The 8 Best Wallpapers to Buy in 2018

Brighten up your space with this decorator must-have

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Wallpaper is a secret weapon to take any room to the next level. Whether it adds subtle texture in a neutral tone or a wild pattern in bright colors, wallpaper offers a huge range of decorating options. And unlike re-upholstering a chair or buying a rug to add color and pattern, wallpaper is a much more affordable way to incorporate a strong design statement into a room.

With so many options out there, the best wallpaper for you will be the pattern you fall in love with — as long as it’s in the...MORE budget. If you fall in love with a pricier wallpaper, consider using it in a smaller application, like just for an accent wall, in a small room or in a DIY project like lining the back of a bookshelf. If you’re worried that your tastes will change or live in a rental where you’re not able to make permanent changes, consider using adhesive wallpaper rather than traditional pre-pasted wallpaper, which is easier to remove when the time comes. Here are the best wallpaper options for various applications.


  • Brewster Navy Floral Motif Wallpaper

    Best for the Bathroom: Brewster Floral Motif Wallpaper

    It’s not uncommon for the powder room to be a homeowner’s favorite space in their house. Why? Because this small room is the one where people feel most comfortable experimenting with color and pattern. It’s not too big of a commitment cost-wise and a space you use less often, so you’re less likely to lose interest in the design over the time. A bold floral wallpaper is a classic choice in many a bathroom, and you can find floral prints in a range of styles, from a classic chintz to a modern,...MORE abstract flower motif, to suit your style. In a small room, a smaller pattern in generally a better option so that you can see the full design. This updated floral design comes with a navy or white background, to make a powder room feel either cozy or bright.

  • nu-reclaimed-wood-wallpaper

    Best Removable Wallpaper: Nu Reclaimed Wood Plank Natural Wallpaper Roll

    Adhesive wallpaper is a fairly new introduction to the wallpaper world, but in recent years it has become increasingly popular as an option for renters, college students or anyone who likes to frequently change up their style. One of the biggest concerns about wallpaper is the effort to remove it when the time comes, and temporary wallpaper makes it a breeze: You simply peel it off to remove the paper. This can make the decision to experiment with wallpaper a little easier and can be the first...MORE step toward getting comfortable with wallpaper in various rooms of the house. It can also be an easy way to give a space character without a big renovation project: Some of the most popular adhesive papers mimic the look of wood planks — like this wallpaper — or brick, stone or even trendy shiplap planks.

    Learn more, read reviews, and shop for the best removable wallpaper.

  • Best for an Accent Wall: York Wallcoverings Tropics Banana Leaf Wallpaper

    Whether you’re trying to create a focal point in a living room or add drama in a bedroom, covering a single wall with wallpaper will do the trick. If you’re only doing one wall, choose a bolder design than you might normally go for, with high-contrast colors, a larger-scale pattern or a bit of shimmer or texture incorporated into the wallpaper. While just about any pattern that you love will work as a statement wall, a tropical leaf print is a classic design that has had a recent resurgence in...MORE popularity. This version comes in five colorways to suit your space. Pro tip: Paint the adjoining walls in the same hue as the wallpaper’s base color for a seamless look.

  • magnolia-home-wallpaper

    Best Traditional: Magnolia Home by Joanna Gaines Common Thread Wallpaper

    While geometric and modern prints are fun and bold sometimes you want something a little more traditional that will look good in your home 10 plus years from now. Joanna Gaines from Fixer Upper has a beautiful collection at Home Depot that speaks to her farmhouse aesthetic. 

    The buffalo print pattern on this wallpaper is subtle but still gives the room some warmth. Try this in the living room to make it cozier, your dining room to be more inviting to guests or even in your kitchen to give it some...MORE color. Wherever you use it, you'll know you've got the Magnolia Hoem signature style we've all come to love over the years. 

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  • bay-isle-home-wallpaper

    Best Textured Wallpaper: Bay Isle Home Revere 24' x 36" Fine Seagrass Wallpaper

    Not all wallpaper needs to have a bold color or pattern — in fact, a favorite wallpaper among designers is grasscloth, a woven material that comes in neutral colors and adds texture for a high-end look. This wallpaper can be used everywhere in the house — in the bathroom to give a small space some dimension or the living room to go one step further than paint but isn't so distracting as a bold printed wallpaper. 

    What makes seagrass or grasscloth wallpaper even better is that it doesn't...MORE need to be matched up panel to panel so it is a little easier to hang. 

  • Wallshoppe Modern Geo Y Print Removable Wallpaper

    Best Geometric Print: Wallshoppe Modern Geo Y Print Removable Wallpaper

    While many wallpapers find their roots in nature, a modern take on wallpaper is to look for one in a geometric print. This can be anything from a retro-inspired ogee pattern to checks, squares, stripes, triangles and more. The key: The pattern is structured and symmetrical, a neat-and-tidy contrast to a room with curvy furniture or natural materials throughout. This fun take on a geometric print comes in eleven colors, from bold jewel tones to pale neutrals, to suit just about any space. And...MORE it’s printed on adhesive wallpaper, so you can easily remove it the next time you want to update your space.

  • Best Rustic: HaokHome Modern Birch Tree Wallpaper

    The best wallpaper for most people is timeless, versatile and will work with a variety of interiors. Nature motifs are always popular, but some colorful floral options can feel too feminine or just too bold for many people. That’s why this tree pattern is a universal favorite.

    The appeal is clear: The black-and-white design can work as a neutral, and the birch tree pattern is not so far off from a stripe to appeal to folks who are a little nervous about wallpaper. Plus, it’s neither feminine nor...MORE masculine — just cool! This wallpaper can work with just about any color or style of furnishings, from modern neutrals to traditional jewel tones.

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