The 7 Best Wind Chimes to Buy in 2018

Spruce up your outdoor space with a pretty hanging element

Low Angle View Of Wind Chime Hanging On Tree
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Wind chimes are a delightful addition to any porch, patio or garden. They harness the power of the breeze to turn the air’s slightest movement into soothing sounds that help you better enjoy your outdoor spaces, relax and feel calm. Wind chimes are also great for creating feng shui in your space, which helps combat negative energy in the home, whether that energy comes from rude neighbors, problems with the home itself or a space that has simply fallen out of balance.

The best wind chime for you will be made of weather-resistant and durable materials, blend in with the decor of your home, create a melody that you enjoy and provide any feng shui elements you may be looking for. Before buying a wind chime, measure the space where you’d like to hang it to be sure it can move freely and not hit any obstructions like porch rails, plants or garden features. If you have children or grandchildren, consider hanging your wind chime in an out-of-reach spot so it won’t be too tempting, in case the children think it’s a toy. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions to hang your wind chime securely, and check it about once a season for signs of damage or wear. Here are the best wind chimes to consider for your outdoor spaces.

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    Best Overall: Brooklyn Basix Freedom Chime

    Metal, whether it’s copper, steel or another material, is one of the most popular materials for wind chime. In addition to being very durable, it can be fairly easily manipulated to create different sort of tones and melodies, from inspiring to soothing. And according to feng shui experts, a tall metal wind chime placed in the West, Northwest or North parts of your home or garden (but not the East) can give strength and protection to your surroundings, so metal wind chimes are a popular feng shui barrier against bad neighbors. This metal wind chime comes in two sizes and seven attractive color options to work with your existing outdoor decor and is made with recycled products, as well.

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    Best Bamboo: Cohasset 134 Large Plain Antique Wind Chime

    Wind chimes made from cut bamboo or other woods have a totally different kind of tone than a metal wind chime. The sound is rounder and less echo-y and some feel these ones are warmer, more natural and mellow sounding than other wind chimes. And if you’re looking to place a wind chime in the East, Southeast or South areas of your home, wood or bamboo is the best fit, according to feng shui experts. This bamboo wind chime has a casual, beachy feel with its half-coconut top, and it’s made of eco-friendly bamboo, a plant that’s fast-growing and easy to harvest. At nearly two feet long (when counting the string and knocker), it’s a medium-sized chime that will be just as comfortable hanging from a front porch, tree branch or off the porch of a palapa on a desert island. (We can dream, right?)

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    Best Porcelain: Colored Porcelain Koi Fish Wind Chime

    Colored Porcelain Koi Fish Wind Chime
    Courtesy of Wayfair

    If you’re looking to add an Earth element to your outdoor space, feng shui experts suggest finding a porcelain or clay wind chime that you can put in the Center, Southwest, Northeast, East or Southeast area of your home or yard. Ideally, you'd choose one with six or eight chimes, since those are auspicious numbers. This fish-shaped wind chime is made from porcelain and clay to appear aged, but is still finished with a brilliant glaze to add a colorful, decorative element to your home. In Japanese culture, Koi fish represent loyalty, friendship and love, making this wind chime a thoughtful gift for a friend or loved one (especially if they place it in the Southwest, or Love and Marriage area, of the home or garden). Plus, it creates deep, soothing tones in the wind, a different kind of sound than the one you get from metal chimes. Choose this if you want a wind chime for your home that looks unique but still has traditional elements.

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    Best for the Beach House: Blue Handworks Seaglass and Driftwood Wind Chime

    If you live shoreside — or just wish you did — a wind chime that evokes the look and sound of the sea is a natural choice. This one’s made using driftwood and shades of blue and green sea glass to get a touch of the ocean right on your front porch. The many hanging pieces touch each other in the breeze to create a soothing sound like palm branches rustling or waves against the shore. Watching the interplay of water-inspired colors can be a relaxing activity while meditating or simply sitting outside with your partner to watch the sunset. This wind chime is on the smaller side and is not as tall as many wind chimes, so it’s also a good choice if you have limited space to hang your decoration.

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    Best Sound: Wood Wind Chimes Amazing Grace Chime

    For many people, few things soothe the spirit like the sound of church bells drifting in the breeze. This chime is just about as close as you can get to that feeling. It’s tuned to the familiar opening notes of Amazing Grace, a popular spiritual anthem in good times and bad, and can turn your porch into an almost holy space to find solace and reflect. Made in classic, simple aluminum with ash wood accents, it’s a versatile style that will work in any space. It’s also available in several sizes or with a stained glass cross hanging from the bottom. This wind chime is a popular choice with more than 1,000 positive reviews on Amazon.

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    Best Memorial: Grip of God Memorial Wind Chime

    If you or someone you know has recently lost a loved one, place a wind chime on your porch or in a favorite spot in the backyard in their honor. The tail is inscribed with a thoughtful note: “Listen to the wind and know I am near." This heartfelt saying will evoke happy memories and be a sweet reminder of the person you or your gift recipient has lost. This chime is carefully gift-wrapped when you purchase it, so you can send it directly to a grieving family of a longtime gardener or nature-lover. They’ll appreciate the reminder of a loved one who they think about as often as the window blows.

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    Best Eclectic: UMA Enterprises Urban Trends Capiz Wind Chime

    If you’re into wind chimes as much for their decorative properties as their noise-making ones, choose one that has a ton of flare, like this wind chime from UMA Enterprises. A wind chime that’s large and colorful can have a big impact on brightening up a porch that might feel drab or understated and can be a friendly, welcoming element for friends and passersby when they see your home. And if you’re someone who loves color, this wind chime option can fill your outdoor spaces with brilliant hues even on cloudy or gray, wintery days. This wind chime is made from colored Indonesian capiz shells for a fun, funky accent to your yard or garden.