The 10 Best Washer & Dryer Sets of 2021

The best washer and dryer combos on the market

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Best Washer and Dryer Sets

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Sized right for most families, you can wash and dry up to 20 pounds of laundry in a single load with this popular pair.
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Best Overall, Top Loading:
Samsung WA54R7200AV & DVE54R7200V at Lowe's
Fill up this top loading washer and dryer pair with even your dirtiest laundry—since a built-in faucet and deep fill cycle deliver a thorough clean.
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Impressive capacity (4.5 cubic feet for the washer), unique design, and short cycles make this model a practical and stylish pick.
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Advanced clothing care, smart features, and sleek looks make this top loading washer and dryer worth the big bucks.
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The washer automatically transfers its settings to the dryer, so your towels come out fluffy and your delicates don’t get toasted.
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This EnergyStar set uses less power but still delivers a thorough clean, with the option of steam in both washer and dryer cycles.
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Available only in classic white, this laundry pair is reliable and affordable but forgoes fancy features.
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Because the dryer doesn't require any external venting, you can place this set in a multitude of tight spots.
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With powerful stain fighting, efficient drying, and a depth of just 31 inches, this set does everything you need in less space.
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Features like a PowerWash cycle and deep rinse option give this washer the upper hand on dirt.
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Upgrade your laundry room by shopping for a new washer and dryer set, which is the smartest—and often the most affordable way—to purchase these appliances. Buying a matching washer and dryer is about more than just aesthetics, though, since both machines will have capacity and functions that pair together to make laundry day more efficient. You can also catch a break in pricing by purchasing a washer and dryer bundle from major retailers. 

Whether you're shopping for the newest innovations in washer and dryer sets or a budget pair to get clothes clean, you can find great options in top loading and front loading configurations. For those with small spaces, a compact or stackable washer and dryer is a good bet, while large families will most likely need a large capacity duo. 

When choosing the right pair of laundry machines, you'll want to look for a washer dryer set that has enough capacity for your average load sizes. In addition, consider the type of agitator and drum material of the washer since these factors have a bearing on the cleaning quality and the longevity of your clothes. Most washers are available with either an electric or gas dryer.

Here, the best washer and dryer sets to make laundry day easier. 

Best Overall, Front Loading: LG Electronics WM4000HWA & DLEX4000W

LG WM4000HWA & DLEX4000W

Washer Mechanism: Drum | Washer Capacity: 4.5 cubic feet | Washer Cycles: 12 | Dryer Fuel: Gas or electric | Dryer Capacity: 7.4 cubic feet | Dryer Cycles: 12

What We Like
  • Speed wash setting available

  • Use Smart Pairing to auto-select dryer cycle based on washer settings

  • Stainless steel washer drum

What We Don't Like
  • May be noisy during high spin cycles

  • Sensor dry sometimes leaves clothes damp

The best front loading washer and dryer set should offer efficient cleaning and drying, plenty of cycle options to meet your laundry needs, and enough capacity to handle large or bulky loads. The LG WM4000HWA and its matching electric dryer check all the boxes and offer user-friendly features, including WiFi for remote monitoring of your laundry cycle. 

Peek inside the 4.5 cubic foot drum of this front-loading washer and you’ll see that there is plenty of space for washing your family’s clothes or for tackling a week’s worth of towels. Load capacity for this front-loading washer is up to 20 pounds, which equates to about 12 large bath towels or 22 sweatshirts. LG’s TurboWash™ 360° Technology uses five water jets to make sure that even large loads are thoroughly saturated for faster cleaning in less time, while 12 cycle options give you the right settings for every type of fabric.

This laundry pair is made complete with LG’s DLEX4000W dryer, which has 7.4 cubic feet of drum space to match the capacity of its washing partner. If you enable Smart Pairing™ in LG’s ThinQ® app, the washer can share cycle information with the dryer—activating the right drying settings for your last load of wash. And to get you by in between laundry days, the dryer is equipped with a steam function to refresh lightly worn clothes or release wrinkles in between washes.

What Testers Say

LG Front Load Washer: "Most of the cycles are pretty fast, even for large loads, but I love Speed Wash for lightly soiled loads; it only takes 15 minutes. The Speed Wash cycle is a lifesaver when I need to get through a giant mountain of laundry."

LG Ultra Large Capacity Electric Dryer: "After running a wash cycle in the matching LG washing machine, I turned on my new dryer and loaded the damp clothing...The dryer suggested an appropriate drying setting based on the wash I just did. It’s a huge time saver and makes me feel like I’m living in the future."

