The 10 Best Toys for One-Year-Olds to Buy in 2017

Help them explore the world with the right tools for their age

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It's hard to believe but your baby is well, not a baby anymore. One-year-olds are entering toddlerhood and they are on the move. Gone are the simple newborn gifts and now is time for educational toys that keep them engaged, encourage active learning, foster their speech, walking and more. 

While not all kids approaching their first birthday are doing the exact same thing, these are some of the best toys that hit certain milestones that most children hit around this time. Included are dolls to...MORE inspire imaginative play, ride-on toys that help with gross motor skills, and even cause and effect toys that teach them that doing something creates another reaction. So whether their getting into everything or more laid back and relaxed these are the best toys for a one-year-old to keep them happy, healthy and growing. 


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    Puppies and toddlers are two of the cutest things on earth, and together, well, the cuteness is almost too much. Of course, not all families are up for a walking, barking, (pooping) kind of pooch, so this battery-powered version may be perfect. Even those who do have a real-life Fido will love this little guy, because he can do tricks like no other dog.

    Not only can he sing, as kids pull (an important new skill) him around by his leash, but he teaches numbers, colors and parts of the body. With...MORE more than 60 songs, melodies, sounds and phrases, he’s sure to keep little ones entertained. Two AAA batteries are required (not included), but at least there’s no need for a pooper scooper.

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    Whether they are full on walking, just crawling or happy sitting the VTech Sit, Stand and Ride Baby Walker has a stage just for them. For babies content on the floor, the front part comes off so they can play with all the buttons and musical parts. For when they are starting to learn to walk you can open the seat in the back to help facilitate walking with encouraging music. And when they are comfortable on their feet this can be used as a ride-on toy which they'll love up to the age of...MORE three and possibly beyond. 

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    While books are crucial throughout all of childhood, this book is great for helping them establish their vocabulary. Bright big pictures of items like apples, cows and balls help them understand what is what when it comes to learning how to talk more. Get even more involved with the book by pointing to a picture of a ball and then handing them an actual real ball. You'll watch their mind grow as you go through the 100 words in this educational book. 

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    Life may not always be a picnic (we are talking about toddlers here.), but kids can have one anytime they like with this fun picnic basket set. Sweet and colorful, it comes with all of the fixings for a perfect basket of yum.

    The 14-piece set includes the basket, six food items, two plates, two forks, two cups and a picnic blanket. And the food is smart too, as it’s made in various shapes that can then be sorted on the plate for a little side of learning as they play.

    When you lift the basket’s...MORE lid, music and sound effects spill out. There are 30 audio responses in all that make for great imaginative play. Three AAA batteries are required and included, so the party can get started right out of the box.

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    Besides doing the obvious like building and stacking, this shape set helps young ones figure out shapes by placing them back into the bucket when they drop it in the correct slot. The blocks come in five shapes and have 10 total pieces. This bucket has a lid and a handle so it makes for easy transporting when you are on the go. 

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    This classic toy has withstood the test of time for a reason — it’s awesome. In fact, it’s only gotten better with time. The body is bright and shaped like a barn. Kids can choose to place the arrow on one of the 16 animals, then pull the lever to hear fun facts about them. There are also spaces to select for songs to sing along with like “Old MacDonald” and “Farmer in the Dell” and a quiz mode so they can see how much they know.

    It’s fun, interactive and will keep them entertained for hours....MORE Parents say this version is a bit smaller than the original (it measures 7.5 x 8 x 1 inches), which makes for easy storage and great for taking on the go. It runs on three AA batteries, which are included, and is recommended for ages 18 months-4 years. Though mom and dad may get a nostalgic kick out of playing with it too. 

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    This interactive cube has loads of learning every which way you turn it. With six sides, there’s an activity on each to surprise, delight and teach kids all sorts of skills. From animal sounds to musical instruments, the alphabet, numbers and colors, there is learning to be had. Little ones simply push one of the large buttons, and the interactive learning begins. It’s all punctuated with colorful lights, sounds and musical tunes to make it fun.

    The cube is lightweight (less than one pound) and...MORE easy for little ones to maneuver all by themselves. It requires three AAA batteries, which are included, and is designed for ages 12 months and up. There’s a volume control button (“Hallelujah!” say some parents), and it automatically shuts off after two minutes of inactivity. This is one smart toy.

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    Instead of them listening to music by pressing a button on a toy, why not let them make their own with this cute wooden kit that is suited for children 12 months to three years. With the tiny wooden hammer they'll pound the balls onto the xylophone which will then play a little tune for them.

    Besides helping with musical recognition this toy has a cause and effect aspect which is a skill they are developing right at the one-year age mark so he'll get hours of fun seeing what he can do. 

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    Girls and boys alike begin to start playing pretend at this age and a doll is the perfect toy to help foster their imagination. They can tote this doll around or point at various body parts to help them learn the correct words. This Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Baby's First Doll is soft and cuddly and help promotes social recognition as well as gives them a sense of comfort when they are holding onto it. 

    Besides being a stuffed animal/doll it also has a built-in rattle to stimulate auditory...MORE skills. If they are really into this doll and additional stroller can be purchased they can push around their little baby. 

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    Let us spell it out for you… this is a toy every 1-year-old needs. Plenty of parents will attest to the fact that this simple, inexpensive set of letters and numbers gets more use than many other fancy toys with all the bells and whistles.

    Made of soft foam, the set comes with 26 colorful letters and 10 numbers (0-9). They all float and stick to smooth surfaces when wet, which makes them perfect for bathtime fun and learning. From sounds to eventually spelling out and reading entire words,...MORE they’ll get years of use. Kids will be begging to get in the tub to play with them, and you’ll likely have trouble dragging them out. This toy provides good, clean fun.

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