Best 8 Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker Accessories

Make the most of your WSM with these Amazing Accessories

When the Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker was introduced it revolutionized backyard cooking by putting a reliable and easy to use charcoal powered meat smoker in the hands of millions of people. What made this one of the most popular smokers on the market wasn't its technology, but its simplicity. With fans around the world, there have been a number of modifications and accessories developed to make it more versatile and generally improve its function. These are the best of those accessories. 

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    Temperature control on a Weber Smokey Mountain is excellent, but it does require monitoring. The DigiQ Temperature Controller from BBQ Guru takes the guess work out of vents, weather, and all those factors that can influence how your smoker runs. This unit uses forced air to hold the smoking temperature exactly where you want it. The DigiQ monitors both the cooking and meat temperature and alerts you to when the food is done.  For those long cooks, particularly through the night, this is not...MORE only an amazing convenience but a fantastic product. 

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    The Weber Expandable Smoking Rack adds an entirely new level of versatility to the 18 and 22 inch Smokey Mountain cookers. By allowing you to hang smaller food items it opens up the entire space of the smoker to cooking. This is the perfect solution for smoking fish, sausages and even racks of ribs in large amounts. 


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    While a great smoker, the Weber Smokey Mountain tends to leak smoke and heat through the front access door and around the lid and body section. Generally, this isn't much of a problem, but if you use a forced air temperature control system it can reduce the efficiency of the smoker, particularly on windy or cold days. To alleviate this problem, this set of Nomex heat resistant gaskets will seal up your smoker and make it easier to control temperatures and reduce fuel consumption. This is a...MORE great accessory for the serious smoker.  

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    Stainless Steel WSM Door 18-Inch
    Stainless Steel WSM Door 18-Inch. Cajun Bandit

    Let's be honest, the weakest link of the Weber Smokey Mountain is the flimsy aluminum access door. It doesn't always fit well, and it leaks smoke and heat when it doesn't. Also, it looks cheap. This line of replacement doors fitting the 18 and 22 inch models makes for a better seal and they look great. While this isn't a necessary upgrade, it is a good one and these doors only cost $22USD. The link takes you to a page of accessories so scroll down and find the right door for your...MORE smoker. Due to model changes in 2009, there are two types of doors for each size, so make sure you know how only your WSM is before you buy one of these. 

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    While an amazingly efficient charcoal smoker, the Smokey Mountain will need refueling for those long cooks, particularly the 22-inch model. That charcoal needs to be fired up outside the smoker and the best way to do that is with a good charcoal chimney and Weber makes the best one on the market. This is the must-have accessory for anyone who cooks with charcoal.  

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    Cajun Bandit Rotisserie System
    Cajun Bandit Rotisserie System. Cajun Bandit

    You don't think about using a rotisserie when smoking, but it evens out the heat and removes the need to flip, rotate, and turn whatever you are cooking. The Cajun Bandit Rotisserie Kit is specifically designed to fit the 22-Inch WSM as well as any 22-Inch Kettle Grill (unlike Weber's Rotisserie kit). From pork butts to chickens and turkeys to large roasts, this unit will handle the load and give you a whole new layer of versatility. Best of all, with this rotisserie ring you can add the...MORE Rib-O-Lator rotisserie system that will handle four racks of ribs, fish fillets, and a whole host of other foods. 

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    Another great way to expand the capacity of your 22-inch Smokey Mountain (this will not fit the 18-inch model) is with this raise cooking grate. It simply sits on the existing rack but provides the space for a couple more racks of ribs. For those interested in adding capacity, easily, this is a great option. 

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    Laid out, flat on the cooking grate on the 18-inch Smokey Mountain you will be lucky to get two full racks of spareribs on the smoker. The 22-inch model offers more space, but even that is limited. The Weber Rib Rack is the cheapest way to cook several racks of ribs on a WSM at once. With this it is possible to get as much as five racks of ribs smoking at the same time and if you use two of these you could smoke enough ribs to feed a football team.