Deanna McCormack, Product Tester

Best Overall, Top Loading: Samsung WA54R7200AV & DVE54R7200V

Samsung WA54R7200AV & DVE54R7200V

Washer Mechanism: Impeller | Washer Capacity: 5.4 cubic feet | Washer Cycles: 10 | Dryer Fuel: Gas or electric | Dryer Capacity: 7.4 cubic feet | Dryer Cycles: 10

What We Like
  • Washer has built-in faucet for treating stains

  • Washer lid is equipped with a soft-closing lid

  • Dryer vent sensor alerts you to blockages

What We Don't Like
  • Bottom of washer drum is hard to reach

For a top of the line top loading washer and dryer set, check out the full-featured Samsung WA7200. Equipped with the features you need to make washing and drying your clothes as easy as possible, this top-loading washer and dryer set is sleek and smart. It’s also tough on stains, with an Active WaterJet built into the washer to give you a helping hand on pre-treating stains. 

The 5.4 cubic foot top loading washer features a deep fill option to make sure that even bulky loads are thoroughly saturated, but its high-efficiency impeller plate design means increased water savings on light to average laundry loads. Peer into the stylish glass lid to check on the cycle—or better yet, receive cycle updates on your smartphone from this WiFi-enabled laundry pair. 

The matching Samsung Dryer DV7200 offers 7.4 cubic feet of drum space and utilizes Sensor Dry to optimize the time and temperature of drying cycles. This translates to more efficient energy usage and also protects your clothes from excessive heat. 

What Testers Say

Samsung Top Load Washer: "The Samsung 5.4 Top Load Washer has a whopping 10 cycles...I tried [them] all, favoring normal for most washes. I also liked heavy-duty for my kids’ dirt- and grass-stained clothes and the bedding setting for my periodic comforter washes.

Samsung Electric Dryer: "A few dress shirts were too wrinkled to wear after a couple of days sitting at the bottom of the clean laundry pile. Instead of spending a lot of time ironing, I used the wrinkle away cycle. It uses steam to get rid of wrinkles, so I ran the shirts through the cycle for 20 minutes. They came out wrinkle-free."

Katie Begley, Product Tester

Best Laundry Center: LG WKEX200HWA WashTower Laundry Center


Washer Mechanism: Drum | Washer Capacity: 4.5 cubic feet | Washer Cycles: 10 | Dryer Fuel: Gas or electric | Dryer Capacity: 7.4 cubic feet | Dryer Cycles: 9

What We Like
  • Accessible control panel

  • Impressive capacity for a laundry center

What We Don't Like
  • WiFi set-up can be challenging

  • Dryer lacks an 'Air Only' setting

Popular in apartments and condos, a laundry center is a vertically stacked washer and dryer that functions as a single unit. Unlike stackable washer dryer sets where the washer and dryer are two separate appliances and can also be positioned side-by-side, a laundry center is a single appliance. 

While laundry centers are usually quite basic in form and function, LG’s WashTower is a game-changer and a head-turner. This sleek-looking tower features a front loading washer and dryer, a departure from the familiar top-loading washer usually seen in laundry centers. Load capacity is improved, too. The washer features 4.5 cubic feet of drum space, which is on par with many standalone washing machines. The dryer keeps up with 7.4 cubic feet of room. In both appliances, you’ll have plenty of cycles and options to choose from, but you can also let AI sensors do the work for you—this technology automatically detects fabric texture and load size to select the right cycle. 

One of the more innovative design features of the LG WashTower is the central control panel. While some laundry centers or stackable washer and dryer sets have hard-to-reach controls for the dryer, LG put the panel for both the washer and dryer in the center of the tower, about the height of your average countertop, so options are easy to see and controls are simple to use. 

Best Splurge: LG Electronics WT7305CV & DLE7300V

LG WT7305CV & DLE7300V

Washer Mechanism: Agitator | Washer Capacity: 4.8 cubic feet | Washer Cycles: 8 | Dryer Fuel: Gas or electric | Dryer Capacity: 7.3 cubic feet | Dryer Cycles: 9

What We Like
  • Dryer door opens to the side or pulls down flat

  • WiFi-enabled for instant updates on washer and dryer cycle status

  • Washer includes a deep fill setting for bulky or large loads

What We Don't Like
  • Locking lid means you can't manually add softener or additional detergent

  • Some washer cycles include pre-set options that can't be customized

For a full-featured top loading washer and dryer set, consider this powerful pair from LG. Combining some of the newest innovations in laundry care, this sleek and smart washer and dryer duo defy the norms of conventional top-loading washers and dryers. While the price tag for this pair is steep, the cleaning capabilities are impressive. 

