The 9 Best Wall Planters of 2022

Turn your greenery into wall art

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Bringing plants into your indoor living space comes with lots of benefits. Caring for houseplants can be a very meditative activity, and they provide a beautiful, living feature to admire (and show off!). Choosing the right planter to show them off can add a touch of your own distinct style to your home. If you're a plant person whose windowsills, shelves, and floors are overflowing with greenery, it might be time to display some of your plants in a new way. With wall planters available in myriad shapes, sizes, and styles, there is something out there for horticulture enthusiasts everywhere.

Here are the best wall planters to showcase your plants and show off your green thumb style.

Our Top Picks
This three-tiered pick is great for hanging plants, succulents, and air plants, and each pot has a drainage hole for waterings.
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Versatile and stylish, these wall planters look great on a gallery wall or filled with succulents and hung in a cozy corner.
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This pick can fit in almost any kitchen and is perfect for keeping basil or other fresh herbs nearby when you need them.
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Make the most of your space and the growing season with this kit that includes room for up to 36 plants at a time.
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Air plants are truly unique, and these lightweight glass globes help you showcase them on a wall in your home.
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Aside from being beautiful, these planters have a water reservoir that you only need to fill it every two weeks.
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Sturdy yet lightweight, this planter can be hung outdoors for a rustic look by a front door or out on a back porch.
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This set of four macramé hangers comes in ivory and brown and adds an element of bohemian design to any space.
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These can be used separately or in different locations to add elements of farmhouse design to your indoor or outdoor spaces.
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Best Overall: Mkono Ceramic Hanging Planter

Mkono Ceramic Hanging Planter

If you have a few smaller plants (like a variety of succulents or some air plants) that would look great together, this three-tiered wall planter is perfect for your space. Each planter is 6.5 x 3.25 x 2.5 inches, making it just small enough to hang over a desk or in an entryway, but still big enough to house a few plants at once.

Each pot has a drainage hole, so you can make sure your plants won't get root rot from staying too damp. Unfortunately, the pots don't easily come off of the rope that they hang from, so you'll need to take the entire planter down to water, then wait for it to stop dripping before you put it back into place.

Just be aware that these planters are not a good fit for plants that are on the larger side or need a lot of room for their roots to grow.

Best Budget: Umbra Trigg Hanging Planter Vase and Geometric Wall Décor

 Umbra Trigg Hanging Planter

When in doubt, go with what always works: sleek ceramic, geometric shapes, and brass details. Stylish enough to proudly display your favorite plantings, but subdued enough to go with you from one design trend to the next, these wall planters look great and work well no matter what. Available in multiple sizes, this small set works well on its own in tighter spaces or pairs perfectly with its big ceramic sibling on more grand wallscapes. 

If big potted plants aren’t your jam, these are great vessels for succulents, air plants, and the ever-propagated pothos. If you’re looking to add interest to your gallery wall, these nestle nicely in among your favorite framed art and photos. All in all, whether you’re a beginner looking to add a couple of small plants or a seasoned green thumb looking for a way to squeeze in more greenery, these simple hanging planters from Umbra will not disappoint. 

Best for the Kitchen: August Grove Cardona 9-Piece Pot Metal Wall Planter

August Grove Cardona 9-Piece Pot Metal Wall Planter

While herb gardens are a great way to get fresh herbs into your cooking, many kitchens don't have counter space for more than one or two plant pots, if any. This wall planter fits in just about any size kitchen—it's only 23.5 x 17.5 inches and comes about 6 inches out from the wall, including the tilted metal pots. Its farmhouse-inspired design is definitely on the more rustic side, but we think it will look great filled with leafy plants.

You'll need to keep your herb plants on the smaller side since each pot only measures about 4.5 inches tall. The pots also have no drainage holes, so you'll need to keep plastic liners in them and be careful to drain your plants well before they go back on the wall.

Best for Seedlings: Worth Garden 3-Pockets White Self-Watering Drip System Wall Planter

Self Watering Planter

If you have a large outdoor garden or like to propagate your houseplants, you may need space to keep your smaller plants safe while they grow. This wall planter is composed of a plethora of pockets ready for planting. Designed to make the most of your space—inside or out, thanks to the durable polypropylene material—each planter kit comes with room to fit up to 36 plants at once.

If keeping all those pots watered sounds a bit too daunting, don’t worry—that’s covered. The well-designed automatic drip system will make it so everything gets what it needs. Water drips on the topmost row and slowly travels down to each succeeding row, ensuring all plants get all the water they want, but never more than they need.

Best for Air Plants: Orimina Hanging Glass Wall Planters

Orimina Hanging Glass Wall Planters

If you aren't interested in messing around with repotting, worrying about root rot, or getting on a fertilizer schedule, you might want to fill your wall space with air plants, which can just be misted with a sprayer from time to time. These lightweight glass orbs are perfect to showcase air plants anywhere indoors. If air plants aren’t your thing, that’s OK too, as these globes are perfect for propagating or presenting hydrophytes in something other than an old Mason jar.

This set comes with six bulbs, which is enough to create an interesting wall display or to sprinkle throughout your home. We love that the hook and nail are tucked neatly behind the plant, giving the illusion that the globes are floating on the walls.

