The 10 Best Unique Christmas Gifts to Buy in 2018

Get clever with these fun prevents

Woman giving her friend a wrapped Christmas gift
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A thoughtful gift is one that speaks to the recipient and makes them feel appreciated. If the idea of another year of rounding up unexciting and lackluster Christmas gifts for those on your list is getting you down, don’t despair. We’ve uncovered a slew of unusual and attention-grabbing gifts that will spark creativity or warm the heart of the most important people on your long list of family and friends. From the best home décor pieces trending online to crafty creations that make an impact, these gifts will create memories and make a lovely impression on the gift recipients. 

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    Best for the Homebody: Wooden States of America Magnetic Key Holder

    Wooden States of America Magnetic Key Holder

    Courtesy of Uncommon Goods

    Know someone who is seriously proud of their home state? Whether their sweet home is Alabama or in the land of Lincoln, they’ll love these state-shaped organizers. The Wooden States of America magnetic key holders are created by Louisville, Kentucky, artists Ben and Christen Aroh. Each handmade cherry wood carving has four magnets secreted away in the state-shaped key holder that can be mounted by the front door or in the mudroom for easy access. The neodymium magnets attract all those little keys, tools and other magnetic-friendly items to its attractive cherry wood surface.

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    Best for Busy Households: Tile Style Anything Finder

    This tiny square looks after all the ​littles that you tend to lose from the time you enter your home to the time you need to get out of the front door, and fast. The morning rush hour searching for phones, keys and the kids’ must-have school items, can go much smoother with the Tile Style Finder. Just attach it to items that are important and either use the app on your phone, if you can find it, to track down errant items. If you’ve truly lost your phone, just press the tile fob twice and it will track your smart phone down within 200 feet. The handy 2-pack is waterproof and has a louder ring than previous versions. Tile users in your area can also assist in tracking down wallets, bags or teddy bears left in shops or train stations if you’ve inadvertently walked away from an essential item.

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    Best for Chefs: The Chefman Sous Vide Immersion Cooker

    It’s the latest kitchen gadget that most any home chef will swoon over. Easy to use and store, the Chefman Sous Vide Immersion Cooker creates restaurant-quality entrees on your stovetop. The sous-vide trend is sweeping across kitchens in homes around the country and this programmable immersion cooker gets impressive results. Meals are seasoned and placed in vacuum-sealed or food-grade plastic bags and immersed in a pot of water with the Chefman clamped to the side of the deep pan. This version of the immersion cooker is easier to use than past gadgets due to its ​touch screen LCD display and 360 directional pump with smart sensors that monitor the water level to create succulent dishes.​

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    Best for Health Nuts: The Complete Kombucha Starter Brewing Kit by KitchenToolz

    Whether they are new to the kombucha craze or an expert at brewing up a cup of the popular probiotic, this kit is a bonus and a benefit to a health and wellness lover’s pantry. The Complete Kombucha Brewing Kit by ​KitchenToolz allows the user to brew and ferment kombucha anywhere they may need to, from on the go to in the office. It comes with an organic symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast (or SCOBY), tea, organic sugar, cotton cheesecloth, PH strips to test the balance, temperature gauge and detailed instructions. All the items are tucked neatly into a glass jar with tight fitting lid that can be reused for future healthy kombucha concoctions.

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    Best Personalized: Custom House Illustration Watercolor by Milly Notes & Things

    Custom House Illustration Watercolor by Milly Notes & Things

    Courtesy of Etsy

    It’s genuinely personal and a gift that will be cherished for decades. A custom house illustration offers a keepsake of a house’s unique curb appeal that they can hang in their new home or use to remember a beloved house they spent their formative years living in. The 5x7 colorful watercolor and ink illustrations are handmade on white ​heavy weight paper. It is a whimsical rendering of the home’s façade with the address clearly stated. From the boxwood hedges to the gables and the bay windows, the artist provides all the details that make a house a home that calls up comfort each time you pull into the driveway. ​

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    Best for Movie Buffs: Gift Republic Bucket List Poster 100 Movies

    For the recipient who is a frequent binge-watcher why not give them this fun interactive poster that lets them scratch off each movie they've seen in hopes of seeing all 100 on the list. From Toy Story to ​The Prestige to Titanic there is an array of genres on this poster so they'll hit every note. 

    If movies aren't really their thing there is also an album poster that has all the top music albums or a places poster which has all the top-travel places to visit. Whatever their passion, this is a fun, unique gift that will give them a hobby for the year. 

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    Best for Wine Lovers: PortoVino Beach Tote

    For those who like to indulge why not get them a truly unique gift, a tote that can fit two bottles of wine! They can take it to the beach, on a picnic, or girls night in. Whatever the use, this gift is sure to get a giggle. Besides being a fun present to give, this tote has made its way all over social media so the recipient is sure to also get in on the fun. Just make sure they credit you in the caption! 

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    Best for Social Media Lover: Cinema Light Box with Letters

    For those who are into gramming their latest adventures, you might want to gift them this vintage Cinema Light Box that can have them expressing their mantra of the day in style.  This set comes with  192 letters, numbers, and even 40 emojis so they can get really clever with their postings. 

    Users can power this with six AA batteries for when an outlet isn't practical or use the included USB charger. Whatever their needs are this is both a fun social media prop or even nice decor. ​


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    Best for Plant-Lovers: Yerbamala Designs Macramé Plant Hanger

    Yerbamala Designs Macramé Plant Hanger

    Courtesy of West Elm

    The sway of macramé is gaining ground among designers. Add warmth and texture to any space with a ​Yerbamala Designs macramé plant hanger. They are ideal for those who have a green thumb and an eye for detail. The humble fiber creations are sleeker than their bulky hippie counterparts. The bespoke macramé hangers from West Elm come in a wide variety of contemporary colors to enhance any home décor style.​

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    Best Memories: Wishing Ball by Glass Artist Jill Henrietta Davis

    Wishing Ball

    Courtesy of Uncommon Goods

    Each holiday season as the garlands are hung and the cookies baked there is a feeling that another year has rushed by without taking the time to recognize all that has happened. The Wishing Ball creates a time capsule that holds all the important moments, milestones and missives that may otherwise be missed as the year rushes by. Each blue glass ball is hand-blown and comes with 52 slips of paper to record hopes, wishes and lovely moments that occurred throughout the year. Create a New Year tradition by reading the little notes as a reminder of what was, what was hoped for and what was gained over the last 365 days.