The 11 Best Weighted Eye Masks of 2023

The Ostrichpillow Hot & Cold Eye Mask is our favorite

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Best Weighted Eye Masks of 2023

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We all need sleep, but many don't get enough. And while stress and poor sleep hygiene, like using electronics before bed, are some of the biggest culprits, disruptive light can also be one of them.

In fact, light is the enemy of sleep. It turns out that creating the darkest environment possible is just as important as choosing the right mattress, replacing your pillow regularly, and keeping your bedroom at the right temperature.

That's where eye masks come in. They can block out light helping lull you into a state of relaxation, and aiding you to fall into a deep sleep. Taking it up a notch, weighted eye masks not only block the light, but they use deep pressure stimulation (DPS) or deep pressure touch (DPT), a firm yet gentle squeezing that relaxes the nervous system.

“DPS/DPT boosts serotonin, dopamine, and oxytocin levels in the brain,” says Dr. Shelby Harris, Director of Sleep Health at Sleepopolis. “Calming the nervous system can help reduce anxiety and stress, improve focus, and provide a sense of calm."

We researched a wide range of weighted eye masks, looking at fabric and material, weight, and how well they block light.

Our Top Picks

Best Overall

Ostrichpillow Hot & Cold Eye Mask

Ostrichpillow Hot & Cold Eye Mask


What We Like
  • Hot and cold application

  • 100-day return policy

  • 2-year warranty

What We Don’t Like
  • Pricey

  • Only available in 1 color

At the top of our list, the Ostrichpillow Hot & Cold Eye Mask helps alleviate muscle tension and stress using thermotherapy (applying heat or cold to joints or muscles to improve circulation and relax muscles). Reviewers who suffer from tension headaches or eye strain after too many hours in front of the computer reached for this soft mask. The all-natural clay bead core provides gentle pressure and is designed to freeze or heat, so this mask works as both a hot compress and as a cooling pack to relieve eye strain, migraines, and facial tension. 

The adjustable, snug fit blocks all light, and the reversible mask is pillow soft and has nose-friendly foam for comfort. The mask comes with two bags—one protective cotton bag to microwave, and an EVA bag to keep the mask cool in the freezer. It’s a little expensive, but it’s worthy of our top honors. 

Price at time of publish: $39

Material: 71% polyester, 27% cotton, 2% spandex | Weight: 205 grams (7.23 oz) | Dimensions: 23 x 10.5 x 2 cm

Best for Travel

Gravity Weighted Sleep Mask

Gravity Weighted Sleep Mask


What We Like
  • Washable cover

  • Feels cool over the eyes

  • Weight is evenly distributed

What We Don’t Like
  • Doesn’t stay in place for side sleepers

  • Can’t be heated

Made by the same company that makes the popular Gravity Blanket, this weighted sleep mask uses the same science as their flagship product. This mask distributes between .75 and 1 pound of weighted pressure on key points on your face, which may help you relax and sleep more deeply. The shape of the mask blocks the light out, even in daylight, tricking your brain into thinking it is nighttime, which makes it a favorite accessory for travelers. 

The weighted insert is filled with fine-grade glass beads, and the micro-plush and faux cashmere cover are cool to the touch. The wide Velcro straps are adjustable and fit heads from 23 to 28 inches, but some restless sleepers found that they couldn’t get it tight enough to keep the mask from falling off.

Price at time of publication: $40

Material: Micro-plush and imitation cashmere | Weight: 0.75 to 1 pound | Filling: Fine-grade glass beads

Best for Stress Relief

Therabody SmartGoggles

Therabody SmartGoggles


What We Like
  • Comfortable in spite of size

  • 1-year limited warranty

  • 150-minute battery life

What We Don’t Like
  • Expensive

  • Not comfortable to sleep in all night

The Therabody SmartGoggles isn’t a traditional eye mask—it’s more of a recovery tool. Using vibration, heat, massage, and an app-powered sensory experience, these goggles ease headache pain, tension, and eye strain from too much screen time. 

Employing SmartSense Technology, Therabody’s exclusive biometric sensor that personalizes treatment to lower your heart rate to a more relaxed state, the goggles offer three customizable modes—Focus, SmartRelax, and Sleep—that use a combination of vibration, massage, and heat to help you wind down before bed or any time you want to relax. Simply toggle through the buttons at the top of the mask to find a setting that suits your needs. The mask is roughly 1.5 inches thick, making it difficult to fall asleep while wearing the device, but users found the goggles surprisingly light. The elastic band adjusts easily to fit almost anyone. The automatic shut-off was a nice feature, and the mask folds easily into its carrying case, making it convenient for travel. The battery has a 150-minute life and the USB-A to USB-C charging cable is included. Yes, these are pricey, but if you want the ability to personalize your experience and track your results, they may just be worth the investment.

