Best Wind Turbine Manufacturers

Automaxx offers the best wind turbine options

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Wind Power Generator

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Wind turbines harness the energy of the breeze and turn it into usable energy, whether it’s for an RV, boat, a rural home, or simply a few rechargeable batteries at a campsite. Propeller blades move in the wind, spinning a rotor that activates a generator to create electricity. Turbines come in many sizes, varieties, and price points. Some of the largest residential models are capable of powering entire homes.

A great wind turbine manufacturer is reliable, transparent, affordable, and easy to contact with problems or troubleshooting questions. In the best situations, companies can explain how the product works before a purchase is made, offering customers a host of resources as they compare models and settle on what size, price, and features fit their needs and budgets.

Best Wind Turbine Manufacturers 2021

Best Overall: Automaxx



Why We Chose It: Known for its durable construction and easy assembly, Automaxx stands out for its reliability, value, and top-notch reputation—especially among users who prioritize sustainability over savings, or those who wish to live off the grid. 

  • Powerful electricity capabilities up to 1500 watts

  • Positive customer service reviews

  • Costly shipping

  • Installation can be tricky

  • More expensive than some competitors

A trusted name in sustainable living, Automaxx’s products are reliable, powerful, and its wind turbines come with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty. The company manufactures all of its turbines from its factory in Taiwan, so expect to pay for shipping—even orders from the two-day shipping magnate Amazon come with a $250 delivery fee. The company offers a 30-day return policy, but it’s not quite as commitment-free as it may seem: Customers still have to pay the shipping cost back to the Taiwan warehouse.

The power capability on Automaxx’s kits ranges from 400 to 1500 watts. All turbines from Automaxx require a DIY install, and some require additional parts, so do your research before ordering if you need to be able to use your device immediately. Prices for Automaxx wind turbines run between about $450 and $1,700, but savvy shoppers can usually find coupons or specials for about 15% off. To order, add the desired turbine to your shopping cart on Automaxx’s website or purchase it on Amazon. Customer service is available by email, Whatsapp, and telephone hotline. Automaxx’s business hours may not match up with U.S. time zones, so be prepared for at least a one-day turnaround for communication.

Best Hybrid Systems: Eco-Worthy



Why We Chose It: With a track record of nearly two decades of helping families outfit their homes with sustainable energy, Eco-Worthy offers a complete slate of wind, solar, and hybrid systems—and customers continue to rave about its products. 

  • Excellent options for off-grid systems

  • Nearly 20 years of business in clean energy

  • Not as much selection for wind turbines

  • Poorly written instructions can be confusing

The motto for this nearly 20-year-old company is “make rural life better,” and with its variety of solutions for off-the-grid and extremely remote customers, it’s clear that Eco-Worthy stands by its word. The company specializes in solar kits but offers multiple wind turbines for sale in addition to an impressive roster of solar-wind hybrid models. 

Based in Southern California, Eco-Worthy was founded in 2002 as a solar energy company. Since then, the company claims to have helped half a million families embark on their at-home sustainable energy journey. Systems run between about $300 for a small 400-watt wind generator to upwards of $1000 for a 1000-watt off-grid hybrid system with solar panels to boot. Reviewers praise the reliable power and responsive customer support but warn that the installation and use instructions are poorly written and can be confusing. 

Eco-Worthy ships to nearly every country in the world and guarantees its products will be delivered within 60 days of your order—or within 30 days for U.S. customers. Often shipping is much faster, with smaller kits taking between three and five business days and larger systems, which ship via freight, running between five and 15 business days. In most cases, shipping is free, but confirm any extra costs before purchasing. 

You can order an Eco-Worthy system from the company’s website or via third-party retailers, like Amazon, which may have different shipping or warranty policies in place. Regardless of where you purchase, you can count on Eco-Worthy’s 24/7 technical support (which comes with the one-year warranty) to help troubleshoot any issues. Just call the hotline with any questions, or turn to live chat and email for less urgent needs.

Best Value: Pacific Sky Power

Pacific Sky Power

Pacific Sky Power

Why We Chose It: Affordable on-the-go turbines from Pacific Sky Power offer the opportunity to experiment with wind power without investing too much time or money (even if it means you don’t get much energy in return). 

  • Inexpensive

  • Easy to use

  • Buyers can experiment with DIY options

  • Low energy output

  • Warranty is unclear or nonexistent

Looking to dabble in windpower without much commitment? Pacific Sky Power has you covered with affordable, portable options that are ideal for kids, weekend campers, or outdoorsmen who want to experiment with energy they can take anywhere. Based in Seattle, Washington, the company specializes in generators and turbine kits it describes as “perfect for tinkerers or science educators.” 

At less than $200 for a travel turbine generator, Pacific Sky Power’s all-in costs are more affordable than many other offerings in the wind power space, with even less expensive parts and kits for those who dream of building their turbines from scratch. But with low costs come lower output: While this may be a great product for charging your phone or 12-volt batteries on a weekend camping trip, you won’t be able to use it to power a permanent structure or any major appliances at a power range of just 15 watts.  

To get your turbine, browse the company’s latest offerings on its website, and order your product of choice through a third-party retailer like Sears or Amazon. For support, contact customer service via email. Pacific Sky will either solve your problem online or schedule time for a call to troubleshoot your issue.

Best for Microturbines: Pikasola



Why We Chose It: Smaller, affordable kits with a quick learning curve and easy installation make Pikasola a top name for microturbines.

