Best Tub Repair Kits of 2019

Fix cracks in your bathroom with these tools

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Our Top Picks

Best Overall: Rust-Oleum 7860519 at Amazon

“Everything you need to complete a small-to-medium job in no time.”

Best Budget: Devcon Epoxy at Amazon

“A quality epoxy formula, easy application, and a great price tag.”

Best Touch-Up, White: Sheffield 1126 Porcelain at Amazon

“If your tub is white and needs a few scrapes covered up, this is the choice for you.”

Best Touch-Up, Almond: Sheffield 1438 Porcelain at Amazon

“Reseals small hairline cuts and chips.”

Best Epoxy Paint: Rust-Oleum White Tub and Tile at Home Depot

“Dries into a hard, corrosion-resistant finish in three days.”

Best for Fiberglass: Bondo Fiberglass Resin at Amazon

“A reliable patch kit that can be used on virtually any fiberglass surface.”

Best Tube: Super Glue White Porcelain Repair at Home Depot

“As easy as using toothpaste."

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    Best Overall: Rust-Oleum 7860519

    The best tub repair kit is one that will give you everything you need to complete a small-to-medium repair in no time. It should also be easy to use and store when you are done. The Rust-Oleum 7860519 hits all of these marks by providing a reliable, easy-to-mix/apply epoxy that can cover up to 110 square feet from one kit. Application is easy: mix both parts together for the required amount of time and spread it over the damaged areas.

    The kit comes with two parts that you mix together before applying to the damaged surface. The part A and B portions take two minutes to mix with an application window of six hours. It is recommended to properly prepare the surface by cleaning and ventilating the room before actually using the kit as well.

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    Best Budget: Devcon Epoxy

    A good budget tub repair kit still needs to be easy to use and reliable. Many budget options use substandard ingredients or lack a clear application process. When not done right, a bad kit can lead to more damage and more repair time required to fix the tub. To avoid these potential issues, the Devcon Epoxy repair kit offers a quality epoxy formula, easy application, and a great price tag.

    The kit comes with all the basic supplies required to apply the touch-up paint including the pigment, mixing tray, stick and fiberglass patch to cover larger cracks the paint alone can’t seal. In addition to tubs, you can also use this kit on toilets, ceramic tiles​ and kitchens areas.

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    Best Touch Up White Tub Repair Kit: Sheffield 1126 Porcelain

    Scrapes and scuffs on a tub’s surface will eventually lead to more problems down the road. At the very least, they can leave the surface looking ugly and can allow harmful bacteria to grow in hard to reach spots. Instead of a dedicated repair kit, the better option to handle these issues is a touch-up paint. If your tub is white and needs a few scrapes covered up, the Sheffield 1126 Porcelain is the choice for you.

    The touch-up paint comes in one fluid-ounce bottle that is enough to cover several small areas around the tub. Given its ability to withstand high temperatures (up to 400 degrees), you can also touch up other porcelain surfaces such as stoves, sinks and kitchen appliances. The paint is capable of resealing small hairline cracks in the surface as well.

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    Best Touch Up Almond Tub Repair Kit: Sheffield 1438 Porcelain

    While white porcelain is the most common color/material combination for tubs, some people prefer the more subtle hues of an almond tub. A slightly darker color like almond can hide dirt and blemishes more easily than a white surface. Unfortunately, this can allow surface blemishes to go unnoticed if you don’t address them right away. The Sheffield 1438 Porcelain touch up kit is a what you will need to address any almond imperfections.

    Surface blemishes will disappear as this paint reseals small hairline chips and cracks. It hardens into a layer that keeps the whole surface waterproof in the tub, sink, etc. Withstanding high temperatures, the paint can be used for damage porcelain on appliances such as ovens and stove tops that also have an almond finish.

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    Best Epoxy Paint: Rust-Oleum White Tub and Tile

    Rust-Oleum Specialty 1 qt. White Tub and Tile Refinishing Kit
    Courtesy of Home Depot

    Refinishing kits address problems that can potentially get worse as time goes on. Small scrapes and blemishes can lead to cracks or water damage if not addressed immediately. To repair these issues, an epoxy kit like the Rust-Oleum White Tub and Tile applies a new layer of paint with a protective coating. Together, these new layers seal up the small pits and scrapes so the tub’s surface is whole and smooth once again.

    Usable on a variety of surfaces like tiles, sinks, and showers in addition to tubs, this kit dries into a hard, corrosion-resistant finish in three days. Once dried, it matches most white finishes and provides a glossy shine to the surface. The kit itself is large enough to cover 110 square feet which amounts to about two coats in a tub.

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    Best For Fiberglass: Bondo Fiberglass Resin

    Damage to a fiberglass tub can be extra difficult to fix since cracks and chips can run deep. More importantly, fixing the damage isn’t a simple matter of painting over the blemish. Without sealing or binding the remaining surface together again, the harm will persist and moisture damage is likely to become worse later on. A fiberglass kit is the best choice to fix this issue.

    The Bondo Fiberglass Resin is a reliable fiberglass patch kit that can be used on virtually any fiberglass surface including tubs and showers. The kit comes with new fiberglass fabric that can be cut to any shape necessary to fit over the damaged area. The included resin is easy to mix before applying to any fiberglass surface. The mixture cures to a dry and waterproof touch quickly.

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    Best Tube: Super Glue White Porcelain Repair

    Super Glue 0.5 fl. oz. White Porcelain Repair
    Courtesy of Home Depot

    The occasional spot repair doesn’t require the amount of epoxy or enamel most repair kits include. Instead, a small tube like the Super Glue White Porcelain Repair will give you enough material to cover a small blemish in just a few minutes. As easy as using toothpaste, the tube’s nozzle provides fine control over the material placement, allowing you to hit the necessary areas without any excess.

    The 0.5 oz. Tube of glue is enough for the occasional spot repair that is necessary to prevent small blemishes from getting worse. It only takes ten minutes to dry with a full cure setting in as little as 24 hours. Once dried, the surface will be heat and water resistant for use on any porcelain surface including ovens and stovetops.