Fall in Love With Instagram's 9 Best Valentine’s Day Charcuterie Boards

Will you accept this bacon rose?

six Valentine's Day charcuterie boards from Instagram

Instagram / @murphybeckerart / Ariel Sheelan / @brittanywboyce@cheeboardqueen / @grazinthroughlife / @DreamBoardsCo

Sometimes, the best way to your S.O’s or family’s heart is through their stomachs. These sweet and savory Valentine’s Day charcuterie boards are just the thing you need to whip together to steal their hearts this year. From heart-shaped waffles to roses made out of salami, these are the nine best Valentine's Day charcuterie boards we found on Instagram that will help your day feel a little more special.

Sealed With a Chocolate 

This seriously takes our love of cheese to the next level. Inspired by classic paper Valentines Rachael from @DreamBoardsCo wanted to create a cheese envelope for a charcuterie Valentine.

Charcuterie Valentine made of cheese, salami, cracker, sage, and chocolate

Instagram / @DreamBoardsCo

How she made it:

“I used a Folios Cheese Wrap and cut it into the four pieces of a traditional paper envelope. Then, I placed classic charcuterie ingredients on top as if they were filling the envelope,” she said. She served it up as a snack for her daughters, but plans on using it in her charcuterie boards. “They could easily be made as a centerpiece of a larger Valentine’s Day Board,” she says. “The ingredients can be completely customized making the flavor combinations endless!”

Will You Accept This Salami Rose?

Salami rose Valentine's Daycharcuterie board

Instagram / @DreamBoardsCo

Brittany of Dreams + Coffee created the most delicious and beautiful charcuterie board for Valentine’s Day. Using a heart-shaped platter as her base, she strategically placed a healthy mix of cheese, sweets, fruits and our favorite—the salami rose. Her secret to creating an aesthetically pleasing charcuterie board for Valentine’s Day is selecting items that fit into the red and pink color scheme. Fruits, like pomegranates and grapes add pretty pops of color to blocks of cheese.  

Hot Cocoa Bomb Board

Amber from @grazinthroughlife gave upgraded the popular hot cocoa bombs for Valentine’s Day. She used conversation hot cocoa bombs that she got from @myconfectionarytales to create a love-themed hot cocoa board. The combination of marshmallows of different shapes and candies that you can eat on the side make us excited to stay in for a romantic night and sip on some hot cocoa. 

For the Love of Waffles 

Waffle Valentine's Day charcuterie board

Instagram / Ariel Sheelan

Valentine’s Day doesn’t always mean romantic dinners. This is the perfect Valentine’s Day breakfast to serve in the morning. Express your love for your kids, S.O. or galentines with heart-shaped waffles. Ariel Sheelan used the Dash Heart Mini Waffle Maker to make the cutest waffles that she served on a board with breakfast meats, fruit, and chocolate chips.

Snack Time

Julie Ambrose from @abundleofbeginnings loves a good grazing board, but doesnt always have the time to make everything look pretty and Instagram ready. Her solution? A muffin tin of snacks. Great for kids, or adults, pull your muffin tin out and fill each cup with a different treat. Not only does this look adorable, if you have picky eaters that don't like their foods to touch, this helps reduce the number of dishes you have to clean up at the end. Fill the cups to the brim with candy and treats and throw on a rom com for the perfect nighttime snack for Valentine’s Day. 

Melt Your Heart

Fondue Valentine's Day charcuterie board

Instagram / @cheeseboardqueen

Emily from @cheeseboardqueen is making our sweet tooth throb with this beautiful fondue board. Melt your chocolate, pile on bites like angel food cake, marshmallows, brownie bites and Oreos and finish it off with fresh treats like heart-shaped strawberries and raspberries. If you love a sweet and salty combo, don't forget to add pretzels or nuts. The key to having smooth and creamy chocolate? SoChatti chocolate packs.

Brunch N Babes

Celebrate Galentine’s Day with the ultimate brunch board for you and your best gal pals. Kick the day off with a delicious brunch, featuring a mimosa bar. We’re obsessed with this brunch board that @Womenwhobrunch created. Grab your favorite champagne and juice, slice up some colorful garnishes and finish off your board with muffins so you’re not indulging on an empty stomach. 

Brie Mine 

We strongly believe that a Valentine’s Day charcuterie board is not complete without a yummy chunk of brie cheese and some baked goods. The key to creating Mary Ellen Becker of @murphybeckerart’s sweet and pretty board? “Just grab anything and everything that looks yummy and pile it on up!” she says. Using store-bought cupcakes, cookies, and chocolates there wasn’t any baking involved to create this treat. 

Dippin’ in Love 

Brownie dip on a charcuterie board? Sign us up! Amber from @grazinthroughlife really nailed it this year and curated the most amazing dessert board for Valentine’s Day. Using Target brand brownie batter hummus and sweet treats to dip with, you can enjoy a healthy and sweet treat with your loved ones. Our favorite part? The heart-shaped Rice Krispies Treats she used cookie cutters to create.