The LG WT7305CV top-loading washer has a supersized capacity of 4.8 cubic feet and offers eight different wash programs with more than a dozen options to customize your wash cycle. A stainless steel tub means no opportunities for snags on your shirts or sweaters. LG has also engineered this washer with an advanced agitator that provides four-way motion for clothes to ensure a more thorough cleaning. 

Completing this splurge washer and dryer set is LG’s dryer, which is available in both gas (DLG7301VE) and electric (DLE7300VE) models. A unique feature of this model is the EasyLoad door, which opens in two different ways to match the configuration of your laundry room; open the door down or to the side to access the interior of the 7.3 cubic foot drum. Both machines are WiFi-enabled and users can monitor laundry cycles and troubleshoot any pop-up problems using LG’s ThinQ app. 

Best Smart: GE GFW850SPNDG Front Load Washing Machine & GFD85ESPNDG Electric Vented Dryer


Washer Mechanism: Drum | Washer Capacity: 5.0 cubic feet | Washer Cycles: 12 | Dryer Fuel: Gas or electric | Dryer Capacity: 7.8 cubic feet | Dryer Cycles: 12

What We Like
  • Quiet operation

  • Washer will wash and dry a small load

  • Built-in air vents to prevent moisture buildup

What We Don't Like
  • Dryer lint trap doesn't always capture all lint

  • Expensive

The best smart washer and dryer set should work seamlessly with top smart home applications while offering the latest features and options. The GE GFW850SPNRS Ultra Fresh Washer and matching dryer are leading the way in laundry innovation with their combination of smart capabilities and advanced features. 

For instance, this 5.0 cubic foot front-loading washer is capable of washing and drying small loads on the spot—with no need to transfer to the dryer. With UltraFresh technology, the door of this washer is vented as a defense against musty odors, and gaskets and seals work to prevent the growth of mold and mildew. When transferring normal-sized loads to the dryer, the matching GE GFD85ESPNRS gas or electric dryer steps up with 7.8 cubic feet of space and Washer Link technology that enables it to mirror settings from the washer for a just-right drying cycle. 

Built-in WiFi means that this smart washer dryer set works with smart home services like Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and IFTTT technology. You can also use GE’s SmartHQ app to remotely start, stop, or check in on washer and dryer cycles. Keep an eye on your laundry without stepping foot in the laundry room, thanks to the latest in smart home appliances. 

Best Energy Efficient: Electrolux EFLS627UTT & EFMG627UTT


Washer Mechanism: Drum | Washer Capacity: 4.4 cubic feet | Washer Cycles: 9

Dryer Fuel: Gas or electric | Dryer Capacity: 8.0 cubic feet | Dryer Cycles: 9

What We Like
  • Dispenser drawer includes slot for detergent packs

  • Option for 15-minute washer and dryer cycles

  • Dryer estimates cycle time within 90 seconds

What We Don't Like
  • Clothes sometimes get stuck on lint trap

  • Control panel buttons can be sensitive and hard to read

Maximize energy efficiency without sacrificing cleaning power with this washer and dryer duo from Electrolux. This powerful yet energy-efficient washer and dryer set will maximize your water savings while minimizing energy usage. The Electrolux EFLS627UTT front-loading washer has earned EnergyStar’s ‘Most Efficient’ rating, and it also carries a CEE Tier III rating; pair it with the Electrolux EFMG627UTT gas dryer for maximum energy efficiency. 

This washer is estimated to use just 85 kWh of energy (about $10) per year, while many other models are estimated at double or triple this usage. Aside from outstanding energy savings, Electrolux has designed this washer with other practical features. Cycle selections include a 15-minute fast wash, ultra-gentle hand wash, or sanitizing option to remove up to 99 percent of bacteria and 95 percent of common household allergens. Steam rises from the bottom of the drum in this washer to help lift stains from the fibers of your clothes, towels, and more. Finally, Electrolux has delivered a better way to use popular laundry pods in a front load washer with this model’s adaptive detergent dispenser. 

Electrolux’s matching dryer, model EFMG627UTT, is no slouch in terms of efficiency or power, either. It features an automatic drying sensor to ensure that cycles end when your clothes are dry. Plus, it matches up to the specialty cycles offered by the washer by giving you an option for a 15-minute fast dry or a steam cycle to quickly release wrinkles and freshen clothes. Stack this washer and dryer pair to save space while you save energy, or place them side-by-side for easy access. Regardless of what you choose, this full-featured but energy-efficient washer and dryer pair will make your laundry life a little easier. 

