The 7 Best Under Bed Storage Organizers of 2022

We recommend The Container Store Our Under Bed Box

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Best Under Bed Storage

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Under-bed storage is an excellent solution for those who have limited closet or drawer space. We researched dozens of under-bed storage containers, assessing their capacity, durability, and maneuverability.

Our best overall pick is The Container Store Our Under Bed Box, which is virtually unbreakable, stackable, and is easy to use, thanks to the transparent design.

Here are the best under-bed storage containers.

Our Top Picks

Best Overall: The Container Store Our Under Bed Box


The Container Store

What We Like
  • Reasonably priced

  • Virtually unbreakable

  • Multiple sizes available

What We Don't Like
  • Lid can be finicky

What do buyers say? 2,500+ The Container Store reviewers rated this product 4 stars or above.

The Container Store's Under Bed Box is a favorite among professional organizers. It is excellent for containing items under your bed, but you can also use it in closets, playrooms, and anywhere else in your home that needs a little TLC. This versatility makes it our top pick.

This simple yet practical bin is made of transparent, virtually unbreakable thermoplastic for full visibility and long-lasting durability. The plastic tub and tight lid also help keep dust and bugs far away from your clothing and other stored items. It's got an easy-to-open latching lid and stacks modularly with other plastic bins from The Container Store.

The Under Bed Box comes in two sizes, regular (27.1 x 16 x 6.3 inches) and long (35.6 x 18.3 x 6.3 inches). The long one opens halfway, allowing for easy access without pulling the whole thing out. However, over time, the lid can become a bit too flexible. There's also a wheeled option, which is great for bedrooms with hard floors.

Dimensions: 27.1 x 16 x 6.3 inches |  Color: Clear | Primary Material:  Polypropylene

What Our Editors Say

"I've used The Container Store Under Bed Storage Box for years. It has moved from apartment to apartment with me, and it's really been a lifesaver since my New York City closets are always on the smaller side. I have the longer one with wheels so that I can easily slide it out from underneath my bed. I'm amazed at how long this container has lasted."—Erin Johnson, Commerce Editor

Best Budget: Onlyeasy Foldable Underbed Bags

Onlyeasy Foldable Underbed Bags

Courtesy of Amazon

What We Like
  • Budget-friendly

  • Foldable

  • Multiple colors available

What We Don't Like
  • Not very sturdy

On a budget? Consider getting a pair of wallet-friendly Onlyeasy Underbed Bags. Measuring 39.4 x 19.7 x 5.9 inches each, you'll have plenty of space to stash extra bedding, off-season clothes, holiday decor, wrapping paper, you name it. Made of linen-like polyester, these zip-up bags aren't as structured as other options, but you can fold them up when you don't need them.

Dimensions: 39.4 x 19.7 x 5.9 inches |  Color: Grey | Primary Material: Linen

Best for Shoes: StorageLab Under Bed Shoe Storage Organizer

StorageLab Under Bed Shoe Storage Organizer

Courtesy of Amazon

What We like
  • Adjustable dividers

  • Transparent top

  • Multiple colors available

What We Don't Like
  • Not ideal for large shoe sizes

Whether you're short on space or just own lots of shoes, one of the best places to store out of season footwear is under the bed. Measuring 30 x 24.5 x 5.3 inches, this convenient organizer from StorageLab is big enough to accommodate 12 pairs. We also like that you can adjust the compartments to fit different styles and sizes, so you can use it to store sandals in the winter and boots in the summer.

Dimensions: 30 x 24.5 x 5.3 inches | Color: Grey | Primary Material: Woven with plastic backing

Best Plastic: Sterilite Underbed Storage Box Clear with White Lid

Sterilite Underbed Storage Box

Courtesy of Amazon

What We Like
  • Hinged lid

  • Stackable

  • Lots of sizes available

What We Don't Like
  • Slightly flimsy lid

For those looking for easy, durable plastic containers, Las Vegas-based personal organizer Anai Sanchez recommends Sterilite. "I love these bins because they are transparent so you can see exactly what you have stored under your bed at any angle," she tells The Spruce. Since they come in a range of sizes, you can use them for all sorts of purposes—holiday decorations, off-season clothing, or even smaller items like craft supplies or kids' toys.

