The 8 Best Wall Ovens to Buy in 2018

Shop for the best streamlined and functional wall ovens on the market

Congrats, you decided to buy a wall oven. Your smart decision will make cooking at home significantly more user-friendly. Because when placed at the proper ergonomic height, a wall oven eliminates the bending and stooping that comes with using a kitchen range for baking and broiling.

Wall ovens are available in three basic options: electric, convection and gas. While the type of energy used to power your kitchen usually determines what to buy, you should know electric wall ovens are the...MORE overwhelming favorite. Why is that, you may be wondering? First off, since they’re not dependent on a set fuel line, they offer more flexibility when it comes to kitchen placement. Also, compared to most gas ovens, electric options have a broader range of cooking features.

If both precision heating and quick cooking is a must in your kitchen, convection ovens are the gold standard. The technology relies on a fan inside the oven to distribute heat evenly, which expedites baking and broiling times. But expect to pay more for accelerated roasting. Convection wall ovens typically cost hundreds of dollars more than standard gas or electric wall ovens. Also, while there are professional options that run on gas, ovens for residential use are electric.

While electric ovens are the most popular, gas wall ovens also come with their own unique benefits. They’re typically more energy efficient than electric models because they heat up faster and cool down quicker. Additionally, many of them have a storage drawer or separate, drop-down broiler that helps you make the most of the oven when cooking.

To help you find the best wall oven for your kitchen and lifestyle here are the best models based on type, performance and price.

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    This 24-inch wide gas oven designed, engineered and assembled in the U.S. is a reliable appliance with touch pad controls for regulating cooking temperatures. It’s available in black, white and stainless steel. If you’re looking for something that meets standards for accessible design, this appliance is certified ADA Complaint.

    Like our best overall pick for electric, the oven is tricked out with features that boost even cooking. Most notable is Dual Radiant Baking and Roasting that relies on a...MORE large hearing coil to serve up superior results. The generous oven window illuminated by halogen lighting keeps what’s cooking visible. Messy home chefs will particularly appreciate the appliance's quick self-clean cycle that cleans things up in two hours. If your kitchen skimps on storage space, the oven comes equipped with a handy storage drawer for cookware.

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    If you're looking for a workhorse that’s easy on the eyes, this 30-inch wide wall oven by GE is a solid choice with an ample 5.0 cubic foot cooking capacity. Its timeless appearance is available in four different colors: black, slate, stainless steel and white.

    While this traditional oven may not cook as quickly as a convection model, it comes with convenient features such as electronic touch controls for precise heating and thermal bake/broil, which promotes even baking and broiling.

    The oven...MORE also has a delay cooking option for heating up food automatically. If you like to peek at what's cooking, you won't have to open the door and release heat thanks to its large view window. Worried about drips and spills? This self-cleaning oven comes with built-in steam cleaning that loosens stuck-on food. 

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    This wall oven and microwave combo by GE blends efficiency and convenience into a single, multifunctional appliance.

    The oven features a Ten-Pass bake element for even baking and an Eight-Pass broil element for even browning.  Hate washing dirty oven racks? The Steam Clean option will take care of the mess.

    The microwave makes heating your favorite foods even easier with a built-in sensor that adjusts cooking times and power levels.

    Are you swapping out an old combo unit? GE's Fit Guarantee...MORE ensures a perfect fit in an existing cut out when replacing a model with the same configuration and width.

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    Bring the convenience of smart home technology into your kitchen with this make and model by GE. The 27-inch wide oven checks all the boxes for hands-free operation from cooking to cleaning thanks to Geneva. It's the voice control assistant for GE's collection of Wi-Fi appliances that works seamlessly with both Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. You can also operate the oven without speaking via an app on your smartphone.

    When it comes to cooking this oven uses advanced true convection...MORE technologies to boost even baking and roasting with the help of an extra heating element.

    Are you replacing an old wall oven that's roughly the same size?  This one comes with extra accessories to guarantee a perfect fit in the existing cutout.

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    If you’re looking for an inexpensive, slim-fitting wall oven with a drop-down broiler, this 24-inch wide model by Summit is ideal for both small budgets and tight spaces. But don’t expect fancy bells and whistles. The wall oven comes with three basic features found on most budget gas ovens: A dial control for cooking temperature, digital clock with timer and removable, two-piece broiler pan with grease well.

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    A standard convection oven costs more than $1,000. But this 24-inch wide model by Empava offers many of the features found in expensive models for a lot less than you think—No kidding. 

    For your cooking convenience, it comes programmed with six different functions: Preheat, roast, convection roast, broil, true convection broil, and of course bake. The sleek, stainless steel appliance comes with an oversized oven window and bright lighting so you can peek at food cooking. Cooking temps can be set...MORE anywhere between 50 degrees Fahrenheit to 450 degrees Fahrenheit.  Like many contemporary ovens, this one comes with a child safety lock.

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    Cook with confidence with this 5.0 cubic foot convection oven by Whirlpool available in black, black ice, stainless steel or white. The appliance comes equipped with a proprietary temperature system called AccuBake. It surrounds food with even heat using a built-in sensor to achieve consistent and delicious results across multiple oven racks.  Plus the appliance's TimeSavor Ultra feature boosts the speed of traditional convection cooking by distributing heat in four directions to reduce...MORE baking and roasting times while sealing in flavors.

    Are you replacing an old wall oven? This one comes with Whirlpool's The Fit System, which includes parts for adjusting height and width so you can replace a similarly sized oven without changing your current layout.

    Another feature to love is the SteamClean option that spot cleans small spills using just heat and 1-1/4 cups of water – no chemical cleaner needed. If you have small children, this oven has control lockout for preventing unintended operation. 

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    Whip up huge family meals with this double wall oven that packs an impressive 10 cubic foot cooking capacity. Just like our pick for the best smart oven, this too can be controlled wirelessly through a smartphone, Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. It also features easy to clean glass touch controls for setting cooking temperatures quickly.

    For even heating the oven offers seven distinct cooking modes for all of your baking, roasting and broiling needs.

    Notification lighting above the top oven door...MORE gives you the status of what’s cooking at a glance. Just as convenient, halogen lights slowly illuminate during the cooking process for a bright view through the oven’s large window. Lastly, if you dread scrubbing, the oven's self-cleaning feature uses steam to loosen messes.

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