Best Budget: Amana NTW4516FW & NED4655EW

Amana Side by Side

Washer Mechanism: Impeller | Washer Capacity: 3.5 cubic feet | Washer Cycles: 8 | Dryer Fuel: Gas or electric | Dryer Capacity: 6.5 cubic feet | Dryer Cycles: 11

What We Like
  • HE washer requires very little detergent

  • Dual-action agitator for thorough cleaning action

What We Don't Like
  • No fabric softener dispenser

  • No end-of-cycle indicator on dryer

Spend less and launder more with this budget washer and dryer set from Amana. While the top-loading washer and matching dryer are simple by design and won’t win any awards for capacity or features, they offer excellent cleaning and drying performance for average household laundry needs. 

The Amana NTW4516FW has 3.5 cubic feet of space in the porcelain wash basket, which is smooth enough to prevent snags but could become chipped over time. A dual-action agitator pole ensures a more thorough movement of clothes during each cycle. You’ll get straightforward cycle selections, without specialty options like a hand-wash or steam cycle. One popular feature, however, is the Deep Fill option, which gives large or heavily soiled loads thorough saturation. 

Its matching dryer is available in either gas or electric models and gives you 6.5 cubic feet of drum space to dry loads. The machine’s automatic drying sensors control cycle length to ensure more efficient energy usage and are available on both low heat and high heat cycle settings. Or, you can opt for straightforward timed dry or air-only settings. 

Best Compact: Bosch WAT28400UC & WTG86400UC

Bosch WAT28400UC & WTG86400UC

Washer Mechanism: Drum | Washer Capacity: 2.2 cubic feet | Washer Cycles: 15 | Dryer Fuel: Electric | Dryer Capacity: 4.0 cubic feet | Dryer Cycles: 15

What We Like
  • Quiet operation

  • Internal water heater to boost washer performance

What We Don't Like
  • Gas dryer not available

  • Washer requires 240V outlet or must be plugged into dryer

Even if you’re tight on space, you can maximize cleaning power with a powerful but compact washer dryer set like the Bosch 300 series. This German-engineered laundry pair is designed with slim dimensions to squeeze into small laundry rooms or closets; the washer and dryer both measure less than 25 inches wide and deep.  

Don’t be fooled into thinking that this compact washer dryer set is only a fit for solo individuals or couples. The front-loading Bosch WAT28400UC washing machine has a 2.2 cubic foot drum that can take on up to 18 towels in a single load. More than a dozen wash cycles, including specialty options for hand-wash items, removing allergens, or denim, give this machine major cleaning power despite its small footprint. 

Save even more space by stacking the matching Bosch 300 WTG86403UC dryer on top of the washing machine. You can plug the washer into the dryer, requiring just one 240V to power both appliances. This electric condensation dryer requires no venting, opening up more possibilities for placement in your home, apartment, or condo. However, drying cycles may be extended when compared to conventional vented dryers. 

Best Stackable: Samsung WF45R6100 & DVE45R6100

Samsung WF45R6100 & DVE45R6100

Washer Mechanism: Drum | Washer Capacity: 4.5 cubic feet | Washer Cycles: 10 | Dryer Fuel: Electric | Dryer Capacity: 7.5 cubic feet | Dryer Cycles: 10

What We Like
  • Shallow depth is ideal for tight spaces

  • Self-cleaning cycle washes tub and gasket of washer

What We Don't Like
  • Dryer control panel hard to reach when stacked

Many models of front-loading washers can be stacked with a matching dryer to give you a stackable washer dryer set that takes up minimal square footage. If you’re looking for this space-saving configuration for your own laundry room or closet, consider the popular Samsung WF45R6100 washer and its accompanying dryer, model DVE45R6100. 

Stackable washer dryer sets aren’t just a great idea for saving space. A dynamic duo like this washer and dryer pair can also provide thorough, complete clothes care. The front-loading washer has 4.5 cubic feet of space, with a wider drum that keeps the profile of the machine to 31.75 inches—shallow enough for many closets or small laundry rooms. Take total control of your cleaning routine with 10 cycles and options to select water temperature, rinse cycles, spin speed, and soil level for every load. The power of steam gives the machine an upper hand in fighting stains or sanitizing loads of dish towels, cleaning cloths, and more. 

