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Mr. Rooter is our top pick

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Companies offering well pump services can repair, maintain, and install any kind of well pump. Plus, they have the expertise, tools, and knowledge not only in well pumps but the water well itself, too. The best well pump service providers offer on-demand emergency services, staff experienced personnel, provide upfront pricing, and are highly rated companies in the industry.

If you are one of the 40 million people in the U.S. who owns a well and your well pump is due for a tuneup or you are experiencing any issues with it, we have lined up the best well pump service companies to check out.

Best Well Pump Services of 2023

Best Overall : Mr. Rooter

Mr. Rooter

Mr. Rooter

Why We Chose It: Mr. Rooter has a presence in 46 states and offers repairs, maintenance, and well pump emergency services.

  • Provides a wide range of well pump services

  • Available in 90 percent of states

  • Licensed and insured professionals

  • Upfront prices

  • Offers parts and labor guarantee

  • Services may not be available in all locations

Established in 1970, Mr. Rooter is a top provider in the plumbing industry, offering a wide range of services—including well pump services for both homeowners and businesses.

Mr. Rooter’s dedicated, licensed, and insured technicians can assist you with any problems you are experiencing with your well pump. Whether you need to schedule routine maintenance or an expected repair, Mr. Rooter will make sure your well pump is up and running accordingly. Plus, the company offers 24/7 emergency services. If the company determines any of your pump’s parts need to be replaced, the new part comes with a parts and labor guarantee good for from 30 days up to one year, depending on the service. Pricing is available upon request only, but you will always receive a flat fee.

Your designated well pump specialist will walk you throughout the service process and make sure you are satisfied with the results. You can schedule your well pump services by contacting your local Mr. Rooter location. If you are experiencing a well pump emergency, the national customer service team can provide immediate assistance.

Best Customer Service : Jones Services

Jones Services

Jones Services

Why We Chose It: Jones Services is a highly rated company that offers top-notch customer service and specializes in providing well pump services.

  • A+ rating with the BBB

  • Certified technicians

  • 100 percent satisfaction guarantee

  • Multiple avenues to reach customer service

  • Only available in three states

  • No online pricing

Jones Services was founded in 1986 and performed multiple residential services to homeowners in the Greater Hudson River Valley area. Today, the company offers its well pump services across New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. As an accredited entity with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) with an A+ rating, the business strives to provide the best customer service to all of its clients, which is reflected in its online reviews.

Jones Services offers installations, repairs, and maintenance for all kinds of well and tank pumps. Its knowledgeable, experienced, and licensed and certified plumbers can tackle any problem you are experiencing with your pump. The company has same-day service as well as emergency services.

Jones Services charges by the project, which means that you will get an upfront quote, and has a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. You can contact the company's customer team via phone, text, or online chat 24/7.

Best for Expertise : Tri-County Pumps

Tri-County Pumps

Tri-County Pumps

Why We Chose It: Tri-County Pumps has well pump expertise and offers affordable pricing for all of its well pump services, from installations to repairs and emergency services.

  • Specialists in well pumps

  • Highly rated company

  • Provides a wide selection of well pump systems

  • Family-owned business

  • Only available in three states

  • Pricing upon request only

Founded in 1991, Tri-County Pumps is a family-owned company operating in Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia. The company is highly rated, accredited with the BBB, and offers full plumbing solutions as well as well pump services.

Tri-County Pumps offers a wide range of well pump services for residential and commercial properties. Among some of the services the company offers are well pump installations, repairs, maintenance, and emergency services. Its team of professionals can serve any kind of pump, including submersible well pumps, booster pumps, jet pumps, and others. And if you are experiencing an emergency, such as low pressure or no water at all, you can get someone to assist you 24/7. Plus, if your current pump is no longer serviceable, the company sells several types of well pumps from a variety of brands.

Tri-County strives to respond quickly to all service requests and do the job right the first time. Pricing is only available upon request. Call the company's main customer service number or fill out the contact form on its website for more information.

Best for Emergency Servicing : Steffl Drilling & Pump

Steffl Drilling & Pump

Steffl Drilling & Pump

Why We Chose It: Offering 24/7 emergency services and expertise in well pumps and well drilling services, Steffl Drilling & Pump promises to quickly get your well pump up and running.

  • Experts in well pumps

  • Offers 24/7 well and pump repairs

  • Available for homeowners and businesses

  • Offers maintenance programs

  • Limited locations

Mike Steffl and his wife founded Steffl Drilling & Pump in 1978, and since then the company has become a preferred provider for residential and commercial properties in several Midwest states. Today, the company is an active member of the National Groundwater Association and provides well drilling and pump services in Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa, and Wisconsin.

The company's well pump repair technicians are available 24/7 to attend to any last-minute repairs of your well pump. They are equipped to work on, repair, and replace several makes and models of pumps.

In addition, the company offers a well-maintenance program to keep your well and well pump running smoothly year-round. You can call the emergency national hotline for immediate assistance, or fill out the online contact form for non-emergency service.

Final Verdict

Final Verdict

All of the companies in our list provide well pump services in at least three states, are experts in the field, offer 24/7 emergency services, and provide free quotes before any work gets started. Given the localized nature of well pump services, most companies are limited to serving a few states. As a great first option, start with Mr. Rooter, which has the most locations nationwide.

How Often Should a Well Pump Be Serviced?

Generally speaking, a well pump requires minimum maintenance and can go a few years until you have to serve it. However, you should plan to have it served at least every three to five years. Your local well pump service provider can offer a personalized maintenance plan.

How Can You Tell If Your Well Pump Needs to Be Serviced?

There are a few signs that it is time to have your well pump served: 

  • It has been a few years since you last served your well pump.
  • There is a change in the water pressure.
  • The water tastes differently, has any coloration, or emits an odor.

How Much Does Well Pump Service Cost?

The price of a well pump service varies by location, the type of pump, and the system used. All the companies on our list provide free estimates so you know what to expect. Based on our research, expect to pay around an average of a couple hundred dollars.

Is It Necessary to Hire a Well Pump Service?

Having a professional service or repair your well pump is almost always going to be your best choice. They have the experience, tools, and personnel to properly identify the issues and the solutions.


We looked at nearly 20 different companies offering well pump services and narrowed down our selection to those that offer their services in at least three states, provide emergency services, have free estimates, and are experts in the industry. We also took into consideration the companies' reputation and customer satisfaction.

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