The 10 Best Under-Sink Organizers of 2022

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Under-sink organizers are an ideal way to increase storage space in your kitchen or bathroom. Not all organizers are created the same, however. You'll find roll-out options that glide on a track system or utilize drawers, while other options feature plastic or metal shelves that double your storage space.

The important thing is to choose an under sink organizer that will work around piping or fixtures like a garbage disposal or water filtration system. Adjustability is the name of the game to make under sink organizers fit your cabinet specifications, so many options include expandable heights or widths to get the fit just right. These under sink organizers are a great way to conquer your clutter and keep everything within reach in the kitchen or bathroom.

Ahead, the best under sink organizers available online.

Our Top Picks
Two baskets, plus dividers, make this a versatile option for under sink organization in the kitchen or bathroom.
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This version with adjustable panels also expands to fit most cabinets, making it an affordable and efficient storage solution.
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Made of thick plastic, this 11.41 x 4.41-inch rotating organizer is perfect for stashing cleaning supplies, oversized bottles, and more.
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Lightweight but sturdy, this U-shaped organizer fits in tight spaces and around your under-sink plumbing.
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A two-tier metal organizer on a solid track system makes this under sink organizer capable of holding heavy weight.
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Pull-out accessibility and a 40 pound weight capacity make this option ideal for kitchen cleaning items, pots and pans, and more.
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With storage bins and slide-out drawers, this is an ideal solution for bathroom organization if you want a complete set-up.
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This metal organizer holds up to three hair tools securely and also gives you a metal basket below for other styling essentials.
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Two drawers make this under sink organizer a good option for keeping things neat tidy in the kitchen or bathroom.
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Take this under sink organizer for a spin to see your products at a quick glance and keep everything within easy reach.
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Best Overall: madesmart 2-Tier Organizer with Dividers

madesmart 2-Tier Organizer with Dividers

Improve home organization while maximizing the space under your sink with an organizer like this one, featuring two stacked baskets with dividers. The madesmart 2-Tier Organizer with Dividers is simple by design but highly functional since each tier of storage includes a removable divider that lets you separate items by category. The dividers, which feature a dry ease labeling tab, can also be used to separate items for siblings or put an end to your roommate rummaging through your stuff.

This organizer is ideal for use in the kitchen or bathroom and can hold about 30 pounds; it measures 14.38 x 9 x 6.5 inches. Keep in mind that each storage bin slides out for easy access to what’s inside, so position heavier times in the back of the bin to keep the weight balanced as you slide the basket out. 

Best Budget: Simple Houseware Under Sink 2 Tier Expandable Shelf Organizer

SimpleHouseware Under Sink 2 Tier Expandable Shelf Organizer

This affordable under sink organizer is a great fit for spaces small and large, thanks to its expandable fit and moveable panels. This option from Simple Houseware helps you to work around sink piping, garbage disposals, water filtration systems, and other fixtures that may be sharing storage space in your cabinet. With two tiers of shelving, you can fit essential items like cleaning supplies or health and beauty products in an easy-to-reach location under your sink.

To determine if this under sink organizer will meet your needs, keep in mind that the width is adjustable from 15 to 25 inches and the height is adjustable to 2, 5, 9, or 13 inches when measured from the feet up. It includes a total of 7 panels you can position on either of the two shelves. Keep in mind that if you need to expand this organizer to its maximum width, there may be some large gaps in between the panels. 

Best Design: iDesign + The Spruce Crisp Turntable With Handles

Crisp Turntable With Handles

If the space underneath your sink could benefit from a design-forward organizational unit, this sleek turntable is a great solution. Made of thick and durable plastic, this 11.41 x 4.41-inch rotating organizer is perfect for stashing cleaning supplies, oversized bottles, garbage bags, and more. The plastic is easy to wipe down with mild soap and water, and the raised sides will keep everything contained—even when rotating and rearranging. And, unlike some organizers that are bulky and utilitarian, the slim profile and modern design of this turntable will seamlessly mesh with your decor.

Best Plastic: SpicyShelf Expandable Under Sink Organizer

Spicy Shelf Expandable Under Sink Organizer

A plastic under sink organizer should be lightweight yet sturdy. This version is corrosion-proof and easy to clean since it doesn’t rely on wire racks to hold your bottles of cleaning products or personal care items.

Essentially a U-shaped shelf with feet, you can position this under sink organizer in front of or behind piping in your cabinet. At its maximum, this under sink organizer measures 15.5 inches wide and 10 inches tall, but the shelf and each of its extending arms can be adjusted independently to find the configuration that is just right for your space. 

