These 10 Warm Paint Colors From Behr Add Comfort to Your Home

Many warm tones are inviting and lean close to neutral

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Picking a room color comes with many considerations, setting a mood, matching your aesthetic, and even working well with the size of your room. Light colors are generally the best option for a small space, reflecting available light and adding a sense of spaciousness. Using white trim and several unifying design elements can also help open up a room.

The color temperature of a room—warm versus cool—depends on the hue you pick. Most warm colors are earthy tones like rust, orange, yellow, even forest green. These colors are comfortable, inviting, and effortless. Cool tones include blue, lavender, minty green, and blue-gray. These rooms are soothing, fresh, and best for bedtime. Neutrals skirt the line of warm and cool and can work with almost any color on the spectrum.

  • Color Family: Red, orange, yellow
  • Complementary Colors: Green, blue, purple
  • Pairs Well With: Other earth tones, neutrals
  • Mood: Comforting, energetic, passionate
  • Where to Use: Exteriors and most rooms, particularly kitchens, dens, living rooms, family rooms, bedrooms

Here are the best warm paint ideas from Behr to add warmth and make your space feel more comfortable.

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    Mocha Foam

    Mocha Foam paint swatch from Behir

    The Spruce

    Behr's Mocha Foam is a true taupe color. True taupes are hard to find. Many taupes have an annoying habit of having strong pink or green undertones when painted on the wall. Mocha Foam has a perfect balance, feeling like a versatile warm paint color that looks great. Try Mocha Foam with muted blues and creamy whites for a beachy look. You can pair a warm taupe with warm or cool colors.

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    Pale Coral

    Pale Coral paint swatch from Behr

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    Love coral but not ready for a super bright color? Behr's dreamy Pale Coral can give you the warmth of coral, with the sensibility of a neutral. Use Pale Coral in a bedroom for a relaxing look or a sun-soaked eating space for an alternative to yellow. You can pair many colors with it like teal, beige, brown. All wood stains and white trim works well with this tone.

    If you're going to paint the room yourself, do not forget the dropcloth or painter's tarp. If you can't remove everything from the room, put it in the center of the room and cover it and your floor, protecting it from paint drips.

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    Carriage Red

    Carriage Red paint swatch from Behr

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    Red is not the easiest color to choose. So often, the red we fall in love with suddenly shows a blue or violet undertone, which is not the warmth we want with red walls. Behr's Carriage Red is warm to the point of being rusty, making it the perfect warm red for a front door or accent walls. This color will shine with a rich stone fireplace, brick walls, or tile flooring.

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    Cathedral Gray

    Cathedral Gray paint swatch from Behr

    The Spruce

    Can it be? Is gray a warm color? Warm gray, otherwise known as greige, is a marriage between gray with brownish-beige tones. A brown undertone warms the coolness of the gray. Behr's Cathedral Gray is a bit more gray than many classic greiges, but it doesn't have the blue undertone that skews the color to cool. This hue has just the right amount of warmth to pair beautifully with other warm colors.

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    Light Granite

    Light Granite paint swatch from Behr

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    Behr's Light Granite is a pale neutral that has just enough color to warm a cool space. This color's airy quality is lovely for a small room, where it may need light without being a bright color. It's like a blank canvas; this color can make rich, earth tones or cool, refreshing hues pop in the room.

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    Charismatic paint swatch from Behr

    The Spruce

    Behr's Charismatic is a regal gold that has a true color presence. No shrinking violet, this paint is a confident gold. The warmth of Charismatic makes it a perfect companion for dark wood (the heavier, the better). It pairs well with other weighty colors like navy blue or burgundy. This color can also work well as an accent wall. It's enough to make a statement without overwhelming a space already laden in warm tones.

    An essential step that most painting DIYers skip is washing the walls before painting. Any dust left on the walls will impede the paint from adhering well; in kitchens, use trisodium phosphate to remove grease residue before painting.

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    Espresso Beans

    Espresso Beans paint swatch from Behr

    The Spruce

    No list of the best warm paint colors is complete without a rich chocolate brown. Behr's Espresso Beans is a true chocolate brown that pairs beautifully with aqua, pale blue, and even mint green. Crisp white accents and trim create a classic look with this strong color. A rich brown like this works best in the bedroom, although some well-lit living rooms can stand up against this deep tone.

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    Cider Spice

    Cider Spice paint swatch from Behr

    The Spruce

    Behr's Cider Spice is an earthy clay-toned hue that works well in living rooms, family rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms—it's so approachable that if a paint hue could be your friend, this is the one you'd pick. This caramel brown tone works well with whites, creams, wood tones, grays, and greige. Greenery and warm metal accents play well with this paint color on your walls.

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    Ginger Tea

    Ginger Tea paint swatch from Behr

    The Spruce

    Behr's Ginger Tea pairs well with olive green, sage green, and khaki, creating a muted jungle camouflage palette perfect for a study, bedroom, or living room. This warm, inviting color scheme makes you want to sink into a brown leather cushy armchair, toss your feet up on an ottoman, and tuck in for an hour-long nap.

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    Olive Shade

    Olive Shade paint swatch from Behr

    The Spruce

    When developing a warm color palette for a room, you shouldn't overlook greens. A warm color scheme means earth tones, and that should always include a subtle effortless green like Behr's Olive Shade. Finding an easy green means steering clear of hues that are too yellow or lime-colored. If the green is too bright or overpowering, the color can read as tacky or sickly. This elegant olive shade is a velvety khaki with red undertones that gives this hue its depth of character.