Top 7 Warm Paint Colors From Behr

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Light colors are generally the best option for a small space, but you don't have to settle for white walls. Any color can be used in a small room, as long as you get the right shade. Dark colors can be used in small spaces, but this is a very specific look that is only undertaken when you accept that this dark color will make the room look smaller. That dark color-small room approach works as a bold style statement. 

For most small spaces, colors should be light and bright to capture as much available light as possible. Adequate lighting is essential in a small room to illuminate dark corners. Clever use of lighting can make a room appear much larger and more open. Using white trim and several unifying design elements can help to open up a room. 

Here are our picks for the best warm paint colors from Behr to make your space feel more comfortable.

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    Behr Mocha Foam T17-15

    A kitchen with warm color Behr Mocha Foam T17-15 paint


    Behr's Mocha Foam is a true taupe color. True taupes are hard to find, as many have an annoying habit of looking pink or green when they are painted on the wall. Mocha Foam has the perfect balance of undertone, making it a wonderful and versatile warm paint color

    Try Mocha Foam in a palette with muted blues and creamy whites for a beachy look. You can pair a warm taupe with warm or cool colors. Be sure to sample any color you're considering, to be sure it's right for your space. 

    Behr Mocha Foam T17-15 from Behr

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    Behr Pale Coral PPU3-07

    Behr Pale Coral PPU3-07 on display


    Love coral but not ready for a super bright color? Behr's dreamy Pale Coral can give you the warmth of coral, with the sensibility of a neutral. Use Pale Coral in a bedroom for a relaxing look, or in a sun-soaked eating space for an alternative to yellow. 

    Behr Pale Coral PPU3-07 from Behr

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    Behr Carriage Red BXC-27

    Behr Carriage Red BXC-27 on display


    Red is not the easiest color to choose. So often the red we fall in love with suddenly shows a blue or violet undertone, and not the warmth we usually associate with red. Behr's Carriage Red is warm to the point of almost being rusty, which makes it the perfect warm red for front doors and accent walls. This color would be amazing with a rich stone fireplace or tile flooring.

    Behr Carriage Red BXC-27 from Behr

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    Behr Cathedral Gray PPU18-14

    Behr Cathedral Gray PPU18-14 on display


    Can gray be a warm color? Yes, it can! Warm gray is referred to as greige because it marries the best of both worlds. The neutral coolness of gray is warmed by a brown undertone. Behr's Cathedral Gray is a bit more gray than many classic greiges, but it has just the right amount of warmth to pair beautifully with other warm colors.

    Behr Cathedral Gray PPU18-14 from Behr

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    Behr Light Granite N340-1

    Behr Light Granite N340-1 on display


    Behr's Light Granite is a pale neutral that has just enough color to warm a cool space. The airy quality of this color is wonderful for a small room, where light is needed without being able to handle a bright color.

    Behr Light Granite N340-1 from Behr

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    Behr Charismatic PPU6-14

    Behr Charismatic PPU6-14 on display


    Behr's Charismatic is a regal gold that has a true color presence. This is not a shrinking violet; it's a confident gold. The warmth of Charismatic makes it a perfect companion for dark wood (the heavier, the better,) and pairs well with other weighty colors like navy blue or burgundy.

    Behr Charismatic PPU6-14 from Behr

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    Behr Espresso Beans PPU5-01

    Behr Espresso Beans PPU5-01 on display


    No list of the best warm paint colors is complete without a rich chocolate brown. Behr's Espresso Beans is a true chocolate brown, that pairs beautifully with aqua, pale blue, and even mint green. Crisp white accents and trim create a classic look with this strong color.

    Behr Espresso Beans PPU5-01 from Behr

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