The 12 Best Vases of 2021

Give your next flower bouquet a beautiful place to be displayed

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Our Top Picks

Best Overall: Aegean Clear Glass Vase at Pottery Barn

"These simple, versatile vases are made in Turkey from hand-blown soda-lime glass and come in three sizes and a variety of shapes."

Best Budget: KARAFF Carafe at Ikea

"With its simple hourglass design, you can use it to serve drinks or as a vase, and they are even dishwasher safe."

Best Bohemian: Gradient Vase at Anthropologie

"A bud vase that makes a statement, the narrow bottleneck on this pick makes it perfect for a few stems or for decorative grass."

Best Farmhouse: Amphora Glass Table Vase at Wayfair

"The twist-of lid has holes to hold your flower stems perfectly in place and adds a charming farmhouse element to your decor."

Best Rustic: Artisan Vase Collection at Pottery Barn

"Their natural earthenware finish will add a much-needed pop of texture to any space, and they look great empty or holding flowers."

Best Contemporary: Taiki Dotted Vase at Anthropologie

"If dried or faux flowers are more your speed, you'll love these eye-catching, polka dotted bud vases."

Best Colorful: Bright Ceramicist Vases at West Elm

"Mix and match these colorful earthenware vases, which come in a range of sizes from 4 to 22 inches and a variety of colors."

Best Handmade: Jehn Ceramics Ceramic Bud Vase at Etsy

"The store owner throws each vase on a potter's wheel, fires, and glazes by hand, resulting in a truly unique vase every time."

Best Personalized: The Alphabet Vase at Uncommon Goods

"Spell out a message, your initials, or a theme with these initial vases, each of which measures about 6x6 inches."

Best Bud Vase: Pooley 2 Vase at Amazon

"This cluster of bud vases makes creating an interesting floral display easier—just add one or two blooms per tube and you're done!"

You never know when you’re going to receive a bouquet of fresh flowers, which is why every household needs to have a few vases tucked away in its cupboards. No matter your style, there are a wide range of vases to choose from today, and some are so pretty that you might want to make them a permanent part of your home decor. We've rounded up some of our favorites for a range of home styles so you can find the one that will fit best with your decor.

Best Overall: Aegean Clear Glass Vase

Aegean Clear Glass Vase

 Courtesy of Pottery Barn

Clear glass vases are incredibly versatile—they can be used to display cut flowers, special bouquets, or other decorative elements—and you can’t go wrong with the Aegean Glass Vase, a simple, quality piece that comes in several shapes and sizes. These vases are made in Turkey from hand-blown soda-lime glass, and you can choose from bud, short, or tall varieties to suit your every need. Plus, the vases are Fair Trade Certified, so they’re a purchase you can feel good about.

Best Budget: KARAFF Carafe


 Courtesy of IKEA

Specialty vases can be quite pricey, but if you just want a vessel to display a few flowers, you’ll be happy with the low price of the KARAFF Carafe. While you could also use it to serve drinks, this clear glass carafe makes the perfect vase, thanks to its simple hourglass design and size—it measures 7.75 inches tall. Because it’s so affordable, you can easily buy several to display throughout your house, and as an added bonus, these carafes are dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.

Best Bohemian: Gradient Vase

Gradient Vase

 Courtesy of Anthropologie

For a vase that will blend in with boho or eclectic decor, consider this glass Gradient Vase. The popular design is 10.5 inches tall and 5 inches in diameter, and the glass has a subtle ombre effect, fading from clear at the top to subtle pink at the bottom. The narrow bottleneck top is big enough for a few stems of flowers, but many reviewers say they use this pretty vase to display faux grasses or other decorative accents.

Best Farmhouse: Amphora Glass Table Vase

Amphora Glass Table Vase

 Courtesy of Wayfair

If you’ve ever struggled to get flowers to sit just right in a vase, you’ll appreciate the farmhouse-style Amphora Table Vase. This unique glass vase comes with an open wire frame with two side handles, as well as a twist-off metal lid that features holes to hold your flower stems perfectly in place. The vase is available in three sizes, and its distressed metal frame and mason jar-inspired pattern will lend a distinctly farmhouse vibe to any tablescape.

