10 Best Warm Paint Colors From Sherwin-Williams

Warm colors go especially well with traditional decor

Sherwin-Williams Paint Stripe Ideas
Best Warm Paint Colors from Sherwin-Williams ©Sherwin-Williams

Warm paint colors are more than just beige or taupe. They also can include beautiful shades of rust, red, brown, gold, and more. Light warm paint colors are ideal for open and airy living spaces while darker warm colors can work for accent walls, formal dining rooms, cozy dens, and bedrooms. They also can look great on furniture and cabinetry. Warm colors can help a large space feel more intimate. And some of the more bold warm colors, such as a deep red, can add energy and personality to a space. Overall, the colors will evoke a homey and comfortable feel that can lean either formal or casual depending on your decor. They tend to go very well with traditional decor choices.

  • Color Family: Reds, oranges, yellows
  • Complementary Colors: Greens, blues, purples
  • Pairs Well With: Warm neutrals, white, black
  • Mood: Cozy, inviting, happy, comforting, rich
  • Where to Use: Living areas, bedrooms, accent walls, exterior paint, exterior doors, cabinetry

Here are some of the best warm paint colors from Sherwin-Williams. 

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    Copper Pot

    Copper Pot paint swatch from Sherwin Williams

    The Spruce

    It can be difficult to find the right copper paint, as the color can sometimes look too harsh with an unexpected gold that appears once it dries. (That's why it's always recommended to test a sample of your paint before buying it for an entire project.) Sherwin-Williams Copper Pot is a balanced copper that avoids the gold undertone that plagues so many copper and rust colors. This copper paint is perfect for accent walls and specialty treatments, such as stripes and stencils. 


    Certain warm paint colors, such as a bold red or bright orange, can be very energizing. Thus, they don’t make ideal colors for bedrooms where you want a relaxing retreat. Stick to the more muted tones for sleeping spaces.

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    Quiver Tan

    Quiver Tan paint swatch from Sherwin Williams

    The Spruce

    Sherwin-Williams Quiver Tan is a unique neutral paint color that leans more bronze than tan. This dark neutral is ideal as an exterior color or for an accent wall in a living space or bedroom. A cabin-style home with tall ceilings and large windows would be a stylish choice for this strong color. Quiver Tan is best in rooms with ample light and space, as it can overwhelm a small room without good lighting.

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    Kilim Beige

    Kilim Beige paint swatch from Sherwin Williams

    The Spruce

    Kilim Beige has a knack for staying true to its own color, regardless of the nearby colors. You won't find that it leans too red or too yellow depending on the room's lighting and decor. It's a true middle-of-the-road beige. This is a great choice for a room with some color aspect that is difficult to coordinate with, such as wood flooring with bold brown tones. It also looks nice as an exterior paint color, especially with complementary lush green foliage.

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    Homestead Brown

    Homestead Brown paint swatch from Sherwin Williams

    The Spruce

    If you're looking for a dark brown with depth, Sherwin-Williams Homestead Brown might be the right color for you. This is a deep brown with a hint of gray, but it doesn't feel too dark or heavy thanks to its warmth and complexity. Pair it with white or off-white trim to make the details of a space really pop. It can provide lovely contrast in living spaces, bedrooms, and even on the exterior as long as the rest of the details are kept light and bright.


    When using warm paint colors, you don’t have to design the entire space with a warm color palette. Choosing accents with complementary cool colors, such as artwork with blues and greens against a warm brown wall, can help the space to feel balanced. 

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    Rustic Red

    Rustic Red paint swatch from Sherwin Williams

    The Spruce

    Choosing a warm red paint color can be tricky. You will want to watch out for cool blue undertones, which can throw off your color scheme and make the red look too maroon or purple. And you have to stay away from reds with too much yellow in them, which can give an unwelcome orange tint. Sherwin-Williams Rustic Red is a true warm, deep red, but it still has enough brightness to keep it exciting. This is a wonderful color for a front door on any style of home.

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    Travertine paint swatch from Sherwin Williams

    The Spruce

    Sherwin-Williams Travertine is a warm neutral beige with just a hint of peach. If you're looking for a neutral without a gray undertone, Travertine might be a great option for you. It's a beautiful and serene color for living spaces, bathrooms, and bedrooms. It offers the warm glow of candlelight without being too yellow.

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    Macadamia paint swatch from Sherwin Williams

    The Spruce

    Macadamia by Sherwin-Williams is a popular tan paint color. This energetic neutral paint is a favorite for exterior color schemes and traditional decorating styles. Macadamia looks classic paired with black accents and creamy white trim. And because the tan and gray tones in it can pick up the colors in many varieties of natural stone tile, it works well in kitchens and bathrooms.

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    Curry paint swatch from Sherwin Williams

    The Spruce

    Curry is definitely a bold choice. It would be the star of your space rather than a neutral canvas that fades into the background. It’s great to make a statement in living spaces, as well as for use as a front door color. To keep things from getting too busy, pair it with white trim and doors.

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    Roycroft Adobe

    Roycroft Adobe paint swatch from Sherwin Williams

    The Spruce

    Roycroft Adobe by Sherwin-Williams is a beautiful reddish brown that’s reminiscent of the organic building material. It’s a bold color choice, but rather than feeling too exhilarating it evokes a cozy and comfortable vibe. It’s perfect for a den or bedroom and would look wonderful paired with rich wood tones.

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    Whole Wheat

    Whole Wheat paint swatch from Sherwin Williams

    The Spruce

    Sherwin-Williams Whole Wheat is a warm neutral paint color that’s not too red and not too yellow. It’s a medium tone that can work in both large and small spaces, giving them a sunny glow. And it’s rich enough for use as an exterior color, especially when offset by bright white trim.