The 12 Best Toys for Boys!

Toy companies and retail stores are working hard to eliminate gender and racial biases in the toy aisles. Companies and toys are are offering more diversity of the toys they sell in stores, trying not to  steer children towards a toy that is specifically for a boy or a girl.  

Many people though still often search Google looking for the best toys for boys. I am in no way, shape or form endorsing the fact that you must buy a boy toy for a boy. This list is purely in response to answering a popular...MORE question many people pose when looking to find new gift ideas for their children. 

Kids often like the same categories of toys and types of play, the difference is that boys and girls might have slightly different interests within these general categories.

As a parent, you know your child best and what holds their attention.

What we know about children and play:

  • Many children love creating collections of toys. Boys also enjoy collections and blind bag toys, and they often prefer to own action figures and characters that are from their favorite movies and television shows.
  • Lots of children like dress-up play and role play. Again, it is often themed around movies, who wouldn't love to put on a costume and pretend to be their favorite Star Wars character learning to harness the force with a light saber? 
  • During play many children are energetic, active and like outdoor play with friendly competition playing sports or using blaster toys.
  • Kids like to accessorize and construct. Some boys might prefer to build, design and race a custom vehicle. 
  • Kids love to make their toys react, being in charge, by pushing buttons, teaching commands, or maneuvering a piece of technology with a remote control. 
  • Science experiments, engineering toys, robotics and STEM toys are popular with boys and girls.  
  • Technology is a great source of entertainment using tablets, video game systems and portable gaming systems.
  • May kids like to be silly, but boys generally like goofy humorous toys that burp, fart and poop