The 7 Best Turkish Towels to Buy in 2018

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Though you may know it as a trendy bath and beach item, the Turkish towel, or Fouta, has a long history dating back to the 18th century. Traditionally used in Turkish and African hammans, a Turkish towel is noted by its flat woven fabric and typically striped design. Made from 100% cotton with extra long fibers, Turkish towels are incredibly versatile — never more so than today. Because they’re lightweight, thin, absorbent and (of course) beautiful, they’re the perfect accessory for your...MORE bathroom, the beach or even your dining room table.

Whether you’re ready to make the switch to Turkish towels in your home or you’re looking for a great beach towel alternative, we’ve rounded up the best Turkish towels for every occasion.

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    Whether this is your first foray into Turkish towels or you want to stock up, the Cacala Turkish Towel is our choice for the best overall. The Cacala comes in 22 different striped colors ranging from soft grey to bright orange. Each one is 37” x 70”, so they’re large enough for a picnic or a beach day, but compact enough to store in a guest bathroom. While the material is incredibly thin, reviewers say they absorb water better than most cotton towels. When hung, they dry off quickly, making it...MORE harder for mold or bacteria to grow.

    Replace your worn out bath towels with the Cacala Turkish towels to create a chic, spa-like feel in any bathroom. Whether you’re looking for a beach towel or a bath towel, the Cacala is our choice for best overall because of its great quality and low price.

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    A matching set of stylish Turkish towels is an easy way to update a bathroom and give it stylish look without a lot of legwork. We love the Bosphorus Diamond Weave set — they’re thick, absorbent and attractive. Each set includes four matching 30” x 70” towels stitched with a distinctive diamond pattern. They come in seven colors, ranging from a subtle grey to a bright mixed pastel palette. Beautiful enough to show off, we love these rolled up in a woven basket in a bathroom or stacked on an...MORE exposed shelf.

    Owners love the Bosphorus towels because they’re thicker than the standard Turkish towel, which makes them a great choice for in-home use.

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    While the best thing about any Turkish towel is its versatility, some make better beach towels than others. The Bahari Bay Turkish Beach Towel is a great choice for water activities because it’s reversible, with one side made of traditional flat woven cotton and the other made of terry cloth, giving you the best of both worlds. The Bahari Bay is 38” x 72”, the perfect size for a beach or pool day, and comes in pink, navy and aqua. It also has a built-in velcro pocket to store keys or cell phones...MORE out of sight while you’re enjoying the waves. Though it has a terrycloth back, it’s as lightweight and storage-friendly as any other Turkish towel, making it easy to travel with.

    According to reviews, the Bahari Bay towel feels luxurious and adds a bit of cushion when you’re sitting on the sand or a beach chair. If you’re looking for a stylish Turkish towel to take on beach days, the Bahari Bay is the best choice for your money.

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    Want to go bigger? The Nature Is Gift Queen-Sized Turkish Towel measures 78” x 98”, or roughly double the width of a standard one. Like the other Turkish towels on our list, it’s made from 100% cotton and has the typical fringed edges. Due to its size, many owners use the Nature Is Gift Turkish Towel as an indoor blanket or throw, which makes it even more versatile. It comes in five neutral colors like black, grey and navy, and features a traditional diamond pattern.

    Owners love the Nature Is...MORE Gift because it’s large enough for picnics, beaches and even guest bedrooms. This queen-sized Turkish blanket is a great choice for uses inside your home or out.

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    One of the best things about a Turkish towel is how light and airy it is, making it easy to roll up in a tote bag and take on the go. The Riviera Towel Company Ombre Turkish Towel has all the qualities of a great Turkish towel but is stylish enough to wear every day. Whether you use it to keep warm on a chilly plane or wear it as a scarf when out day tripping, the bold ombre pattern looks gorgeous with any outfit. Made from 100% cotton and measuring 33” x 63”, the Riviera Towel Company towel...MORE comes in blue and yellow or lavender and burgundy. Both of them are made with low-impact Azo-free dyes, so they’re good for the environment and won’t run.

    Owners say that this ombre towel looks great as a cover-up or a shawl, and works just as well if you want to lay out on it at the beach. While many of our picks would be great to travel with, the Riviera Towel Company Ombre Print Turkish Towel is our top choice because it’s attractive enough for everyday wear.

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    If want to upgrade your tea towels or bathroom hand towels, Turkish towels are a great choice. Because they dry so efficiently, they don’t leave behind lingering smells from dampness. The LaModaHome Hand Towel Set is our pick if you’re hunting for Turkish hand towels—they’re stylish, well-made and well-priced. At under $25 for a set of four, the LaModaHome towels come in eight different styles, ranging from black to red. They have a slightly simpler pattern than some other Turkish towels, but we...MORE love the bold block look in kitchens or bathrooms. They measure 15.5” x 31.5”, and like every pick on our list, are made from 100% Turkish cotton. Some reviewers even use the LaModaHome as a baby towel because it’s so soft and absorbent. Replace your worn out tea towels or face towels with these ones, and you’ll add instant chic to your home.

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    While most Turkish towels are made from cotton or linen, bamboo is also a popular choice. The Yogalo Beach Towel looks like a bold version of a traditional Turkish towel but is made from 50% bamboo and 50% cotton. Bamboo, like cotton, is extremely soft and absorbent but is also very eco-friendly, since a bamboo stalk grows quickly and serves as a naturally replenishing source. The Yogalo measures 35" x 75" and comes in four different bright striped styles. The more you wash them, the...MORE softer they get.

    Owners love the Yogalo because they repel mold and damp smells, and look great as a clothing accessory or laid out on a beach. The company also offers a 90-day money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied for any reason.

    With so many uses and just as many choices, a Turkish towel is a great addition to any linen closet. 

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