buy for 5-Year-Old Boys in 2018

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Leaving the toddler years behind, five-year-old boys are getting ready to take on the world of Kindergarten and so much more “big kid” stuff. They’re typically eager to learn and love to play, explore and create. Fortunately, there are plenty of toys that help them do all of this and more.

From outdoor toys that get that energy out to those that teach school readiness skills, there’s an amazing array of toys out there to meet their needs. From simple games to those with all of the bells and whistles, the choices are vast. To help narrow things down a bit, here are seven of our favorites for toys for five-year-old boys.

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    Best Robot: Click N' Play Remote Control Robot

    Your little guy will love controlling his own robot that can sing, dance, walk and shoots foam discs all at the control of a remote. When you turn him on he responds "Greetings Master I await your command!", which will give your little man a thrill.

    He can set up a little obstacle course and watch the robot maneuver around it as he shoots off the flying discs that will wow the whole family. Six double A batteries are needed to operate and are not included so be sure to have some on hand when he opens this gift. 

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    Best for Exploring: Kids Binoculars

    These binoculars are for the birds, birdwatching that is. They’re made just for kids, but they have many of the features and functions of adult versions. Made of rubber and aluminum, they’re durable and shock-proof in case of accidental drops, but they’re also equipped with high-resolution, 8x magnification lenses for crisp, sharp views from afar.

    He’s likely to use them for so much more than birdwatching too. From sports events to camping, hunting and more, they’re a great tool for getting a better look at what the world has to offer. The set comes with a wrist strap and cleaning cloth as well as an operations manual. It makes a great gift to spark a love of nature and exploration of the great outdoors from a young age. Why not add a bird watching book for kids for a complete gift. 

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    Best Educational: IQ Challenge Set by GamieUSA

    For budding brainiacs this set of educational toys will give them the challenge they crave. There are seven toys in all, including an IQ puzzle ball, four different plastic puzzle balls, a metal puzzle and a wooden cube puzzle. They’re all designed to get kids to problem solve through reasoning and develop mental stamina as they try, try and try again until they solve them all.

    An instruction guide is sent to parents via email, so that they can help if children get stuck along the way (phew!). As a special incentive, if they solve two puzzles in a row, parents can email before and after shots to the manufacturer for a special prize.

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    Best Pretend: Anyshock Playhouses for Kids

    If you can’t find him, chances are he’ll be in this cool car playhouse. There are so many ways to use it, it’s sure to be a favorite. As a fort, it’s a place he can escape to with some of his favorite things or bring in a buddy or two as there’s a enough room for a few. As a car, it’s a vehicle of action for all of the creative make believe games in which he plays a starring roll. Add some plastic balls (not included), and it becomes a mini ball pit.

    It’s easy to fold up and store away for when it’s not in use, and can be used inside or out. The only problem with it will be getting him to come out for dinner. 

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    Best for Builders: LEGO Juniors Shark Attack 10739 Building Kit

    If you haven't introduced him to the world of LEGOs now is as good of a time as any. This set is for lovers of the movie Ninjango and lets tiny hands create a training area with weapon stand, breakable blocks, spinning training dummy, motorbike with detachable flame and flag and a shark car with movable fins and dual flick missiles.

    This set is age appropriate for four to seven-year-olds so they will enjoy this for a few years and can use pieces on old or new sets to come. ​

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    Best for Music Lovers: Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone

    Little crooners can belt out tunes all day and night with this great Bluetooth karaoke microphone. There are no wires or cords like most karaoke machines, rather this one gives him free reign to sing, dance and get down, however the music moves him.

    Sleek and lightweight, it can be used indoors or out. You simply charge it up, and you’re ready to go. It comes with a built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery, and one two-hour charge provides about six hours of musical fun. Built-in Bluetooth means it can pair to any device so he can sing along to all of his favorite songs. Controls on the microphone make it easy for him to change and pause songs and adjust the volume.

    It’s great for play dates, parties or just a rainy afternoon when he wants to sing the blues. He can even record himself and save his performances to the device that’s paired to the microphone.

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    Best Game: Pie Face Cannon

    The newest addition to the Pie Face craze is Pie Face Cannon. What is great about these games is it gets your kid away from the screen and into family fun. With this version, you will have to try and aim the cannon at the person's face so this might get even messier, but adds a level of challenge for children (and adults!). ​​

    This game is rated for children ages 5 and up, and those closer to 5 might need a little help with it. The game comes with everything you need, just not the whipped cream, so be sure to purchase some before you give the gift. 

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    Best Interactive: furReal Munchin’ Rex

    While your kid will think this is a toy—you'll actually be teaching them a valuable lesson on how to care for things. This little dinosaur eats treats like broccoli (yes even dinosaurs like their broccoli!), drinks from a bottle, and even munches on cookies. He'll have over 35 responses to whatever your child presents him with. 

    A great gift for the dinosaur loving kid or anyone who is fans of the furReal collection of toys, this toy is great because it moves around but it is also cuddly and soft. 

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    Best Active: Little Tikes 3' Trampoline

    Help them burn off that endless energy with a mini trampoline that will have them bouncing away till bedtime. Suitable for children ages 3 to 6 this trampoline has a max weight of 55 pounds (sorry Dad) and has a handlebar so they can hold on for added safety. Besides being fun, your kid will get some exercise working those legs and getting away from the television.  

    Parents love that their kids can stay active even indoors on a rainy day. Some assembly is required.