Dimensions: 34.88 x 16.63 x 6.13 | Color: Clear | Primary Material: Plastic

Best Design: Open Spaces Underbed Storage - Set of 2

Underbed Storage

Courtesy of Open Spaces

What We Like
  • Won't scratch hard floors

  • Semi-rigid design

  • Aesthetically pleasing

What We Don't Like
  • Relatively pricey

Anytime you're placing something on your floor—whether it's furniture, a rug, or a storage container—felt can help protect the material. With this in mind, these under-bed bins from Open Spaces have recycled felt exteriors. Reminiscent of vintage suitcases with a contemporary appeal, they flaunt a semi-rigid design, rounded corners, and genuine leather handles. The low profile and minimalist, but cozy design make these containers a great pick for storage under platform beds.

Dimensions: 26.26 x 26.26 x 6.75 inches | Color: Grey | Primary Material: Felt

Best Fabric: The Container Store Farmhouse Under Bed Box

Farmhouse Under bed box

The Container Store

What We Like
  • Hinged lid

  • Folds flat

  • Aesthetically pleasing

What We Don't Like
  • Only one size available

  • Slightly flimsy

This charming lidded box from The Container Store is wrapped and lined with a soft poly-cotton fabric. Measuring 24.3 x 15 x 6.5 inches, it's designed to fit underneath most beds. We also like that it folds flat for easy storage and has convenient handles on three sides—and it has a hinged lid that won't slide off or get misplaced. Like other fabric options, these containers are not as durable as plastic ones, but that can be better for preventing linens from getting musty between uses.

Dimensions: 24.25 x 15 x 6.5 | Color: Beige and grey striped | Primary Material: Cotton

Best Baskets: West Elm Modern Weave Underbed Storage Basket

West Elm Modern Weave Underbed Storage Basket
What We Like
  • Handwoven

  • Hinged lid

  • Aesthetically pleasing

What We Don't Like
  • Relatively pricey

If you're big on baskets, check out this beauty from West Elm. It measures 32 x 17 x 6.5 inches and boasts a sturdy handwoven rattan frame with a stunning whitewashed finish. We also like that this woven under-bed basket has a hinged lid and handles on either side. Not only that, but West Elm has an entire collection of matching pieces, so you can organize your bedroom with a stylish, cohesive touch.

Dimensions: 32 x 17 x 6.5 inches | Color: Whitewashed | Primary Material: Rattan

Final Verdict

The best under-the-bed storage solution overall is The Container Store's Under Bed Box. This professional organizer-approved lidded bin is made of virtually indestructible thermoplastic and comes in two sizes, plus a wheeled option. Having said that, you can't go wrong with Onlyeasy's zip-up Foldable Underbed Bags if you're on a budget.

What to Look For in an Under Bed Storage Organizer


There are a few different types of under-bed storage solutions, including lidded plastic bins, foldable zippered bags, fabric boxes, woven baskets, and free-standing drawers. "I think anything that is sturdy, on wheels, and clear is your best bet," says Sara Losonci, a professional home organizer and the founder of Shelfie in New York City.


You'll want to measure the dimensions of your under-bed space before shopping around. While most bins will be narrow and shallow enough (you might even be able to fit two under your bed), some might be too high. Look for a bin at least a half-inch shorter than the bottom of your bed frame to allow for plenty of clearance.


Another thing to consider is the material, which matters in terms of durability, function, and appearance. You'll find lots of clear plastic bins, which are generally durable and help keep dust out, plus you can easily see the content.

Then there are zippered fabric bins, which can be rigid or foldable with less structure. You'll also see some basket-style bins, which are aesthetically pleasing but won't offer the same dust seal.

  • What should you store under your bed?

    According to Sanchez, "Storing items you don't use as often under the bed will free up more storage space for those items you use everyday." She suggests using an under-bed bin for things like out-of-season clothing, off-season linens, holiday-themed books or toys, and luggage.

  • How can you cover under-bed storage?

    Some under-bed storage solutions are pretty enough to put on display, but you may want to conceal clear plastic bins and shoe organizers. Your best bet in this case is to get some sort of bed skirt. Though it might seem old-fashioned, there are some excellent modern versions of bed skirts, like bed wraps.

  • How do you keep stored linens/clothes fresh?

    Unlike the food in your fridge, sealed plastic containers aren't actually the best place to store linens and clothes. Plastic bins can trap moisture, and textiles will stay fresher longer if they have a little air to breathe. To keep dust away while allowing for airflow, go with a fabric bag, a wood drawer, or a lined basket.

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