Best Splurge: Gromeo Unplanted Living Wall Panel

Gromeo Unplanted Wall Planter

We can’t quite get enough of this statement-making piece from Gromeo. Crafted with a light birch-finished plywood frame and white polyethylene edging, the simple look of this standalone garden certainly makes a statement. 

If you’re nervous about the anything-but-green thumb you were born with, it has you covered, too. By using an ingenious water reservoir design, you'll only have to water your plants every couple of weeks, depending on your home's humidity levels and the plants you display.

You can get the Unplanted version and fill in the eight pockets with plants of your own choosing, or you can opt for one of the company's pre-planted options, which are marked for high, medium, or low light conditions.

Best for Outdoors: CB2 Concrete Hanging Planter

Concrete Planter

This concrete wall planter is rustic and a little rough around the edges, which will look great out on a patio or a deck in your backyard. Fitting in with just about any outside décor, this planter is sturdy while remaining lightweight, thanks to its concrete and fiberglass makeup. Perfect for those plants that sway in the wind, this planter is priced just right, so you can stock up on a few and really make a statement. 

You'll want to make sure this planter gets enough sunlight since the lack of drainage holes puts plants at risk for overwatering unless they're given plenty of time and sun to dry out between waterings. 

Best Macramé: Mkono Macrame Plant Hangers Set of 4

 Mkono Macrame Plant Hangers Set of 4

No boho-style space is really complete without its true hallmark—macramé. This set of four planters allows for your hanging plants to drape naturally and allows you to choose whatever pots best fit your plants. Available in classic ivory cotton or brown cotton and jute, either set is going to add depth and texture to your home. 

Designed for both indoor and outdoor use, these planters are best suited for areas that aren't particularly windy, since they will sway, which can potentially damage both the pots and your walls.

Best Farmhouse: Williston Forge Addison Succulent 3-Piece Steel Wall Planter Set

Addison Succulent Set

Using galvanized steel and antiqued with faux-rust detailing, these planters are perfect for showcasing succulents and other small plants requiring little water. Also suitable for the outdoors, these are great for indoor planting thanks to the lack of drainage and lightweight design— each one only weighs four pounds.

Whether you style them together outside for a bold, rustic moment, or place them separately throughout the house for a more cohesive theme, one thing remains true: These planters will always look great up against a wall of shiplap.

Final Verdict

Our pick for the best overall hanging planter is the Mkono Ceramic Hanging Planter (available at Amazon), which has three tiers to display succulents, air plants, and more and has a drainage hole to prevent over-watering. If you'd like something for slightly bigger plants, the August Grove Cardona 9-Piece Metal Wall Planter (available at Wayfair) is a great pick that can hold plenty of dill, thyme, basil, and mint for your indoor herb garden.

What to Look For in a Wall Planter

Size and Convenience

Decide where you want to place your wall planter. Will it be on an exterior wall adjacent to a patio or deck, or will it become part of your inside décor? Make sure the planter you choose will fit the space it is intended for and that it's built to weather the elements, if needed. Consider the size of the planter. Is it large enough to hold the plant or plants you want to display?

Some wall planters are designed to make it easier to care for the plants. Planters with reservoirs or self-watering features will cut down on maintenance. Drainage holes allow for a greater choice of greenery, but you might have to take the planter down and place it in the kitchen sink to water your plants.

Ease of Installation

Look for a wall planter that includes instructions or accessories for hanging. This may be something as simple as an attached wire on the back. Heavier pots may require hardware (ideally included with the planter) and tools. If you plan to place your wall planter on brick or stone, you may need special tools for installation.

Versatility and Style

Wall planters come in lots of different sizes, shapes, materials, and colors. Some will showcase several different kinds of plants or come in a set of several pots. Others are designed for a specific purpose, like growing herbs or starting seeds. Choose the planter that best serves your needs. Styles may vary from ultra-modern to farmhouse design and everything in between, which gives you lots of options for personalizing your living space to your individual taste.

  • Do wall planters have drainage holes?

    Some wall planters come with drainage and some do not. Others include drip systems and reservoirs designed to cut down on the need to water often. One advantage to planters that include drainage is that they will accommodate a wider variety of plants. Most plants do not like wet feet, so consider what kind of greenery you want to showcase on your wall when selecting a planter. Plants that bloom, like African violets, will be more successful with drainage holes or a watering reservoir. However, plants such as succulents will thrive with fewer waterings.

  • What kinds of plants can go in a wall planter?

    Succulents, air plants, and commonly grown houseplants like pothos and small ferns all do well in a wall planter. Pothos and certain types of succulents have a draping habit, which will affect where you need to locate the planter. Versatile air plants, which need only an occasional misting, thrive in glass globes and just about any other design. Orchids and other smaller bloomers like begonias and African violets will thrive best in planters that include drainage.

  • How do you attach a wall planter to a brick wall?

    The most secure method for hanging a wall planter on brick is to use a power drill with a carbide drill bit to make a hole in the mortar. The mortar is the substance between the bricks that holds them together. You can then screw in an anchor hook, which should easily hold the weight of your wall hanger. A strong, waterproof tape made especially for rough surfaces, which includes brick, will hold only very lightweight objects.

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