The 8 Best Wheelbarrows of 2020

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Our Top Picks
"The large tub will give you plenty of room to haul things around."
"One of the most stable heavy-duty carrying platforms on the market."
"This affordable cart has a 600 pound carrying capacity."
"Oversized tires will give you more leverage while lifting heavy objects."
"Single wheel has maneuverability in tight spaces or on tricky terrain."
"For a traditional single-wheel budget option, this is a top pick."
"Combines the tight turning radius of a single wheel and the stability of four wheels."
"Will make it easy to handle repeated or longer moves without breaking a sweat."

Best Large Capacity: Polar Trailer #8376 Utility Cart

The truth is, you don’t need the latest and greatest when it comes to wheelbarrows. Most of all, a wheelbarrow needs to excel at the one thing it’s designed for: hauling things around. The Polar Trailer 8376 takes the top spot for the simple fact that it moves a lot of stuff in a light frame. Weighing in at just 49 pounds, its high impact polyethylene tub is tough enough to handle up to 400 pounds without straining or buckling. The dimensions of the tub will also give you about 10 cubic feet of space to work with. The light frame combined with the large tub make this wheelbarrow a great choice for a variety of tasks around the yard, campsite, or even on professional projects.

Best Four-Wheeled: Gorilla Carts Heavy-Duty Poly Yard Dump Cart, GOR6PS

Very Good

The Gorilla Carts GOR6PS offers one of the most stable, heavy duty carrying platforms you will find on the market today. For heavy loads or professional projects, this four wheel wheelbarrow is a surprisingly affordable option for people who need to pull heavy, complicated loads. It comes with Gorilla Cart’s signature quick release dumping mechanism so you can unload material quickly.

The 1200 pounds carrying capacity is almost too much for a single person to handle. When the weight becomes too challenging, the convenient pulling handle can hook up to a tractor or ATV so you can add some horsepower into the equation. The four 13-inch pneumatic tires will smooth out rough terrain, making the whole process of transporting large loads even easier.

Best Budget: Gorilla Carts Heavy-Duty Poly Yard Dump Cart, GOR4PS


The Gorilla Carts Poly Garden is proof that inexpensive carts and wheelbarrows aren't always cheap imitations of their professional cousins. This four wheel cart has a 600 pound carrying capacity. Because of its solid base and convenient handle, you can reasonably expect to haul heavy loads without any issues. Gorilla Carts recently updated this design to make it easier to assemble and use on tough terrain.

The four 10” tires provide a balanced and stable platform to haul material in its 36 x 20-inch tub. The tub is high off the ground which will give you plenty of ground clearance over debris. To make unloading quick and easy, the cart also features a quick release dumping mechanism that will tilt the entire tub over like a dump truck.

Best Two-Wheeled: WORX Aerocart Multifunction 2-Wheeled Yard Cart

Wheelbarrows that offer additional features or uses can help you save time and energy around the yard. The WORX Aerocart Multifunction 2-Wheeled Yard Cart is one such option. While its 3 cubic foot tub and 300 pounds weight capacity may seem limited, there is more to this wheelbarrow than you may think. The tub is durable all-steel connected to long wooden handles. The extra distance between the handles and flat-free, oversized tires will give you more leverage while lifting heavy objects.

The real advantage of the Aerocart comes in the form of two extension arms that provide a solid platform to carry things like plants, rocks, tools, and other awkward items without taking up tub space. The extension arms can carry a total weight of 80 pounds.

Best Durable: Jackson Steel Wheelbarrow

The difference between one and two wheels often comes down to personal preference. While two wheels will often give you a solid foundation when moving heavy loads around, a single wheel has the advantage of maneuverability in tight spaces or tricky terrain. The Jackson M6T22 makes a great single wheel runner up to the top spot. Its 16-inch tubed tire provides an excellent pivot point to turn around while moving full loads in the tub.

The wheelbarrow’s construction is solid enough to handle challenging residential and commercial jobs. The 6 cubic foot tub is made with seamless, heavy gauge steel reinforced with front braces. Combined with the extra bracing near the front wheel, the wheelbarrow’s frame should hold up to repeated abuse if your projects involve hard materials like rock.

Best Single Wheel: True Temper 6-Cubic Foot Wheelbarrow

For a traditional, single wheel budget option, the True Temper 6-Cubic Foot is a top pick. The large tubed tire is big enough to handle small rocks and other uneven surfaces. The wooden handles are spaced just enough to provide a good, balanced feel while moving the wheelbarrow around the yard.

While this wheelbarrow doesn't offer any extra frills or accessories, it is built tough. The 6 cubic feet tub is made with steel and held up by hardwood handles. Using these high impact materials, you can use and abuse this wheelbarrow all around without worrying about it breaking under heavy loads.

Runner-Up, Best Budget: Marathon Industries Marathon Dual-Wheel Wheelbarrow

To take advantage of a two wheel setup’s great maneuverability in the budget range, the Marathon Dual-Wheel Residential Yard Rover should be near the top of your list. Two wheel setups offer a good balance between the tight turning radius of a single wheel and the stability of four wheels. The Yard Rover sports two air filled tires that help smooth out bumpy surfaces as you move material. The air cushioning effect of the tires also makes it easier to haul heavier loads. With its large 36 x 27.5 inch tub, you can reasonably expect to lift up to 300 pounds and 5 cubic feet of material without issue.

Comfort is one of the biggest selling points of this wheelbarrow. At 29 pounds, it is easily the lightest option on this list. Combined with cushioned grips on the wooden handles, you will be hauling large loads without the discomfort other similar wheelbarrows can cause after an extended period of time.

Best Motorized: YARDMAX YD4103 Power Wheelbarrow

Sometimes, it is not enough to rely on human power alone to get the job done. Putting a motor to a wheelbarrow won't necessarily help you haul heavier loads, but it will make it easy to handle repeated or longer moves without breaking a sweat. At a steep price tag, the Yardmax YD4103 has four, heavy duty tires driven by a three speed transmission. Having the motor makes it easy to maneuver, to the point that the wheelbarrow can spin on a zero-turn radius. When you are ready to dump your cargo, you can use the one handed release to automatically tip the 660 pounds tub.

What to Look for in a Wheelbarrow

Wheels While you may be picturing a traditional wheelbarrow with a single wheel, some models have two or even four. One-wheel models are easier to turn, and four-wheel models provide the most solid platform for carrying heavy loads. Two-wheel models offer a compromise, as they’re a combination of maneuverable and stable. As for the wheels themselves, most are air-cushioned for smoother travel and some are flat-free, meaning you don’t need to worry about refilling them with air.

Handles Dual handles allow you to better balance the weight of a load but can be cumbersome if you don’t have broad shoulders. A single handle (or push bar) solves this dilemma, though it can make unloading the contents of your wheelbarrow trickier. Some models make this easier by offering a dump mechanism.

Tub material Most modern wheelbarrows are made from either steel or heavy-duty plastic. Plastic wheelbarrows are often less expensive, but they may not be able to carry loads as heavy. Steel wheelbarrows, on the other hand, offer a higher weight capacity, but they can rust if left exposed to the elements.

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