The 7 Best Washer & Dryer Sets to Buy in 2017

Shop for the best washer and dryer combos on the market

Shopping for a matching washing machine and dryer set makes sense, particularly if you want appliances with a uniform finish, similar profiles, and complementary technologies. But not all pairs are perfect couples, so it's important to consider what you want out of your laundry experience and set-up.

If your home has a dedicated laundry room or big basement, you can probably accommodate side-by-side machines of any size. However, for city dwellers or those otherwise short on space, who may be...MORE looking to retrofit a closet or fit a washer and dryer in a tight corner, front-loading washers are the way to go since a dryer can be stacked on top of most models. The biggest drawback of a stacking unit is that you’ll have to purchase a separate stacking kit, which installs them securely and prevents them from toppling. And you will have to reach higher to load and unload your clothes from the dryer drum, so shorter folks or those with mobility issues might not want that inconvenience.

Whatever unit you choose, it's important to carefully measure the area you have to work with before you buy. From a high capacity dynamic duo to a three-piece advanced laundry system, read on to find out which washer and dryer sets are the best on the market.

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     If you're looking for a top rated washer and dryer combo, consider this eye-catching set from Electrolux. It has all the features you could want—with nine wash cycles, including a 15-minute quick wash to tackle small loads or lightly soiled garments. 

    The dryer has an impressive 8-cubic-foot drum to hold even the bulkiest of bedding or towels, and has nine different dryer cycle settings to make sure your garments come out fully dried, but without suffering too much wear and tear. You can...MORE find both an electric and gas version of this dryer depending on what works best for your space.

    The set can be stacked to save floor space, but that does require an extra kit, so be sure to order that as well if need be.

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    If space is truly at a premium, and all you've got to work with is room for a single machine, it's time to consider an all-in-one appliance, where the washer and dryer are in the same machine. LG’s WM3997 can get you through laundry day without worrying about either function failing. This model offers high-pressure nozzles and 14 washing cycles to get your clothes and linens clean nearly 20 minutes quicker than comparable styles.

    One thing to know before purchasing is that this all-in-one...MORE dries your clothes using a technology that's different than most conventional models. Instead of using gas or electricity to generate heat for warming clothes, it uses water to condense the moisture in the drum’s air for drying. Some users have noted that these types of dryers yield slightly longer dry times. So if you're the type who can't wait for bone dry clothes, then this probably isn't the best fit for you. One advantage of this machine, however, is that it's ventless and offers a little more flexibility when it comes to placement within the home.

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    These days, being on a budget doesn't mean you're destined to own a bare bones set. GE’s Unitized Spacemaker Washer and Electric Dryer combo might not have a high-tech component, but it’s still fully featured, and it certainly packs a lot of cleaning power into a small footprint that's great for apartment dwellers and smaller households.

    The traditional top-landing washer has a respectable 3.2 cubic feet of space, six wash/rinse temperature levels and three main wash cycles: quick...MORE rinse, rinse, and spin. The manual controls are straightforward instead of flashy, and users report that the machine’s agitator makes quick work of the laundry without too much noise beyond the spin cycle.

    The rotary-controlled dryer can be run at the same time as the washer, and it offers a generous capacity of 5.9 cubic feet. Four dryer cycles, including auto, permanent press, automatic delicates, and de-wrinkle, allow users to select the desired setting for each load. There are also four different heat settings with an automatic sensor to prevent over-drying.

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    Fine design aficionados, just can't enough of the German engineering behind Miele washers and dryers. At just 24-inches wide for each unit, these machines might be small, but they sure are mighty. Both feature Miele’s patented hexagonal sculpted drum surface, which is gentle on clothes as they’re cleaned and tumbled dry. The unit uses about a quarter of the water of competitive machines, making it eco-friendly but still tough on stains. Specialty cycles run the gamut, from silks and dress...MORE shirts to wools and cashmeres, accommodating garments that would typically need professional dry cleaning.

    As for the dryer, eight pre-set drying programs correspond nicely with the washer so you can handle drying almost any type of garment in house. It also has a hyper-sensitive moisture sensor to prevent over-drying plus offers the typical steam, timed cycles, and “wrinkle-free” settings that are standard dryer features.

    Be advised that because of the duo’s smaller drum sizes, this set is best for design geeks, city dwellers, and smaller families. Users also report longer wash times but softer, residue-free clothing after use.

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    Maytag Maxima XL Front Load Steam Washer and Steam Dryer SET (Electric Dryer) in Graphite
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    Work smarter, not harder, on laundry day with Maytag’s attractive, high efficiency duo that offers a number of cycles and settings (temperature, soil level, spin intensity) to customize your overall washing and drying experience. Get rid of stains for good with the washer’s “PowerWash” cycle, which uses heated water to fight spots and soil. And take multitasking to another level with the “overnight” setting, which cleans and dries a small load (entirely in the washing machine) while you sleep so...MORE it's ready in the morning.

    The dryer’s no slouch either. At 7.3 cubic feet, it has a monster of a drum that can easily accommodate a load of bulky towels, bedding, or jeans. Plus, it comes equipped with advanced moisture sensing for quick, even heating without over-drying. The steam cycle, wrinkle prevent option, and reduce static setting address major concerns of the tumbling process so clothes come out ready to wear.

    The unit can be installed side by side or stacked so there's flexibility on placement. You do need an extra hose or two to hook up the steamers, so be sure to order all the necessities for a seamless installation.

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    If you want a cheaper, nonstackable side-by-side washer and dryer set, this basic set from GE gets the job done without denting your wallet quite as much as many competing models. The traditional top-loading washer has an agitator, as do most budget models, and a matching dryer is available whether you prefer need a gas or electric model.

    With 4.2 cubic feet of space, the washer is big enough to handle the demands of a small family. It has a durable stainless-steel tub, 14 wash cycles,...MORE easy-to-use dial controls and automatic load-size detection. The 7.2-cubic-foot dryer can handle bulky items and has four drying cycles, four heat levels, wrinkle care and an auto dry setting. Owners appreciate the simplicity and old-school design of this GE pair, but some say the washer is a tad noisy – experts rated it only fair in their tests. On the bright side, it scored well for vibration and got good marks for washing performance and efficiency. The dryer is also solidly reviewed. The set is backed by a one-year warranty.

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    Whirlpool WFW75HEFW and WED75HEFW
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    If you prefer the convenience of a front-loader that won’t require you to stretch way down to grab the last of a load from the bottom of a washer drum, hundreds of happy owners vouch for the Whirlpool WFW75HEFW and its matching dryer, the WED75HEFW. Like the Maytag Bravos, these Whirlpools are also a great value, and this Energy Star-certified washer gets great feedback from experts for performance and efficiency. The dryer is available in gas, too.

    This Whirlpool isn’t quite as roomy as the...MORE top-loading Maytag. It has 4.5 cubic feet of space, but that’s still more than enough capacity for the average family. Other features include automatic load-sensing, precision dispensing for detergent or other additives, touch controls that remember your last settings, and delayed start. There are eight wash cycles, including quick wash and sanitize. The dryer has 7.4 cubic feet of space, six cycles, moisture sensing and additional options like wrinkle shield and an “EcoBoost” cycle that uses less energy. Some users caution that small items can get caught in the washer door’s seal, and like all front loaders, it’s best to leave the door open to prevent mold and musty smells. 

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