The 8 Best Wall Calendars of 2022 for Your Home

The Minted Classic Wall Calendar is our top pick

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When placed front and center in your home office, kitchen, or another central room, a wall calendar helps you keep track of important occasions and events.

We spent hours researching wall calendars, evaluating design, ease of installation, and customization options. Our favorite, the Minted Classic Wall Calendar, can be personalized with family photos, birthdays, and more.

Here are the best wall calendars.

Our Top Picks

Minted Classic Year Wall Calendar

Wall Calendar

Courtesy of Minted

This personalized wall calendar is a fun way to display all of your most cherished family photos. (Because of that, it also makes a great gift for other family members, like grandparents). The calendar, available in two different sizes, has a beautiful, clean, and streamlined aesthetic with multiple layout options and three color schemes.

You can start the calendar on any month, so you aren’t beholden to a January start date. (Key for anyone who prefers to track the dates based on the school year.) The calendar comes pre-populated with standard U.S. holidays, but you can easily add in all of your family’s most important dates, like birthdays, anniversaries, and more.

Rifle Paper Co. Wild Garden Wall Calendar

Wild Flower Wall Calendar

Rifle Paper Co.

If you don’t need large blank spaces to keep track of a multitude of holidays and events, you may prefer a more decorative wall calendar that simply helps you keep track of the date. This attractive, oversized option (it measures 17 x 11 inches) by Rifle Paper Co. features warm white pages, each decorated with a wreath of the company’s signature illustrated florals and a bare-bones calendar grid.

Hanging this calendar is a cinch, too. The calendar has a sturdy spiral binding complete with a center notch that makes it easy to put it on full display with a simple hook, nail, or push pin.

Peony Papeterie Simply Bold Wall Calendar

Minimal Wood Wall Calendar

Courtesy of Etsy

This crisp white and wood calendar (choose from walnut or maple finishes) is a streamlined, Scandinavian-inspired option that suits nearly any decor style. It’s not just pretty to look at though—the calendar has large grids that accommodate a wealth of information, like doctor’s appointments, sports practices, meetings, and any other commitments you or your family members may have.

Hanging is easy, too. The handmade wooden hanger is coated in a durable pure linseed oil finish and features a strong lever clipboard clip on the back and a nylon-coated stainless steel wire to hold the double-thick cardstock pages.

Girl Friday Acrylics Acrylic Calendar

Acrylic Wall Calendar

Courtesy of Etsy

For a more permanent solution that’s perfect for a home office or family command center, consider an acrylic wall calendar that you can keep for years and years. The clear acrylic calendar comes in your choice of three sizes (extra small, small, and large) and has high-design details, like polished edges and your choice of silver, gold, or black hardware.

The calendar comes with a wet-erase marker complete with a stainless holder to mount next to the calendar. You’ll love the functionality of it, too—the calendar easily wipes clean, so you can make last-minute changes to your schedule without unsightly and potentially confusing cross-outs.

Urban Outfitters Spectrum Wall Calendar

Spectrum Calendar

Courtesy of Urban Outfitters

When you don’t need a calendar to help you keep track of appointments or to-do lists, a perpetual calendar is a good option for the more simple task of keeping track of the date. The wall calendar is divided into two sections—each of which displays a number from zero to nine. Each day, you simply flip the numbers to reveal the correct date. It’s basic, but it does the job as long as you remember to change the date.

It’s also a more eco-friendly option since you can keep this wall calendar for years and years to come since the date isn’t tied to a specific month. We love how easy this option is to hang, plus the fact that it’s made with vinyl and acrylic, which helps extend its usable life since it’s so easy to wipe down.

Workman Calendars Mom’s Family Wall Calendar

Mom's Family Calendar

Courtesy of Amazon

Made for busy families, each month of this wall calendar helps organize a wide range of activities and commitments for each and every family member. How so? Each month’s page features a planner-like vertical grid with five columns across the top (one for each person in the crew, starting with mom) with the days of the month running down the left-hand side. This layout leaves plenty of space to write in various commitments, so you’ll never lose track of who needs to be where and when.

The calendar also includes a drop-down storage pocket (great for any paperwork, like school permission slips or doctor’s forms), nine fridge magnets, and more than 350 stickers.

Poluma Three-Month Wall Calendar Display

3 Month Wall Calendar

Courtesy of Poluma store

For a broader look at all of your upcoming appointments and commitments, consider a three-month wall calendar. Though you’ll need a bit more vertical hanging space (this one measures 26 inches long), you’ll have the luxury of planning a bit further ahead without having to turn pages.

If you’re worried you won’t be able to tote the calendar with you, don’t: If desired, you can condense the larger month calendar by folding it into an A4 size notebook for carrying anywhere or tear off any passing months. What’s more, the large-format daily blocks feature bold, centered dates for clear and quick reference and highlighted federal holidays, but still leaves plenty of room for your own written notes. 

Workman Calendars Kids Awesome Activity Wall Calendar

Kids Awesome Activity Calendar

Courtesy of Workman Publishing

Teach the kids all about important dates, as well as the importance of time management and scheduling with their own personal wall calendar. This kid-centric version is a great option for above their desk, above their nightstand, or front and center in the kitchen where everyone can access it.

It’s engaging enough to capture kids' limited attention, thanks to seasonal, colorfully illustrated spreads that are chock-full of offbeat prompts, games, activity ideas, and cool crafts. Think: Plant a verdant garden in May and join a monster party in October. The calendar kit also includes over 300 stickers for decorating pages and marking events, plus a drop-down storage pocket. Of course, there’s also plenty of space to include all of their most important engagements, too, like birthdays, project due dates, and more.

What to Look for When Buying a Wall Calendar

Subject Matter

A wall calendar is a small purchase but it’s something you will be glancing at all year long. Be sure you pick a calendar with a subject matter you like looking at or find appealing in some way. A wall calendar can be devoted to a favorite hobby or city, to scenes of nature or a particular artist. Or you can help set the tone for the new year by choosing a wall calendar with inspirational photos, quotes, or a personal theme that resonates with you. 


Wall calendars are a fun accessory that keep you mindful of the passing of time. But they should also have graphics that are easy to read and understand, and a font that is pleasing to your eye. Choose a calendar with numbers that won’t have you squinting and struggling to make out and a layout that is easy to scan. 


Wall calendars come in a variety of formats, from minimalist versions that simply display numbered days and months to those with blank squares for every day of the month that allow you to note upcoming events or keep track of chores. If you keep a calendar on your phone, you  might choose a small decorative wall calendar that’s more about the art and graphics than an organizational device. If you prefer having tactile visible reminders on the wall to keep you and your family on task and remind them of important dates, a larger format calendar with plenty of white space for personalizing. 

  • What is the standard size of a wall calendar?

    Wall calendars come in different sizes and formats. But wall calendars are frequently found in 8×11- and 12×12-inch either rectangular or square formats. As always, choose what works best for you and your space. 

  • How do you hang a calendar on the wall?

    Wall calendars made of lightweight paper often come with a hanging mechanism. Depending on the size of your calendar, you might be able to pin it to the wall with a thumbtack, hammer a small nail into the wall, or use a removable adhesive hook. Larger, heavier wall calendars might require a picture hook or a simple nail in the wall. 

  • When do next year’s calendars come out?

    Like Christmas decorations at the mall, next year’s calendar seems to come out earlier every year. Because calendars of all types are a popular Christmas gift option, manufacturers release next year’s models in plenty of time for the holiday shopping season. While release dates may vary, you can generally be sure that calendars will be available in late summer or early fall, and many popular calendars sell out as the year comes to a close (although you can still find less popular current year calendars once the year has already started). 

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