The 9 Best Weber Kettle Accessories

The Best Extras for the World's most Famous Charcoal Grill

There is a reason that the Weber Kettle is the world's most popular charcoal grill. It is simple to use, amazingly versatile, and very dependable. Because it sits on the back patio of so many homes hundreds of people have invented accessories to make it better, turning it into a pizza oven, a smoker, or simply a better grill. These accessories offer versatility and make this simple charcoal grill into the ultimate backyard piece of cooking equipment. 

Most of these accessories are for the...MORE 22-inch version of the Weber Kettle including the Performer line. If you have an 18-inch kettle, check for compatibility before purchasing. Many of these items will fit 22-Inch round grills from other manufacturers.

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    The rotisserie is one of the best accessories for any grill. Rotisserie cooking means even cooking. Foods are self-basted, making them juicier, more tender, and more flavorful. All this can be made so much better by putting that rotisserie over a charcoal fire. The smoky flavor adds an extra layer to foods and given the temperature control of a Weber Kettle, it can literal smoke poultry or a roast on the rotisserie for even, perfect barbecue. 

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    This accessory for the 18 or 22-Inch Kettle Grill turns it into a pizza oven with amazing cooking abilities. The cooking temperatures inside the grill can reach well over 700 degrees F/370 degrees C which is the kind of heat you need for the perfect pizza. The unit acts as a riser for the grill with a pizza oven style opening in the front. A pizza stone sits on the inside to cook on, but also to deflect the heat to the back of the grill and over the stone. This isn't just a great way to cook...MORE a pizza it is one of the funniest accessories you can buy. I've had one for years and use it frequently. 

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    The Weber Kettle can easily be used as a smoker, but the Smokenator makes it easier and more efficient. This amazingly simple accessory turns out fantastic barbecue with little effort. For those who want to experiment with barbecue, I wholeheartedly recommend buying this accessory. 

    One point, this unit uses the coal grate as a cooking grate, which means you want a very clean coal grate. I recommend buying an extra coal grate for use with the Smokenator.

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    Vortex. Vortex

    This is a very simple charcoal holder, but it makes building a wide range of fires easy and efficient. Depending on how you orient it and where you put the charcoal, it can focus heat for intense grilling, or diffuse it for indirect cooking. You and even put something like a chicken inside it with the charcoal around and turn your grill into an infrared roaster. I like it with the small end up, filled with charcoal and working like a chimney to create phenomenal heat for intense searing. Great...MORE for Tuna Steaks

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    You have a lot of options when it comes to cooking grate upgrades for a kettle grill. These cast iron grates are among my favorite. They have the mass to absorb heat and transfer it to food for better grill marks and searing. You can swap out one to three of the sections with griddle sections so you can even grill your eggs (and a lot more). With a solid construction these cast iron grates can last for generations if properly cared for. These are bare cast iron so they will rust if not seasoned...MORE and maintained. 

    There is also a set for 18-Inch Kettle Grills.

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    When these adonized aluminum cooking grates were first introduced they revolutionized grilling. The design amplifies heat, creates infrared cooking and produces amazing searing and grill marks. These cooking grates have become the not so secret weapon of competition steak cooks around the world and this set is specifically cut to fit a 22-Inch round grill. These are definitely a grate upgrade worth considering.

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    Weber Introduced their Gourmet Barbecue System to increase the versatility of their grills. To start with, you need the new wire cooking grate with the removable center section. This section can then be replaced with a wide range of accessories including a porcelain coated Sear Grate, a Cast Iron Griddle, a Wok, a Pizza Stone, and several other items. This is the ultimate versatility package and another option of a cooking grate upgrade.

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    This accessory is another way to turn a standard kettle grill (22 inches or larger) into a smoker. Charcoal sits on one side creating a controlled indirect grilling space. There is a water reservoir in between to add moisture and control temperatures.  With the vents dialed down to hold low temperatures, the grill becomes a smoker, while still providing direct grilling space, hence the slow and sear functionality. This is an award winning design that vastly enhances the versatility of your...MORE kettle grill. 

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    Grilled Salmon with Dill and Lemon
    Grilled Salmon with Dill and Lemon. Sabrina S. Baksh/Regarding BBQ, Inc.

    Sometimes you want to grill something that is just too delicate for the standard cooking grate. This is especially true of fish fillets. These blocks of Canadian Soapstone are perfect for the job. They heat up perfectly and are nonporous so they are easy to clean. I use these for a wide range of uses on the grill because they add a whole new level of cooking. Pick up one or more and keep them on hand for those things that the cooking grate just won't hold.