Best Toys for the School Aged Child

Toys for Kids Ages 5-7

Children ages 5-7 are typically in Kindergarten and first grade. Interactive play, pretend play and pure fun is the primary focus of this age group! Children this age love items that they can collect. They also enjoy different toys and games that might have been released in conjunction with popular movies like Disney's Cars 2.

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    Kids can collect all four of the Fiji Friends. These robot toys are engaging, interactive, react to 40 different voice commands and are pre-loaded with more than 150 jokes and phrases. They also recognize different musical beats and in turn can produce different dance moves. 

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    Hexbug Nano Glows in the Dark Starter Set


    These tiny battery operated, robotic Nano bugs, come in several different collectible colors. They are designed to act like real bugs! When turned on and placed inside one of their special habitats, the Nano bugs can compete against each other and work together to find their way directly through the different phases of the habitat. This particular set glows in the dark when the lights are turned off and additional Hexbugs can be purchased separately.

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    Disney Princess & Me Dolls

    ©Disney/©Jakks Pacific

    These 18 in. dolls can be purchased individually and include the popular Disney characters: Belle, Ariel, Tiana, Aurora and Cinderella. These dolls will allow little girls to re-enact their favorite movie scenes, as well as care for and dress-up their favorite Disney princesses. 

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    ©Leap Frog

    Using the Tag Reading System, children use a pen stylus to read specially designed books. The Tag Reader helps teach children the foundational skills for reading. Now in addition to the books, both the World and United States Maps can be purchased separately to help children use their Tag Reader to learn all about different countries and states. 

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    Play-Doh Smashed Potatoes Game


    This board game requires children to first make their players out of Play-Doh. Then as the pawns move about the game board, they better be careful, or they might end up getting snipped, sliced, pressed into fries or cranked into chips. Help your potato escape from the kitchen and back to the farm and you'll win! This is a great interactive board game the whole family can play together.

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    These collectible dolls are teenage high school ghouls. Fashionable yet individually flawed, they were designed for children to celebrate diversity and individuality. They each come with a pet animal, diary, stand and accessory. 

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    LEGO Cars 2 Escape at Sea


    From the new Disney Cars 2 movie, this set includes 159 LEGO bricks, where children can recreate the scene where Professor Z is chasing Finn McMissile on his submarine battle boat. 

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    Squinkies Cupcake Surprize Bake Shop

    ©Squinkies/ Pricegrabber

    Once removed from their plastic bubbles, these small, squishable, Squinkies can be collected and used for pretend play with various playsets. Once placed back inside the plastic bubbles, Squinkies can be stored safely in the Cupcake Bake Shop. Additional packs of Squinkies can be purchased separately. Look for the new Disney Princess, Cars 2, Marvel Universe, and Hot Wheels Squinkies.

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    Liv Stylin Head - Sophie


    Now, not only can little girls style a wig for Sophie, but they can put it on and pretend to be her! The set allows little girls to get creative by including color change make-up, hair extensions, clip-on earrings, necklace, comb, and hair curler.

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    Kids will love racing and competing with these unique balls. After setting up the course, kids skillfully race their ball bearings, propelling them along a track through loops and turns. There will be over 200 collectible ball characters available for purchase.