The 8 Best Vacuums You Can Buy at Walmart in 2018

Clean your house in a jiffy with the right fit for you

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Perhaps more than any other household task, cleaning your floors goes a long way toward making your home a happy, liveable space you’ll want to be in. And whether you’re dealing with dusty hardwoods or pet hair-covered carpet, your vacuum cleaner is your best friend. But are you using the best tool for the task at hand?

There’s a surprising amount of variety in the world of vacuums, with upright, handheld and even robotic offerings—and each has its own set of benefits. Even better, many of these types of vacuums are available at Walmart, making it a convenient one-stop shop for your next purchase regardless of what type you’re looking for. Here’s our rundown of the best vacuums you can buy at Walmart right now.


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    Best Upright: BISSELL PowerForce Helix Bagless Upright Vacuum


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    The upright vacuum from BISSEL combines power with maneuverability for an all-around great product that will leave your floors looking spotless. It’s great for surfaces of all types, working to remove even deeply embedded dirt and hair. A high-capacity tank means you’ll spend less time emptying out its contents—and since the filter can be washed, you won’t have to replace it often. At a little over 13 pounds, it’s lightweight enough to clean all around your home​ and includes a brush, extender and crevice tool to clean in those hard-to-reach corners.

    Customers say the BISSELL PowerForce Helix vacuum has surprisingly powerful suction for being on the smaller side. They also note that the canister is well-designed, making it easy to empty out dirt into the trash without accidental spills (a common issue with some bagless vacuums).

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    Best Canister: Eureka Lightweight Mighty Mite Canister Vacuum


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    Canister vacuums are designed differently than their upright cousins, with a cleaning nozzle linked to the vacuum by a hose. Eureka’s Mighty Mite canister vacuum is compact and lightweight at 8.5 pounds but includes a powerful motor that effectively cleans any surface. The benefit of the canister design is that it’s highly versatile, making it easy to clean above the floor than it would be using an upright vacuum. Eureka includes two extension wands, a crevice tool and an upholstery brush with the main vacuum, so it’s a breeze to take its cleaning power wherever you need it.

    Customers say you can’t beat this vacuum for the value, and many use it to clean everything from their furniture to their walls. It’s particularly good on staircases​ since you can carry it from step to step with little effort.

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    Best Robotic: Shark ION ROBOT 700 Vacuum

    Shark Ion

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    Automated vacuums like Shark’s ION are bringing household tasks into the space age. Made by one of the leaders of the upright vacuum world, the ION is a great way to maintain your home without lifting a finger. While heavy-duty tasks are still left to other vacuums, the ION stays on top of hair, dust, and dander as it effortlessly navigates your space, adapting to and avoiding obstacles in its path. A pair of spinning brushes even pull in debris from corners, and a simple remote makes scheduling regular cleanings as simple as pushing a button.​

    The ION’s battery is good for a full hour of cleaning time, and the device will automatically return to its dock to recharge as needed. Customers call it “their new best friend,” saying they were impressed by its ability to navigate challenging spaces beneath furniture and under beds.

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    Best for Allergies: Hoover Total Home Pet Bagless Upright Vacuum


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    If you suffer from allergies, pet hair is basically your kryptonite. And as hard is it can be to stay on top of the buildup, a vacuum designed with your needs in mind is a great way to fight back against fur. Hoover’s Hoover Total Home Pet vacuum includes numerous features that help sweep away pet hair, like a brush roll that you can activate for carpets and turn off for hardwoods. It also comes with various multipurpose pet hair tools to help lift even the most stubborn fur, as well as an odor-absorbing filter to keep pet-related smells to a minimum.

    Customers say they’ve noticed a huge difference in their homes—even buyers with multiple pets say it’s reduced the time they spend cleaning, leaving them free to spend more quality time with Fido (and less time sneezing).

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    Best Handheld: Black & Decker Dustbuster 16V Lithium Hand Vacuum

    Black and Decker

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    Who says you need a huge, closet-filling vacuum to take care of the toughest dirt? Black & Decker’s Dustbuster packs a ton of high-powered suction into a tiny package just over 2.5 pounds. It’s great for cleaning high-up shelves, inside cabinets, in your car—and, well, pretty much anywhere else. The bowl and filter are fully washable and easy to empty, while a simple brush attachment makes it easy to transition to cleaning upholstery.

    Customers say the Dustbuster holds its charge for a long time (it takes about four hours to reach full power), and praise its light weight and versatility. The flip-up brush is also surprisingly multifaceted—some reviewers have found it useful for cleaning baseboards.

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    Best Stick: Dyson V6 Origin Cord-free Vacuum

    Dyson V6

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    Short on storage? Go with a stick vacuum like Dyson’s V6, one of the most powerful, versatile and lightweight vacuums you can buy. With a motor that spins up to 110,000 times a minute, dirt is no match for the V6 (despite its narrow profile). It’s also cordless, letting you easily move around your house as you clean—and since the product’s center of gravity is at the grip, it’s possible to clean high-up without strain. The wand even detaches for handheld cleaning, and a wall-mounted docking station makes it easy to charge.

    The Dyson V6 is definitely on the expensive side, but customers say it’s worth it for a product that amounts to an “engineering and technological feat” that’s sure to take your cleaning game to the next level.

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    Best for Carpet: Eureka Brushroll Clean with SuctionSeal Bagless Upright Vacuum

    Eureka B

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    While there are plenty of great vacuums out there that work perfectly well on multiple types of surfaces, people who live with a lot of carpet space may want to invest in a vacuum that’s specifically designed for the task of carpet-cleaning. Eureka’s Brushroll Clean model is built with carpets in mind, with high-powered suction that concentrates airflow (and unlocks deeply embedded dirt) and easy, tangle-free cleaning with the push of a button. A low-profile nozzle slides easily under furniture for that much-needed deep clean, while a set of plates built into the vacuum move as you’re cleaning to maximize airflow.

    Customers say the Eureka Brushroll Clean sucks up dust and dirt beautifully, with immense power that leaves a clean carpet every time. While it’s on the heavier side at a little over 16 pounds (with a 27’ cord), it’s a fair trade-off for anyone who’s ever wondered what’s being harbored in the depths of their house’s carpet.

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    Best for Hardwood: Bissell Hard Floor Expert Canister Vacuum

    Bissell Hardwood

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    The same principle applies to owners of hardwood floors—a normal vacuum’s great, but you might also want to look into a product that’s made for cleaning hardwoods. Bissell’s Hard Floor Expert Canister Vacuum offers a powerful clean without damaging your floor, with felt treads on the wheels that won’t leave a mark and a switch that lets you control the level of suction. The bristles of the brush are also softer than what you’ll find on other models. And as with other canister-style vacuums, it’s lightweight, maneuverable and cleans up easily—the tank opens from the bottom, reducing the potential for mess.

    Customers say the Bissell’s Hard Floor Expert vacuum is easy to carry around and does a great job of cleaning hardwood floors without marking them up. The telescoping wand also makes it easy to clean upholstery, shelves, and other above-floor areas.