Price at time of publish:  $199

Material: Protein leather fabric, cotton | Weight: 14.8 oz. | Dimensions: 3.7 inches across when folded; 8.3 in. x 4.7 inches when in use

Best for Side Sleepers

Nodpod Sleep Mask

Nodpod Sleep Mask


What We Like
  • Stays put for side sleepers

  • Available in a multitude of colors

  • Freezable

What We Don’t Like
  • Not microwavable

If you’re a side sleeper, finding the right sleep mask can be challenging because poorly-fitting masks can shift, allowing light in. The Nodpod Gentle Pressure Sleep Mask doesn’t have an elastic or velcro headband; instead, the four equally weighted pods are designed to be draped across your face, blocking light so you can relax and fall asleep faster. However, there’s an adjustable pull-through strap in case you want to wear it around your head.

The four pods are filled with scent-free, machine-washable microbeads. The cover is made with jersey cotton on one side and microfiber fleece on the other, so you can choose a material depending on your mood. Buyers found the jersey knit side to be cooler. Although the Nodpod isn’t microwavable, it is freezable for more chill. The mask is available in 10 colors. One downside is that users have to readjust the mask whenever they switch sides. The Nodpod is machine washable and the company recommends washing it before the first use.

Price at time of publish:  $34

Material: Cotton, polyester microfleece | Weight: 9 ounces | Dimensions:  29 x 4 inches

Best for Back Sleepers

Saatva Weighted Silk Eye Mask

Saatva Weighted Silk Eye Mask


What We Like
  • Silky feel

  • Available in two colors

  • Easy to clean

What We Don’t Like
  • Expensive

  • Non-adjustable band

Sink into slumber with the Saatva Weighted Silk Eye Mask, which is made with long-fiber mulberry silk, a naturally hypoallergenic, breathable, and cooling material (important if you’re a hot sleeper). Silk is also gentle on the delicate eye area, which is prone to creasing and wrinkling. The mask is filled with all-natural glass beads that provide gentle pressure that signals your brain to relax.

The mask sits snuggly on your face, blocking any sleep-disrupting light. One downside is that the elastic headband isn’t adjustable, so it may fit some sleepers loosely—making it more ideal for back sleepers than, say, side sleepers. Handwash with a mild detergent and lay flat to dry.

Price at time of publish: $75

Material: Mulberry silk | Weight: 0.15 pounds  | Dimensions: 9 x 4 x 3 inches

Best Silk

Asutra Silk Eye Pillow

Asutra Silk Eye Pillow


What We Like
  • Inexpensive

  • Adjustable weight

  • Can add a relaxing scent

What We Don’t Like
  • The mask shifts overnight

  • Seams fray easily

Instead of glass beads, the Asutra Silk Eye Pillow is filled with soothing flax seeds, which are usually smaller than glass or plastic beads, and apply a more gentle, even pressure. Unlike glass beads, flaxseed can be warmed up, and they provide moist heat to relax your head, and unlike glass bead masks, the Asutra can be warmed up. Both the pillow and internal muslin pouch have zippers so you can add or remove flax seeds, depending on how much weight you want in the mask, and you can combine them with the organic lavender buds for calming aromatherapy. A gel eye mask to alleviate puffy eyes and ease headache pain is also included.  

Made of 100% silk, the mask is curved to fit comfortably around your nose in order to block more light. The adjustable elastic band keeps the mask in place while you sleep. 

Price at time of publication: $22

Material: Silk | Weight: Adjustable to 8 ounces  | Dimensions: 9 x 4 x 0.5 inches

Best for Headache Relief

Brownmed IMAK Compression Eye Pillow

Brownmed IMAK Compression Eye Pillow


What We Like
  • No weight on your eyeballs

  • Hits acupressure points around the sinuses

  • Inexpensive

What We Don’t Like
  • The strap doesn’t adjust

  • Doesn’t work well for side sleepers

This mask was designed by an orthopedic surgeon to provide relief from headaches and eye strain as well as sinus pain and pressure. The mask is filled with tiny “ergo” beads that gently massage around the eyes while the patented stitching and wider eye spacing prevent the mask from sitting directly on your eyes, allowing you to open your eyes with the mask on. The weighted mask is designed to conform to your face and eyes to block out light, helping you fall—and stay—asleep. 

