The 8 Best Wind Chimes of 2022

Spruce up your outdoor space with a pretty hanging element

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Best Wind Chimes

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Wind chimes provide more than just pleasant, tranquil sound. They’re an excellent decor accent for porches, patios, decks, terraces, balconies, and gardens. If you’re thinking of getting a wind chime for yourself or as a gift for a loved one, you might be wondering where to find the best designs.

Since wind chimes are pieces of art, the style you choose should enhance the aesthetic of your outdoor space and speak to your personality—or reflect the personality of the person receiving it. You can find wind chimes in all different sizes, styles, colors, and materials, each with its own character and unique features.

Here, the best wind chimes available today.

Our Top Picks
Made from upcycled wine bottles, you can get just one of these beautiful wind chimes or invest in a few different colors.
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This wind chime doubles as a solar powered accent light at night, lighting up the individual glass hummingbirds.
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A beautiful sympathy gift or memorial, you can get this chime engraved with the name of a loved one who has passed.
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Perfect for the beach, this pick is made of colorful shells that will give off a light, delicate sound when moved by the wind.
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Made to last for years, this copper set won't be damaged by rain or the elements, so you can set it out in your garden year-round.
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Small but full of character, this wind chime has bells and a peace sign to help turn your outdoor space into a meditative oasis.
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This memorial wind chime also acts as a prism, casting colorful light as the sun hits the glass chimes.
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Rather than chimes, this decoration features small bells that ring faintly as the breeze blows through them.
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BottlesUncorked Wind Chimes Made From Glass Wine Bottles with Copper Trim

BottlesUncorked Wind Chimes

BottlesUncorked is a popular Etsy shop that handmakes outdoor housewares out of recycled glass bottles, including hummingbird feeders, lanterns, and wind chimes. The wind chimes made from glass wine bottles have a copper trim along the bottom and come in seven colors: cobalt blue, green, red, yellow, amber, frosted white, and clear. You can buy them individually or as a full set of seven.

To make the wind chimes, the bottom of the wine bottles are expertly cut out and wrapped with the copper accent, which reflects sunlight. A stained wooden ball and heart flag are suspended through the middle from a delicate chain. The result is an eclectic outdoor decor piece that sounds as beautiful as it looks.

Freeport Park Bui Painted Solar Mobile Wind Chime

Freeport Park Bui Painted Solar Mobile Wind Chimes

If you have a soft spot for hummingbirds and are looking for ways to illuminate your yard or garden, you might consider the charming Bui Painted Solar Mobile Wind Chime from Freeport Park. With six glass hummingbirds that light up from a solar-charged battery, it doubles as an outdoor lighting accent after dark.

Suspended individually from the top hanger, the hummingbirds have green wings with semi-transparent red bodies and blue beaks. With no assembly required, this wind chime can be effortlessly hung anywhere outside.

FireWoodCreations Memorial Tribute Wind Chime

FireWoodCreations Memorial Tribute Wind Chime

Memorial wind chimes make great sympathy gifts. The Memorial Tribute Wind Chime from the FireWoodCreations Etsy shop can be personalized to include an engraved name of a loved one. This classic bereavement wind chime is handcrafted with weather-resistant redwood and anodized aluminum, allowing it to hold up in the outdoor elements for years. 

It comes in four lengths (18, 24, 30, and 36 inches) with the choice of either silver or bronze metal tubes. To ensure a balanced sound, each length option is hand-tuned to a different scale with five musical notes.

Highland Dunes Hirsch Outdoor Wind Chime

Highland Dunes Hirsch Outdoor Wind Chime

The Highland Dunes Hirsch Outdoor Wind Chime is a truly unique product with a beachy, elegant appeal. Its upper platform and sail are made of wood, and delicate capiz shells hang from suspension cords.

This handmade wind chime comes in two lengths (20 and 26 inches) and two multi-chrome color options. Weighing less than a pound, it’s a notably lightweight and airy product. The breezy, playful design will add a splash of color and peaceful background sounds to your outdoor space.

JLHCopperDesigns Morning Song Copper Wind Chime with Blue Patina

JLHCopperDesigns Morning Song Copper Wind Chimes

As the name suggests, the Morning Song Copper Wind Chime from JLHCopperDesigns consists of five copper tubes and a copper windcatcher. With a non-rusting, blue patina finish, the pipes are made to last for years outside.

The braided polyester cord is resistant to sunlight, rot, and mildew. To prevent fraying, solid brass grommets are inserted into the pipes. As the wind picks up, a wooden ball clapper provides soft and soothing tones you’ll never tire of hearing.

ThrowinStones Golden Wind Chime with Brass Bells & Rudraksha Bead

ThrowinStones Golden Wind Chime

For a small wind chime that’s full of character, you might like the ThrowinStones 11 Inch Golden Wind Chime. This pleasantly unusual wind chime is just under a foot in length and produces a charming sound through three brass bells.

The bells suspend from thin gold metal chains, which are attached to a round metal peace sign ornament. Rudraksha beads accent the gold and lend to the overall charm of this little wind chime.

Oleinthewind Memorial Wind Chime

Oleinthewind Memorial Wind Chime

Oleinthewind is an Etsy shop that makes several beautiful bereavement wind chimes and keepsakes, but the best-selling Memorial Wind Chime Sun Catcher is particularly striking. Five glass prisms hang from a small piece of wood, and tiny crystal beads accent the elegant design.

The wood is engraved with the verse, “Through the strongest of storms or the softest breeze, listen to the wind and think of me” with the option to add the name of a loved one. Choose from two color options: cobalt or aqua. When the wind blows, the glass prisms create peaceful and relaxing sounds.

Pottery Barn Sanctuary Bells Wind Chime

Pottery Barn Sanctuary Bells Wind Chime

The Sanctuary Bells Wind Chime from Pottery Barn is unlike any other wind chime you’ll find on the market. It’s 32 inches long with a series of five bowl-shaped bells that suspend from a string loop instead of a standard suspension platform. The bells range slightly in size, with the smallest at the top and the largest on the bottom. (The largest chime is only three inches in diameter.)

Handcrafted from polished brass, the bells are designed to deliver a tranquil, meditative hum reminiscent of Tibetan singing bowls. The sound is backed by a one-year tuning guarantee. This wind chime is suitable for outdoor use in a garden, on a patio, or on a balcony. It can also be wiped clean with a damp cloth.