Put the stackable Samsung DVE45R6100P dryer on top of your washer and quickly load it up with freshly washed laundry from below. The dryer features 7.5 cubic feet of drum space and 10 drying cycles, with 5 temperature settings for optimal clothing care. Keep in mind that you’ll need to purchase a stacking kit to complete the vertical set-up, but this is to be expected with most stackable washer dryer sets. 

Best for Stains: Maytag MVWC565FW & MEDC465HW

Maytag MVWC565FW & MEDC465HW

Washer Mechanism: Drum | Washer Capacity: 4.2 cubic feet | Washer Cycles: 14 | Dryer Fuel: Gas or electric | Dryer Capacity: 7.0 cubic feet | Dryer Cycles: 12

What We Like
  • Stainless steel wash basket

  • Mechanical controls for easy cycle selection

What We Don't Like
  • No WiFi connectivity

  • Dryer door requires a firm close

If you’re dealing with dirty laundry, choose a washer and dryer set that can handle the load. Features like a deep fill, dual-action agitator, and extra rinse option give the Maytag MVWC565FW the upper hand on eliminating dirt, sweat, and stains. The roomy 4.2 cubic foot stainless steel wash basket holds large loads, with plenty of room for heavy items like jeans or sweatshirts or bulky items like King size sheets or a big blanket. 

A feature unique to this washing machine for stains is Maytag’s PowerWash cycle, which uses heated water and enhanced agitator action to more thoroughly clean heavily soiled loads. Activate the deep rinse feature to ensure that the load is thoroughly clean and to remove excess detergent, which can actually cause fibers to become soiled more quickly. Finish the job with the Maytag MEDC465HW dryer, which has 7 cubic feet of space and 12 cycles to dry your freshly laundered load. 

Final Verdict

Front loading washer and dryer sets are among the most popular on the market, and the LG WM4000HWA and matching dryer (view at Best Buy) are a full-featured pair that won't disappoint. Plenty of capacity and LG's innovative features, like TurboWash™ and SmartPairing™ translate to great cleaning quality and user-friendly operation. However, if you're shopping for a simple and affordable washer and dryer pair, then the top loading Amana NTW4516FW with matching dryer (view at Lowe's) are a winning combination that together cost less than many washing machines on their own.

The Best Washer Dryer Sets

Hilary Allison / The Spruce

What to Look for in a Washing Machine


Since overfilling your washer will mean clothes don’t get as clean as they should and underfilling it means a waste of water and energy, you’ll want to find a washing machine with a capacity that matches your average load size. Capacity is usually measured in cubic feet and a standard washing machine typically has a drum with 3 to 4 cubic feet of space. Compact washers will have up to 2.5 cubic feet of space, and super capacity front load washers can have as much as 6 cubic feet of space.

Since you might not know how many cubic feet of space your load of laundry takes up, keep in mind that a washer with a capacity of 3 to 4 cubic feet can usually wash up to 12 pounds of laundry. Adjust up or down for washers with a smaller or larger capacity.


Every washing machine relies on some form of agitation to clean clothes and loosen dirt. When you peek inside the washer, you’ll find a variety of types of agitators. In a front load washer, you’ll see a big drum with small fins protruding from all sides. These low-profile paddles combined with the turning of the drum provide gentle agitation that is better for the longevity of garments. However, this gentler agitation also means longer cycle times to ensure that clothes are clean. Inside of a top load washer, the familiar sight of a tall center agitator is being increasingly replaced with an impeller plate on the bottom of the washtub that performs a similar action while taking up less space.

Typical top-loaders with the tall agitator are said to shorten the longevity of garments and can hinder the ability to wash larger, bulkier items like a comforter.


While all washing machines have basic cycles to handle everyday laundry needs, some machines go above and beyond with specialized cycles for oversized items like comforters or items labeled for handwashing. Another popular option appearing on many front-loading washers and some top-loading washers is a sanitizing cycle that uses high heat to kill up to 99.9 percent of bacteria—perfect for dirty dish rags or pet bedding.

Drum material

Since your clothes are about to get washed and whirled inside of a machine, you want to be sure that nothing will snag the fabric of your favorite blouse. Stainless steel tubs are considered the smoothest and most durable choice for washing machine drums. They’re often included with higher-end washing machines.

Porcelain-enameled steel tubs are also popular and cost less, but over time the porcelain finish can chip or wear away—leaving exposed steel that may rust and stain or snag clothes. Less commonly seen but sometimes used in low or mid-range machines are heavy-duty plastic washtubs. While durable enough to last for many years, they may not be well-suited for high-speed spin cycles and they can develop rough spots that might catch clothes over time.

