Top 10 Best Valentine's Recipes

Puff Pastry Hearts. Linda Larsen
Valentine's Day is coming near! Celebrate with these favorite recipes of mine, including a wonderful romantic fondue, the best chocolate recipes ever, and a fabulous and creamy salad that can double as dessert. But only if you don't like chocolate! All of these recipes are easy to make, foolproof, and so delicious. Have a wonderful dinner with your sweetie!
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    Puff Pastry Hearts. Linda Larsen
    Start Valentine's Day off right with these perfect little crisp and sweet hearts. They're perfect for breakfast on the run, and also perfect to end a hearty meal starting with scrambled eggs and bacon!
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    Creamy Molded Cranberry Salad. Linda Larsen
    This retro recipe is so delicious and the perfect color for Valentine's Day! It's creamy and crunchy and sour and sweet and suave and just wonderful.
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    Old Fashioned Cooked Fudge. Linda Larsen
    This cooked fudge recipe makes the world's best fudge. And I'm not kidding. I know there are recipes for 'Million Dollar Fudge' out there, but nothing compares to the real thing.
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    Fondue for Valentine's Day. Linda Larsen

    Fondue is, to me, the classic Valentine's Day recipe. Because it's just the two of you, you can pick fabulously expensive dippers, including filet mignon, cooked medium rare and cut into cubes, large shrimp, and even chunks of lobster. Make the full recipe, even though it's more than you need. Then the next day you can make an omelet and serve it with the leftover heated fondue as a cheese sauce. Or use the cheese sauce to make lasagna by just combining the fondue with ricotta cheese...MORE to use as the cheese layer.

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    Best Truffles. Linda Larsen
    I feel that whoever invented the chocolate truffle should be given the Nobel Peace Prize. I mean, come on, just think how much better off the world would be if everybody ate at least one truffle a day!
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    Steak House Steak. Linda Larsen
    If you and your sweetie eat meat, this recipe just can't be beat. If you're feeling rich, splurge on a couple of perfect little beef tenderloin steaks. Cooked this way, they are flavorful and meltingly tender.
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    Creamy Brownies
    Creamy Brownies. Linda Larsen

    Yes, this makes a big pan - all the better for sharing! After you bake it, cut a few of the brownies into heart shapes and save them for your sweetie. Then be a hero and take the rest into work or school and spread the Valentine's love around!

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    Truffled Mac and Cheese
    Truffled Mac and Cheese. Linda Larsen

    Macaroni and cheese is all dressed up with truffle butter, which adds a wonderful depth of flavor and rich, deep aroma to this classic comfort food. Yum.

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    Heart Filled Cake
    Heart Filled Cake. Linda Larsen

    And to celebrate the day with your family, make this super simple and gorgeous heart shaped cake. Choose any of your favorite cake recipes and frost with any frosting!