The Best Turkish Recipes for Ramazan

Don't Know What To Serve? Here Are All The Most Popular Recipes For 'İftar'

Ramazan is a time when Turkish families get together and spend extended periods eating, talking and socializing with relatives and friends while they enjoy a wide array of delicious foods. Most families go back to their roots during Ramazan and serve traditional dishes passed down through their families for generations. That’s why it’s one of the best times of year to enjoy ​classic Turkish cuisine and as well as ​regional favorites. Here is a list of recipes you can serve at each stage of...MORE 'iftar.'

What Is ‘İftar’?

‘İftar’ (eef-TAR’) is the name for the first meal of the day which breaks the period of fasting between sunrise and sunset each day. The menu at the ‘iftar’ table is as important as the way it’s served. Equally important is the shopping, preparation, and suspense each day until the evening call to prayer when cooks, helpers and hungry diners alike finally relax and eat.

What To Expect At The ‘İftar’ Table

There are many customs surrounding the ‘iftar’ meal. When the evening ‘ezan’ (ay-ZAHN’), or call to prayer is heard, hungry diners always begin their meal with a sip of water, a bite of ‘pide’ bread, and a date or two.

Once the fast is broken, it’s time to move on to the soup and light fare resembling classic Turkish breakfast. After a short break, diners continue to tackle the main courses to come. The meal comes to a conclusion with a selection of classic Turkish desserts and Turkish coffee or tea.