LG Front Load Washer

The Spruce / Deanna McCormack

What to Look for in a Dryer

Gas or electric

To supply the hot air it will take to dry your clothes thoroughly, you’ll need a dryer with a heater that is fueled by natural gas or powered by electricity. Does your laundry room have a natural gas line that you can connect a dryer to? If not, you’ll need to install one if you want the efficiency of a gas dryer. A gas dryer will cost more initially—especially if you need to pay to have a gas line installed, and there may be additional fees to have a gas dryer hooked up during delivery. Still, this type of dryer is generally capable of drying clothes faster, and it may cost less to operate—depending on the cost of utilities in your area.

Electric dryers don’t require a separate gas line—just plug it in and it is ready to operate. You’ll generally find that electric dryers cost about $100 less than their gas counterparts. However, they typically have longer drying times, which means greater energy usage and increased costs in the long run.


Make sure that you have a dryer suitably sized to handle the capacity of your washing machine. If not, you’ll have a load of soggy clothes ready for drying and only be able to fit some of it in your dryer! The rule-of-thumb used to be to find a dryer with twice the cubic capacity of the washing machine, but increased efficiency in dryer performance means that you won’t need to adhere strictly to that formula. Still, if you have a washer with a cubic capacity of 3.5 to 4.5 feet, look for a dryer with at least 7 cubic feet of drying space. This will also provide enough room to dry larger items, like queen or king-sized comforters.

LG Ultra Large Capacity Electric Dryer

The Spruce / Deanna McCormack

  • What are the advantages of buying a washer and dryer together?

    There are several reasons to consider buying a washer and dryer set, including capacity compatibility and savings. When you buy a washer and its matching dryer, the capacity of the two machines will match up. This is important for the efficiency of your laundry routine; if you buy a super capacity washer but your dryer offers more limited capacity, you’ll have to run multiple drying cycles to thoroughly dry a load or be forced to air-dry part of a freshly washed laundry load.

    In addition, many retailers offer attractive deals when you purchase a washer and dryer together. By purchasing a set, you can save several hundred dollars on your new appliance purchase. Plus, replacing just one machine can leave you with worry about when the other appliance may require replacement or repair. Take advantage of the opportunity to save and sync up your washer and dryer set by buying a washer and dryer together and enjoying the peace of mind from having a new laundry duo. 

    Space and aesthetics are two more reasons to buy a washer and dryer at the same time. A matching washer and dryer will generally share the same finish, design features, and depth and height dimensions. These shared attributes will make them a snug pair that will fit in your laundry area without one machine sticking out more than the other or looking out of place.

  • How much should you expect to pay for a washer and dryer set?

    You can expect to pay between $500 and $2,000 for a washer-dryer set, depending on whether you’re shopping for a front load, top load, or stackable set. Top load washers and their matching dryers have often been the most affordable options. However super capacity top loading washer and dryer sets can quickly climb in price. Front load washer and dryer sets range in price as well, with budget pairs starting under $1,000 and high-capacity laundry pairs costing up to $2,000. 

    Opting for a gas dryer usually means a price increase of about $100 with most retailers. If you don’t already have a natural gas line located at the installation spot for your machine, don’t forget to factor in the cost of installation by a professional.  

  • How do you install a washer and dryer?

    To install a washing machine and dryer, follow these basic steps.

    1. Turn off your water supply and turn off breakers supplying power to your washer and dryer outlets.
    2. Identify your hot water supply and cold water supply. Connect the corresponding hoses to the water supply outlet, then attach the hoses to the correct water inlets on the back of the washer. 
    3. Tighten each hose by hand and then give it a quarter-turn with pliers to tighten. The hose should feel securely attached and as if it can stand up to water pressure, but don’t overtighten.
    4. Direct the drain line from the back of the washer into a standpipe or utility tub for water drainage. 
    5. Turn on your water supply and restore power to the breakers.
    6. Plug in the washer and then test the system for leaks.
    7. Push the washer into position and level it. 
    8. For the dryer, clean the inside and outside of your dryer vent.
    9. Connect the metal duct vent or plastic duct hose to the dryer’s outlet, located at the rear of the machine. Connect the other end to the external vent. 
    10. Move the dryer into position and level the machine.
    11. Plug in the dryer.

    These steps assume that you are installing a washer and dryer in a location with a previous laundry set-up. For areas that need electrical outlets and water connections, you may need to hire an electrician and plumber to prep the area for the installation of your appliances.

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