What Are The Best Toys for Infants?

Babies are learning new skills every day. Many babies are motivated to interact with people and their environment, and they learn new skills easily and effortlessly. The best toys for infants are also educational toys. Babies are always learning something new. These toys help babies to develop their attention, hand-eye coordination, motor skills for rolling and calling, as well as their ability to babble and say their first words.  

Here are some of the best baby toys that also offer educational...MORE opportunities to help advance their learning. 

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    Baby Building Blocks with Mother
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    Large, soft, fabric blocks are easy for a baby to hold with 2 hands, or practice holding in 1 hand, while transferring it to their other hand. As a child develops their motor skills for sitting and playing, you will start to see babies try and stack blocks on top of another, until they can build a small tower. Blocks come in all sizes and materials. 

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    Boon Jelly Bath Toys

    Do not forget about all of the learning that can happen when you are supervising your baby during their night time bath. Children can build their hand strength by squeezing water out of their toys. Many bath toys can also stack on top of each other, and stick to the side of the tub. 

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    Image Courtesy of Fisher-Price. Fisher-Price

    Babies like to stack toys on top of each other. Many like taking round rings with an opening and placing them on a stacking post. Stacking and nesting toys teach babies how to problem solve using trial and error, as they also learn about size differences, placing the biggest toys first, followed by the smallest.

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    Baby Playing With Rattle
    Nicki Boyce Studios / Getty Images. Nicki Boyce Studios / Getty Images

    The first way that a baby plays, is through exploration. They use their senses to learn, which means they like using their hands, mouths, and feet to explore. Rattles and teethers have many textures and materials that appeal to baby's different senses.

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    My Pal Scout and My Pal Violet Educational Toy Review - My Pal Scout and My Pal Violet Learning Toys
    Leapfrog's My Pal Scout and My Pal Violet. LeapFrog

    There are many plush, soft, stuffed animal toys that provide learning opportunities. These toys include many learning games to teach little children about colors, vocabulary words and animals. They sing songs and lullabies. Many learning plush toys, like My Pal Scout and Violet which are pictured, can even be personalized to say and spell your child's name.  

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    Soothing Motions Infant Cradle Seat

    Cradles can be a lifesaver for new parents with fussy babies. As baby swings side to side or back and forth, they can also look up and watch  moving toys while they listen to environmental sounds and lullabies.

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    VTech Drop and Go Dump Truck
    VTech Toys / Amazon

    Babies learn to problem solve by cause and effect. This means, when they push a button, pull a string, or touch a certain area of a toy, they will get a response or reaction. They might see flashing lights, hear songs or sounds, dump out some toys, and maybe even gain access to a secret compartment.  

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    Hasbro Chase and Go Ball Popper
    Hasbro Chase and Go Ball Popper. Playskool

    Babies are fascinated with toys that include balls. They love to push and drop them through openings. Push the red button on this toy and watch the button launch from one opening to another.

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    Gymini My Musical Friends Play Mat
    Gymini My Musical Friends Play Mat. Tiny Love

    The best play gyms, activity gyms and play mats encourage babies to reach up and play with toys that are dangling over their heads. Many of these rattles and teethers include mirrors and music. This particular toy has themed toys that are also all musical instruments.

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    Bright Beats Dance and Move Beatbo

    There is nothing cuter than a little baby wiggling and bouncing and to the sounds of music. Not only do they enjoy dancing, but they also like to push buttons and shake toys to make their own musical sounds with musical instruments

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    Lamaze Cloth Sensory Book
    TOMY / Lamaze

    Believe it or not, babies can learn to talk if they hear their parents, grandparents, caregivers, and siblings sing songs and read to them. They also learn to turn the pages of the book and use their index finger to lift flaps and point to pictures. 

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    Fisher-Price® 4-in-1 Step 'n Play Piano

    Exersaucers and jumpers encourage babies to take weight through their feet in a standing position while they play. For babies that are the recommended age range, who can not climb out, they give baby a contained place to play. However, developmentally, parents should be mindful of the time babies are in exersaucers and balance their playtime with floor time as well so they can learn other developmental skills.

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    VTech Magic Star Learning Table
    VTech / Amazon

     For more mobile babies who can crawl and pull to a standing position, usually around 10 months of age, they will love standing at an activity table and activating the buttons, pushing levers and hearing different songs and sounds. 

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    Tiny Love Dual Motion Crib Mobile
    Tiny Love

    Crib mobiles have been entertaining babies for decades. Attach a mobile to the side of a crib and baby will be amused watching the toys spin around above them as they lie on their back. For babies who are learning to fall asleep, the mobile is detachable,  also plays songs, lullabies, reggae music and white sound noise!

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    Bubbly Bunny Cloud B
    Cloud B

    It is very important for babies to learn to sleep on a routine. This gives them the rest they need to develop new skills. Sleep toys and sound machines are plush toys, many of which can attach to the crib, and play lullabies and environmental sounds, letting baby know it's time to rest and sleep.

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    Tiny Love Spin and Kick Discovery Arch
    Tiny Love

    Babies can touch and kick spinning rattles with their hands, and their feet, any time they are in their baby carriers and strollers. The toy can be rotated, to provide a different experience, toys baby first likes to kick with their feet, they can then explore with their hands.

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