The Best Transformer Toys For Kids

Transformers Robots in Disguise Power Surge Optimus Prime

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So what are the best transformer toys for kids? Transformers toys continue to be really popular toys. With new animated television episodes for kids of all ages, and action packed movies, these super cool robots keep winning the hearts of audiences and fans of all ages.  The type of Transformers toys your kids may be asking for will depend upon their age.

 Rescue Bots, based on the Transformers animated episodes for preschoolers, are toys for the youngest Transformers fans. These larger robots are designed to be simple for kids in the 3-5 year-old age range to transform.

Also, the newest Transformers toys have been updated based upon the animated television series Transformers Robots in Disguise. In Robots in Disguise, Bumble and a team of Autobots will do their best to continue saving planet Earth from Decepticons.

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    Transformers Rescue Bots Optimus Prime Racing Trailer Playset

    Rescue Bots Optimus Prime Racing Trailer

    For little kids who love Optimus Prime, they will enjoy this fun racing trailer. The trailer converts into a vehicle launcher and there are also ramps for the Transformers to drive on. The set includes 2 transforming figures, Optimus Prime and Blurr.

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    Transformers Rescue Bots Rescan Assortment

    Rescue Bots Rescan Hoist the Tow Bots
    Hasbro / Amazon

    Just like kids like collecting Hot Wheels cars and other action figure characters, they will also want to collect all of the Transformers Rescue Bots characters, too. Some character action figures in this set from the show include Boulder, Quick Shadow, Medix, Chase the Police Bot, Hoist the Tow Bot, Morbot, Blades and Bumblebee.

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    Transformers Rescue Bots Griffin Rock Firehouse Headquarters

    Transformers Rescue Bots Griffin Rock Headquarters
    Hasbro / Amazon

     The Griffin Rock Firehouse Headquarters is a place for children to use their Transformers Rescue Bots characters to plan their missions against the Decepticons. The toy includes projectile launchers, vehicle launchers, a helipad and a motorcycle.

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    Robots in Disguise Power Surge Optimus Prime

    Transformers Robots in Disguise Power Surge Optimus Prime

    The Power Surge Optimus Prime toy is recommended for older Transformers fans who are 5 and up. This large transforming character is 13 inches tall. This toy also arrives with a smaller mini-con figure which can attach to the larger toy. Given that it requires batteries the toy speaks phrases and makes sounds, too.

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    Robots in Disguise Power Surge Bumblebee

    Transformers Robots in Disguise bumblebee and buzz strike
    Amazon / Hasbro

    Power surge Bumblebee is similar to the Robots in Disguise Optimus Prime. The toy arrives with a Buzzstrike Mini-con weaponized figure.

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    Transformers Generations Titans Return Fortress Maximus Action Figure

    Transformers Generations Fortress Maximus

    There are also Transformers Generation toys, which are classic Transformers that are re-released each year with new features and accessories.  Given that this collectible toy retails for close to $150, it is definitely for a real Transformers fan. The Fotress Maxiums figure transforms into a robot, battle station and a city. As a figure it is 2 feet tall and very large. 

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    Transformers Combiner Wars Victorian Collection Pack

    Transformers Combiner Wars StarScream

    This unique toy was designed by Transformers fans who voted on features through the Transformers app. The Combiner has special powers. Combiner wars allow Autobots and Decepticons to combine forces and create a large super-robot. This toy comes with 5 accessories, a poster, and a Victorion character card.