The breathable, washable cotton mask is soft and feels gentle against your skin. We love that it can be chilled for soothing relief for tired eyes, which is more gentle than ice packs. We also appreciate the stretchy elastic strap, but it’s not adjustable, so it’s not ideal for smaller heads. In spite of the stitching, the beads still have the freedom to move around, which side sleepers didn’t appreciate. However, it’s important to note that this mask isn’t really for sleeping; it’s marketed as a tool for eye relief, meditation, or resting rather than a full night’s sleep. 

Price at time of publish: $28

Material: Cotton | Weight: 0.5 oz | Dimensions: 1 x 5.5 x 10 inches

Best Blackout

Manta Sleep Mask

Manta Sleep Mask


What We Like
  • Effective at blocking light

  • Adjustable eye cups

  • No eye pressure

What We Don’t Like
  • Not good for side or front sleepers

Manta claims this mask is a 100% blackout sleep mask, and reviews from travelers and night shift workers confirm that there is zero light leakage. The eye cups are moveable, individually attaching to the mask with Velcro so you can position them directly over your eyes, which personalizes the fit, keeping even the smallest sliver of light out. This feature also reduces any pressure on your eyes. You can also remove the cups if you just want to use the weighted eye mask alone. The interior fabric is soft, and the adjustable velour strap fits snuggly above your ears. We love that the fastener didn’t snag our hair.

It also feels secure because the anti-slip gel on the headband keeps things in place. Hot sleepers complained that the mask can get warm, but Manta does offer a similar mask with cooling eye cups. Side and front sleepers say the cups are uncomfortable in those positions. Each mask includes premium earplugs and a mesh storage bag. The Manta Sleep Mask is 100% machine washable.

Price at time of publish: $35

Material: Cotton, fleece | Weight: Not listed | Dimensions: 28.55 x 2.89 x 1.37 inches

Best Multi-Use

Sivio Weighted Eye Mask

Sivio Weighted Eye Mask


What We Like
  • Inexpensive

  • Comes in three colors

  • Cools and warms

What We Don’t Like
  • The weighted beads shift

  • The location of the zipper

The Sivio Weighted Eye Mask is filled with tiny silica beads encased in soft, breathable cotton that feels like luxurious velvet. The mask cover is double-sided: warming cotton on one side, and cooling bamboo on the other, depending on your mood, and it’s washable. The removable bead bag can be heated in the microwave or frozen, offering hot and cold therapy for puffy eyes, stress reduction, or migraine relief.

The elastic strap is adjustable with a buckle-type fastener that doesn’t tangle in hair or snag your pillow, and the zipper is concealed at the top of the mask. Buyers found that you have to make sure it’s tucked away or it will poke you if you shift at night. One other picky issue they had was with the beads bunching, but that’s easily remedied by massaging them out. This mask is available in either gray or pink. 

Price at time of publish: $22

Material: Cotton and bamboo fiber | Weight: 8.47 oz | Dimensions: 9.57 x 5.67 x 1.22 inches

Best Cooling

Barmy Weighted Sleep Mask

Barmy Weighted Sleep Mask


What We Like
  • Larger coverage

  • Minimal pressure

  • Maximum light blockage

What We Don’t Like
  • Glass beads aren’t TSA compliant

If you are a hot sleeper, you want a mask that won’t make you sweat. The Barmy Weighted Sleep Mask has a dual-sided cover with soft, Minky material on one side, and naturally cooling bamboo on the other. One of the other things customers like is that it’s 4.5 inches high, so it feels like it envelopes your face while offering maximum light blockage. There’s minimal pressure on the eyes, as the glass beads are distributed around them, and the weighted insert is removable, so the cover is easy to wash. 

The beads aren’t compartmentalized, so they are prone to shifting. Not all users are bothered by this because it allows you to distribute the weight where you need it. Users with larger heads report that the elastic and Velcro band isn’t quite long enough to fully wrap around the head and attach snuggly. Available in gray, black, blue, pink, and purple, although this mask is relatively compact, it wouldn’t be good for travel because the beads get flagged by TSA. 

