The 7 Best Track Lighting to Buy in 2018

There's a good fit for every room and budget


Courtesy of Home Depot 

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Good lighting is absolutely crucial for any room in the home. Lighting can affect the mood, the style and the overall feel of the space. While many lighting kits provide just a single large bulb to get the job done, if you really want more uniform coverage and a unique feel, a track lighting system is a great way to go. With individual bulbs you can position on your own, you gain greater control over the final layout.

Good track lighting kits come in all shapes and sizes. Traditionally, they all have a number of individual pivoting lights (typically three to six) and some kind of track that holds the lights in place and provides power. All kits will use a single ceiling power source you are likely to find underneath a ceiling fan or pendant light.

For a little bit of help choosing your next track light kit, here are the top seven you should consider.

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    Best Overall: Globe Electric Kearney 6-Light Kit

    Since there are so many different options for track lighting kits, the battle for the top spot is a fierce one. The best track lighting kits are meant for medium-to-large spaces, providing many individual lights to position around different corners of the room. The top pick for this list hits all of these checkmarks while offering a great look and style that adds to the room’s overall feel.

    The Globe Electric Kearney 6-Light Kit is a six light track kit that provides plenty of coverage around the entire room. Each light is individually adjustable so you can angle it for the best placement in the entire area. Better still, the fixture is "foldable," so that each three-light track bar can be rotated to any position. The oil-rubbed bronze finish also makes it fit well in a variety of interior decor styles, such as industrial, modern or traditional. The fixture is just over 46 inches long with the track bars extended in a straight line.  

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    Best Budget: Canarm IT356A04BPT10

    To save some money on a new track lighting kit, you have to think small, and this three-light kit is just 26 1/2 inches long. A shorter section of track is actually the perfect fit for smaller rooms and spaces around the home. Smaller fixtures take up less space and use less energy than larger track lighting systems. They are also easier to maintain when it comes time to replace a burned-out bulb or two. Save some money upfront and in the future with the Canarm IT356A04BPT10.

    Small and budget-friendly, this four-light track kit provides just enough illumination for a small bedroom or corner of a larger area. The metallic finish is made of brushed pewter and is easy to clean as dust and dirt begin to settle. When used in tandem with other track lighting, you can cover a greater area than with single larger track lighting kits.

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    Best Modern: Tech Lighting Tiella Kit

    The look of track lighting makes it more modern than most standard light fixtures. To take this an extra step, however, the kit itself should look like it just came from the future. With a sleek nickel finish and a unique approach to track lighting design, the Tech Lighting Tiella Kit gets the job done.

    This track lighting kit exudes a sense of unique style and modernism others don't. Five individually adjustable accent lights hang between two runs of a monorail cable. The fixture can extend up to 20 feet in length. You can place each light anywhere along the track to better position the bulb. This is a low-voltage fixture that includes a transformer that "steps down" the household voltage to 12 volts for the lights (the transformer is included in the kit). 

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    Best Industrial: LNC Wood Track Kit

    The industrial design style is one of the most unique decor options you can choose for your home. Blending the raw look of the factory with more modern conveniences around the home gives you the best of many design worlds. For a track lighting kit to enhance this kind of style, you need something that manages to blend different materials together in one package. Since industrial design is all about mixing materials, this wood-and-metal lighting kit adds just the right visual interest for an industrial scheme.

    Small and simple, the LNC Wood Track Kit is just 15 inches long yet provides more illumination from its three large can lights compared to smaller track lighting bulbs. The black metallic finish contrasts nicely with more traditional and rustic accents, such as wood and stone.

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    Best Traditional: Lithonia Lighting LTKSTBF BR20 DBL M4 Baffle Track Kit

    Track lighting isn't necessarily the first thing that comes to mind for traditional design in the home. While chandeliers and pendant lighting are more standard, the right track lighting kit can actually look just as good in traditional scheme while giving you more coverage and illumination in the space. Best of all, a good track lighting kit can accent different focal points in the room. Position each light towards the direction you want and you will be ready to go.

    The Lithonia Lighting Baffle Track Kit has a clean and simple look and includes a single rail with three adjustable lights. Each lampshade can be positioned anywhere along a 360-degree arc. The kit is also extremely easy to install using the included mounting brackets and screws. Small and contained, this is a good kit to choose for tighter spaces and rooms. The track is 44 inches long.

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    Best for Small Spaces: Hampton Bay 3-Light Antique Kit

    Hampton Bay 3-Light Antique Bronze Ceiling Bar Track Lighting Kit
    Courtesy of Home Depot

    When space is at a premium, you need the right kind of track lighting kit so the room isn't flooded with light. Typically, such kits only come with about three lights and a relatively short section of track. In this case, the track is just over 22 inches long, giving you the right amount of adjustability to position the lighting around the smaller space.

    The Hampton Bay 3-Light Antique Kit has a classic, almost vintage, look at a great budget price. Compatible with standard incandescent dimmer switches, this is the perfect option to create some mood lighting in a more traditional space in the home. Each light swivels in a complete circular arc but can't be positioned across the track like other lighting kits.

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    Best for Large Coverage: Hampton Bay 10ft Flexible Track Kit

    Hampton Bay 10 ft. 5-Light Brushed Steel Line-Voltage Flexible Track Light Kit with Mesh Shades
    Courtesy of Home Depot

    Larger rooms and spaces can be challenging to light no matter what type of lighting you choose. While many people prefer a grid of can lights or a single large chandelier, track lighting gives you the benefit of uniform illumination from a single power source. Larger kits also allow you to expand outward from that power source so you can have lights spread out all across the ceiling.

    For the best, most comprehensive coverage in a large living space, the Hampton Bay 10ft Flexible Track Kit provides 10 feet of track for positioning its five individual lights. The kit is also expandable, allowing you to connect up to four track segments together using a single wiring harness. This creates a uniform amount of light coverage and a good focal point for larger spaces.