11 Best Wedding Planning Apps to Keep You Organized

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These 11 wedding planning apps are a must for anyone planning a wedding. They'll help you stay organized, inspired, and calm during this crazy time. There are even some wedding apps that your guests will love.

You'll find the best wedding planning apps below that you can download on your phone and tablet so you have access to them while you're making phone calls and running errands. They're all free to download and are so easy to use that you'll have them ready to go in no time.

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    Best Overall Wedding App: Wedding Planner by The Knot

    A wedding checklist on The Knot Wedding app

    The Knot

    Wedding Planner by The Knot has everything you need to plan your wedding and stay inspired while you're doing it. It's a great overall wedding planning app that every bride should have on her phone.

    This wedding app includes planning tools such as a checklist, timeline, budget, and guest list manager. There are even vendor recommendations for your area and the ability to make a wedding website directly from the app.

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    Best App to Keep You Organized: Zola Weddings

    A wedding checklist inside the Zola wedding app


    The Zola Weddings app has just about everything you need to plan your wedding. Start with its basic planning tools such as checklists, guest lists, and schedules and then move onto creating a wedding website and a registry.

    Zola Weddings also has a Zola Registry app where you can create a universal registry of gifts that you want, without having to specify which store you want it from.

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    Best App for Figuring It Out: WeddingWire's Wedding Planner

    A wedding dress gallery


    WeddingWire also has a wedding planning app that includes a guest list planner, vendor manager, checklist, budget planner, and a registry. Beautiful photo galleries for wedding dresses, flowers, and honeymoons will give you fresh ideas and help you focus in on what you like.

    A fun feature of the WeddingWire app is easy-to-use in-app forums that will keep you connected to other brides planning their weddings.

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    Best App for Taking Notes: Evernote

    Creating a wedding to do list in the Evernote app


    Evernote isn't a wedding planning app; it's an everything planning app. Through the app, you can take notes, make to-do lists, create reminders, and collect images and web pages.

    All your wedding notes and inspiration you've gathered can be organized within virtual notebooks, organizers, and planners. This is a great choice for the bride who wants to plan her wedding her way.

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    Best App for Inspiration: Pinterest

    Wedding gown photos on Pinterest


    Pinterest is full of inspiration for the DIY bride. This is a place where you can find and save wedding ideas that you want to use in your wedding.

    Pinterest is a great place to look for not only DIY wedding projects but also wedding dresses, engagement rings, and decoration ideas. You can save all these ideas on Pinterest boards that you can easily find and use later.

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    Best App for Finding the Unique: Etsy

    Wedding decor for sale on the Etsy app


    The Etsy app is a great place to view unique and handcrafted items that you can use for your wedding. Whether you're looking for escort cards or bridesmaids' gifts, you'll find it all.

    The DIY bride will also love the Etsy app because she'll be able to find all kinds of supplies and ideas to create just about anything for her wedding.

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    Best App for Color: Palette Cam

    Choosing colors from a photo of a flower inside the Palette Cam app

    Palette Cam

    Palette Cam is an app that's all about color. You can use its inspiration photos or your own photos to create a color scheme for your wedding.

    You can save your scheme within the app so you can refer to it while you're making all those choices for your wedding.

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    Best App for Staying on Budget: Mint

    Recent spending on the Mint app


    Weddings are expensive and sticking to a budget can be tough. Using the Mint app, you can set up a budget for your wedding and keep track of all your expenses in one place.

    Keeping a budget will not only help you not overspend, but it will also help keep you feeling great knowing that you're on top of it.

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    Best App for Staying Sane: Headspace

    The meditation packs available in the Headspace app


    Taking a break from wedding planning is a must to keep you at your best. Headspace is a meditation app that will teach you to meditate and then remind you to take regular breaks from the chaos.

    You can choose to do a classic meditation or choose one of the meditations from their happiness or health meditation packs. These include meditations that are designed to help with your relationship, patience, stress, and appreciation.

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    Best App for Your Guests: The Guest

    Creating a wedding event in The Guest app

    The Guest

    During a wedding, almost every guest takes tons of photos and often the bride and groom don't ever get to see them. With The Guest app, these photos are automatically shared with everyone attending the wedding, including the couple.

    The Guest also gives people who couldn't attend the wedding the chance to see all the photos and videos live while the wedding and reception are taking place.

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    Best App for Getting What You Really Want: Honeyfund

    The home screen of the Honeyfund app


    With Honeyfund, you can ask your guests to contribute toward the cost of your honeymoon in lieu of a wedding gift.

    Guests can choose to purchase specific excursions or meals or just put in money that you can use for any part of your honeymoon.