What Are The Best Toys for Teens?

Finding fun toys for teens is not always easy. Gift cards, cameras, smartphones, televisions, iPads, tablets, and gaming devices like a Nintendo 3DS, WiiU, Xbox One or PS4, all seem to top their wish lists.

While this age group is one of the most difficult to buy for, do not worry, there still are some really great interactive games and toys for teens that will be sure to bring some fun and excitement to the entire family.  

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    Not only can kids easily fly a drone, but they can play interactive games with Lumi. Lumi can perform stunts, will follow the pilot, and completes custom dance routines as an air show that kids can choreograph. Lumi the gaming drone requires the use of bluetooth through an app to play. 

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    Teens love to hang out with their friends and listen to music. The Selfie Mic is a karaoke microphone on an adjustable selfie stick. Using an app on a smartphone, kids can sing-a-long to their favorite songs, then change the effects with different filters and share their music videos with friends. 

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    NERF Rival blasters are fully motorized blasters for teens that use yellow foam rounds instead of darts and discs.  If NERF Rival is a little over-the-top, there's a NERF blaster toy in every size and price range that any teenager or adult child will adore.

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    There are so many LEGO sets teens love. Architecture sets include the  Louvre, Trevi Fountain, and the Lincoln Memorial. Movie themes feature new Star Wars vehicles, Minecraft worlds, the DisneyWorld castle or scenes from the Lord of the Rings. Many teenagers will not be able to resist putting together these fun construction toys, especially if they include a bit of current history, scenes from their favorite movies or pop culture. 

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    Remote controlled toys are fun for teens, and the Millennium Falcon is no exception. Star Wars fans will love being able to use the remote control to fly their own Millennium Falcon. There are many different types of flying and battling Star Wars drones, too.

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    Teens love to have fun with board games, card games and any game that gets them laughing and having a good time. In Speak Out, players put in a special mouthpiece. They take mouthpiece challenges and say funny phrases, while their teammates try and guess what they said! 

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    While buying a 3D printer is still pretty expensive, using the 3Doodler pen, teenagers can draw, invent, and design their own sculptures with the choice of over 60 different colors.

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    These days there is a lot of talk about drones. So, what exactly is a drone? A drone is a remote controlled, flying quadcopter that is also capable of capturing high definition images and video, several hundred feet in the air. Typically drones that are used for commercial or military purposes are very expensive. There are smaller, entry-level toy drones, such as the Sky Viper, that can still give teens a great way to spy on their siblings, capture aerial views or use their creativity to film...MORE their outdoor sports or skateboarding experiences with friends. Some hobby drones do require FAA registration.

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    What teenager would not want a 4 foot Darth Vader in their bedroom or dorm room as a decoration? Big Figs are large toys featuring characters like  Stormtroopers, Batman, Superman, Ninja Turtles, and Halo.

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    Using an app with a bluetooth enabled device, kids can program Coder Mip with simple drag and drop commands. Mip is a self-balancing robot who is able to play games and follow commands. Teens can program him to react to different commands like clapping and other hand gestures. The robot arrives with different accessories, like a tray, so he can deliver and carry items.

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    For teens who like to construct toys, there is some great satisfaction in building, then programming their own robot. Meccano sets include metal pieces that are attached together with a small tool allowing kids to make interactive robots, trucks, vehicles, motorcycles and dinosaurs.

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    For classic Nintendo fans, this plug and play video game system has kids playing over 30 different, pre-loaded classic Nintendo games like Super Mario Brothers and Zelda.

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    While it is possible teens will use the Kylo Wren Light Saber to engage in their own galactic battles, it is more likely this toy, which is a great piece of movie history, is the perfect decoration for a movie room or dorm room. 

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    Trick shot toys are great for teens, especially for those who are fans of the popular YouTube group, Dude Perfect. Teens will enjoy creating their own trick shot courses with these fun NERF targets. Do not be surprised if you find them filming them and sharing them with friends on social channels like SnapChat, too.

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    Teenagers and adult children have a deep-rooted love for all sorts of Star Wars toys. BB-8 is a droid featured in the movie, Star Wars: The Force Awakens. This is an app-enabled droid toy that is capable of responding to voice commands, can patrol on his own and has an adaptable personality. Even parents will smile watching BB8 move around the house.

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    While many teens would love a real dog, with busy schedules at school and with sports, it may not always be a reality for them to care for a real pet. So why not get them a robotic dog, that is also an interactive pet? CHIP can recognize his owner, greet family members at the door, show affection, and learn tricks. He can also misbehave and his personality is dependent upon the choices the owner makes.