Price at time of publish: $30

Material: Bamboo fabric | Weight: 0.8 pounds | Dimensions: 9 x 3.5 x 4.5 inches

Best Value

Fomi Hot Weighted Eye Mask & Head Wrap

Fomi Hot Weighted Eye Mask & Head Wrap


What We Like
  • Inexpensive

  • Oversized

  • Heatable

What We Don’t Like
  • The beads shift around

  • Not comfortable for side sleepers

Typically available for under $15, this is one of the most affordable weighted eye masks around.  This oversized mask snuggles your head and face, completely covering the forehead, sinuses, and eyes, which reviewers found calming. The natural clay beads in the mask are non-toxic and environmentally friendly, and heat quickly in the microwave and stay warm for an extended period of time, helping relieve sinus pressure, headaches, and even eye puffiness. The mask is also infused with a soothing lavender scent that helps you relax and feel less stressed. 

The Velcro fastener adjusts for a firm fit, and the pouch with the clay beads is removable so you can easily wash the mask cover. Some shoppers felt that the mask is large and bulky, making it better for pain relief than sleep. 

Price at time of publish: $16

Material: Polyester | Weight: 1.5 pounds | Dimensions: 8 x 4 x 2 inches

What to Look for in a Weighted Eye Mask

You might be tempted to choose style over function, but the most important thing about an eye mask is that it’s comfortable and fits well while blocking as much light as possible. Here are a few other considerations:

Fabric and Material

Weighted eye masks are made from a variety of fabrics, including cotton, silk, polyester, satin and fleece. Opt for cooling fabrics like satin and silk because keeping your core body temperature cool will optimize sleep. If you have sensitive or delicate skin, you may want to consider silk. “Silk or cotton are the best options for sleep masks — both are 100% natural materials which lowers the risk of skin irritation or increased breakouts after using a sleep mask,” says Dr. Harris. “These materials are also both lightweight and have great blackout properties, making them a good option to help you get better sleep quality.”

You also want to consider what’s inside the mask. They’re typically filled with flaxseed, lentils, rice, sand, or—most commonly—microbeads, which are usually glass or plastic. 

When choosing a weighted eye mask, make sure the strap can accommodate your sleeping position. If you sleep on your back, you may not need an adjustable strap, but if you’re a side sleeper, a secure strap will be a requirement. 


You can typically find weighted eye masks that are as light as 4 ounces and as heavy as one pound. Some designs have zippered access that allow you to adjust the weight as needed. For some, a heavier weight may be too much, so you may want to start light and work your way up.

Light Blocking

The skin of the eyelids is the thinnest on the body, so even a small amount of light in your environment can disrupt your sleep. When choosing an eye mask, make sure it fits your entire face, especially around the eye and nose area because that’s where light typically sneaks in. When properly adjusted, your mask should be tight enough that it doesn’t move freely on your face.

  • Are weighted eye masks safe?

    Generally speaking, eye masks and weighted eye masks are safe to use as long as they aren’t too tight; you don’t want to put too much pressure on your eyes. If your eye mask is made with natural flax, microbeads, or sand, it will apply the right amount of pressure to the lids and signal your brain to relax without causing any damage to the eye. “The short-term use of a weighted eye mask could have similar benefits of using a weighted blanked on the nervous system, but more research is needed to know the full benefits and risks of using on for improved sleep,” says Dr. Harris.

  • Can you sleep with a weighted eye mask?

    “Weighted sleep masks may help someone relax and unwind before bed, but they aren’t for everyone,” says Dr. Harris. “The research behind wearing a weighted sleep mask throughout the night to improve sleep is thin, and it might lead to eye irritation or increased sleep disturbances, so it’s best to speak with your doctor if you’re having trouble before trying a weighted mask.” One tip: If you plan to use a weighted eye mask for sleep, you should purchase one with a comfortable headband so it will stay in place, since a weighted eye pillow is likely to slide off during the night.

  • Do weighted eye masks work?

    The pressure on the eyes and temples can relax tense muscles and alleviate pain, especially headaches and migraines. “DPS also slows the heart rate, and promotes melatonin production, all of which help someone fall asleep faster and increase sleep quality,” says Dr. Harris. “The short-term use of a weighted eye mask could have similar benefits of using a weighted blanked on the nervous system, but more research is needed to know the full benefits and risks of using on for improved sleep,” she continues.

  • How do you wash a weighted eye mask?

    Always check the washing instructions that come with the weighted mask you purchase to make sure you care for it properly. Many masks have a removable cover that’s machine-washable, but you don’t want to wash the weighted inserts because that can damage the material.

Why Trust The Spruce?

This article was written by Maureen Farrar, a seasoned freelance writer and editor specializing in health and wellness. To write this article, she researched weighted eye mask and evaluated them based on weight, material filling and light-blocking ability. To learn more about their benefits, she consulted Dr. Shelby Harris, Director of Sleep Health and Sleepopolis.

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