Best Metal: Lynk Professional Roll Out Cabinet Organizer

Lynk Professional Roll Out Cabinet Organizer

If you’re tired of knocking over items to reach what you need in a deep cabinet, you’ll appreciate the smooth, gliding action of this roll-out metal organizer from Lynx Professional. Featuring two strong, sturdy tiers to store whatever essential items you have under the sink, this slide out organizer makes it simple to see everything at a glance. You can mount the organizer on the included track system on either the right or left side of the sink, avoiding plumbing or other under sink obstacles.

While there are a number of metal roll-out organizers on the market, Lynx Professional sets itself apart with a patented ProGlide® ball-bearing glider system, which keeps the organizer sliding smoothly even under heavy weight. This under sink organizer measures 14 x 11.5 x 18 inches. 

Best for Kitchens: ClosetMaid 2 Tier Pull Out Drawer

ClosetMaid 2 Tier Pull Out Drawer

With a mounted track system and two tiers of wire baskets, this sturdy under sink organizer from ClosetMaid is able to meet the demands of a busy or small kitchen. Available in widths of 11 or 14 inches, this roll-out organizer can handle everything from cleaning supplies to pots and pans or pantry goods.

ClosetMaid is known for creating more room in tight spaces, and this under sink organizer optimizes the room you have available in kitchen cabinets. The advantage of these pull-out shelves is the ability to see and reach what you need, without having to unload everything from the front of your kitchen cabinet! 

Best for Bathrooms: The Container Store Bathroom Under Sink Starter Kit

The Container Store Bathroom Under Sink Starter Kit

Under-sink storage is in high demand in the bathroom—cleaning products, personal care items, and health and beauty essentials must share space. Make more room under your bathroom sink with this starter kit from The Container Store.

Featuring components from The Container Store’s popular Elfa organization line-up, along with storage solutions like an over-the-door organizer for hair tools, a set of stacking drawers, and a sink caddy (perfect for stashing cleaning supplies), this is a multi-piece, one-stop solution for an under sink organizer in the bathroom. One feature that especially stands out is the extra deep drawer on the Elfa Storage Cabinet—giving you a secure spot to store even tall or oversized bottles of personal care products, like shampoo and conditioner.

Best for Hair Tools: Simple Houseware Hair Dryer & Styling Tools Organizer

Simple Housware Hair Dryer & Styling Tools Organizer

Keep hair tools like brushes, blow dryers, and more neat and tidy with this under the sink organizer from Simple Housewares. The organizer fits on the inside of your cabinet door and can either be hung over the door or mounted with the included screws.

Three rings and a basket below give you a spot to stash these items when not in use—without worrying about melting or burning other items you may be keeping under the sink. The metal basket is large enough to securely hold bottles of hair product, while the metal rings keep a hairdryer, flat iron, or curling wand in place.

Best Drawers: Simple Trending 2-Tier Under Sink Organizer with Sliding Storage Drawers

Simple Trending 2-Tier Under Sink Organizer with Sliding Storage Drawers

For items that you want to keep contained, choose an under sink organizer with drawers—like this two-tier version from Simple Trending. With two sliding storage drawers, you can put even small or loose items in the drawers without fear of losing them to under sink chaos. Each drawer is 6.75 inches wide, 14 inches long, and 3.8 inches deep. You can adjust the height of this organizer to as low as 10.75 inches, while the maximum height is 13.75 inches.

Best Lazy Susan: Copco Under-Sink Storage Turntable

Copco Under-Sink Storage Turntable

If you want to see everything under your sink at a glance, this turntable organizer from Copco is a great option. Styled like a Lazy Susan, this model features an 18-inch diameter, a non-skid bottom, and a 3.75-inch wall to keep contents from sliding around as you spin the turntable to find what you need.

Simple in design but high in functionality, a turntable under sink organizer like this one is ideal for bottles that otherwise are hard to see when stacked behind each other on a shelf. In addition, it keeps you from reaching past several rows of products to reach the item you want—only to knock down everything in your path.

What to Look for in an Under Sink Organizer

Size The biggest factor you should consider when selecting an under sink organizer is its size, as you want it to fit nicely under your sink. Be sure to measure accurately, so you don’t find yourself stuck with a product that's too big or too small.

Storage Under sink organizers can help you save a lot of space in some cases. However, some are designed to hold more than others. Consider the kinds of items you typically store under your sink, as well as how big they are and how easily you want to be able to access them.

Features Some under sink organizers offer simple shelving for storage, while others boast features like baskets that slide out and spaces designed to hold specific items such as hair tools. Some are also expandable and/or the shelf heights can be adjusted to get the right fit for your items and work around pipes.

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