Best Rustic: Artisan Vase Collection

Artisan Vase Collection

 Courtesy of Pottery Barn

The Artisan Vase Collection will add much-needed texture to any space, thanks to their natural earthenware finish. These vases come in three styles—Medium, Ribbed, and XL Jug—all of which are hand-crafted and painted to look like timeworn antiques. The styles offer a distinct rustic appearance, and they would make a stunning focal point on a mantel or entry table, regardless of whether they’re empty or holding flowers.

Best Contemporary: Taiki Dotted Vase

Taiki Dotted Vase

 Courtesy of Anthropologie

For a fun, contemporary vase that will be an eye-catching addition in any room, the Taiki Dotted Vase is the perfect option. This polka-dotted vase comes in two sizes—a 4-inch tall bud vase that’s perfect for one or two small stems, or a larger 6-inch vase that can hold a bit more. The handcrafted earthenware vases are white with blue polka dots, and while they’re unbelievably cute, it’s important to note that the vases aren’t watertight, so they’re best for dried or faux flowers.

Best Colorful: Bright Ceramicist Vases

Bright Ceramicist Vases

 Courtesy of West Elm

You can add a pop of color to any room with this amazing collection of Bright Ceramicist Vases. The vases come in all different shapes and sizes, ranging from 4-inch bud vases all the way up to 22-inch tall teardrop vases, and there are a wide range of bright colors to choose from, as well. All the vases are made from 100% earthenware and are watertight, so you can use them for real flowers, and the best part is that they’re surprisingly affordable, starting at less than $10 for small sizes.

Best Handmade: Jehn Ceramics Ceramic Bud Vase

Ceramic Bud Vase

 Courtesy of Etsy

Want to support an individual artist by purchasing a one-of-a-kind vase? This modern Ceramic Bud Vase is hand thrown on a potter’s wheel, then fired and glazed by the artist. The 7.5-inch vase is totally functional and watertight, and it has white glaze on the top portion of the vessel’s exterior, leaving the vase with a textured natural appearance on the bottom half.

Best Personalized: The Alphabet Vase

Alphabet Vase

 Courtesy of Uncommon Goods

You can put your own twist on your next floral arrangement with these cute Alphabet Vases. The white porcelain vases are available in every letter of the alphabet, allowing you to spell out your name, initials, or meaningful words. Each letter is roughly 6 inches tall and 6 inches long, and depending on the particular letter, there may be one or two openings where you can place flowers. These vases would make a beautiful and personal display on a mantel or dining table, and they’re sure to draw comments from your guests!

Best Bud Vase: Pooley 2 Vase

Bud vases are designed to hold singular small flowers, and the Pooley 2 Vase is an adorable way to put several fresh blooms on display. This vase includes eight tiny tubes mounted on a white base, and it comes in a variety of color options, from all-white to warm fall hues. The vases themselves are quite small, measuring just 4.5 inches tall, and the tubes have organic curved forms that provide some variety. The vases are perfect for displaying blooms from your garden or curating a seasonal arrangement.

Best Wall-Mounted: August Grove 2-Piece Clear Wall Vase Set

August Grove 2-Piece Clear Wall Vase Set

 Courtesy of Wayfair

Who said vases have to sit on a table? The August Grove Clear Wall Vase Set is switching things up, as it comes with two sleek cylindrical vases designed to be hung on the wall. The vases themselves are clear glass, and they sit in wall-mounted metal hangers. Each of the vases is 17 inches tall, including the hanger, and because they come in a set of two, you could mount them on either side of a mirror in your entryway or stagger them on your wall for double the space to display freshly picked flowers.

Best Statement Piece: GalaxyGlassStudio Glass Vase

GalaxyGlassStudio Glass Vase

 Courtesy of Etsy

If you want to wow guests as they walk in the door, you need a hand-blown glass vase like this one. This stunning vase is a one-of-a-kind piece that stands around 10 inches tall, and the glass features swirling shades of cranberry, aqua, and white. The opening is around 1.5 inches across—large enough for several flower stems or a bunch of faux grass—and the handcrafted vase would be the perfect statement piece for any room of your house.

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