  • Easy installation

  • Compact designs

  • Affordable

  • Limited energy output

Pikasola’s relatively compact wind turbines won points for affordability and ease of use—even though they might not be ideal for customers with larger electricity needs. Reviewers tend to praise the easy installation instructions, helpful customer support, and user-friendly features that make it the perfect first-time turbine for beginners. The company primarily uses Amazon as a platform for its website and online store operations. Prices start around $270 for a 400-watt kit, with increases based on additional capabilities and occasional discounts and specials. Shipping and returns are free. 

Installation instructions are listed clearly on each turbine’s product page, so setting up your new turbine should be a breeze. But if it’s not? Previous buyers have praised the company’s customer service via email, which is known to be friendly, knowledgeable, and more than happy to troubleshoot any issues. And while the manufacturer’s warranty policies can be murky, interested customers have the option to purchase a protection plan for their new turbines through the third-party seller starting at roughly $30 for three years. 

Best Selection: Primus Windpower

Primus Windpower

Primus Windpower

Why We Chose It: This Colorado-based company offers webinars and other online educational materials to help customers understand the sustainable energy technology they’re considering—and offers a wide variety of options for purchase.

  • Helpful educational materials

  • Customer service available before and after purchase

  • Variety of sustainable energy options

  • Shipping costs vary

Primus Windpower won’t just sell you a wind turbine—it will teach you how it works, too. The company’s webinars and online tutorials are a great way to get acquainted with what kind of wind, solar, or hybrid system might fit your needs. Based in Lakewood, Colorado, the company stands out for its wide selection of sustainable energy products—both solar and wind—and its wide availability at various retailers around the country. 

Prices start at about $300 for a marine model, rising upwards of $1,300 for more substantial systems. Shipping costs vary, but free delivery is available on many models depending on the retailer. To order, you can contact Primus directly: The company has an online form to help potential customers locate the turbine retailer that will best fit their needs. Primus Windpower turbines are also available via various online outlets, such as Amazon. Your turbine will arrive with a warranty card and contact information for customer service. Primus is available by email and phone, and you’ll need to share some information about your purchase to register for the company’s warranty. 

Final Verdict

There are plenty of options when it comes to residential wind turbine manufacturers. Some companies, like Eco-Worthy and Primus Windpower, offer a wide variety of models that include solar hybrid systems, complete with detailed instructions and customer support. Others stick primarily to wind power, but on a smaller scale—like Pikasola for microturbines, and Pacific Sky Power for even lighter starter models—in the name of low prices and affordability. But Automaxx emerged as the top choice. 

Reviewers praise Automaxx for its durability and reliability. Its policy only allows direct shipping from its warehouse in Taiwan, so customers know they’re getting the authentic product—even if it may take a bit longer to arrive. And when it comes to selection, Automaxx offers some of the top larger wind turbines in this price bracket, with options that go up to 1500 watts.

How to Choose the Best Wind Turbine Manufacturer

To select the best wind turbine for your needs, start by figuring out how much energy you need by creating an “energy budget.” Once you have an idea of how much electricity you use, you’ll have a better idea of how much you need. For wind to provide enough energy for an average home, you need about a full acre of turbine space—more than most homeowners have to devote toward energy needs—so most of the wind turbines on the market aim to cut traditional utility costs, not eliminate them. In many cases, wind turbines are used in conjunction with solar energy. 

Shopping Tips 

  • Compare prices and features from at least two reputable brands with a decent number of reviews
  • Contact customer service with questions—if you can’t get ahold of them, understand that they may be hard to pin down later, too. 
  • Consider your budget and your goals. Will this turbine pay for itself in saved energy costs? Will it impact the environment in a way that feels significant enough for the purchase? 

Know what’s included before you buy. Scour reviews and take stock of information about warranties, installation needs, and any additional supplies that you may need to purchase. Consider the whole cost of the system.

Wind Turbines vs. Solar Panels


  • Could potentially generate power 24 hours per day

  • Salacable: can be used for small tasks or large

  • Free and renewable energy

  • Must be distanced from structures that could block the wind

  • Significant upfront costs

  • HOAs and local guidelines may restrict larger wind turbines in less rural areas

  • Require lots of space


  • Able to be installed on almost any roof

  • Free and renewable energy

  • Can only generate electricity during daylight hours

  • Significant up-front costs

Frequently Asked Questions 

How Do Wind Turbines Work? 

For a wind turbine to power your devices, the wind blows propellers around and around, spinning a rotor that activates a generator to create electricity. Wind turbines are often used alongside another source of renewable energy, like solar panels, or are hooked up to a power grid. 

How Much Do Wind Turbines Cost? 

Small wind turbines for mobile structures can cost as little as a few hundred dollars, while larger systems can cost a few thousand. For a wind turbine system that powers your whole home, expect to pay tens of thousands of dollars. 

What if There’s No Wind? 

While a turbine will take a while to stop spinning even when the wind dies down, these structures cannot continue to create power without a breeze. Turbines require wind to create electricity. If you’re using wind power for more than optional power requirements, like charging batteries, then you will likely need to pair your turbine with another form of energy, whether it comes from a solar panel or a power grid, to fill the gaps. 


When reviewing wind turbine manufacturers, we looked at nearly a dozen different options, narrowing our search to those that offered straightforward product information, positive reviews, accessible customer service, and a reasonable number of options. 

We also considered what factors might be helpful for first-time buyers, paying close attention to the feedback about usability, installation techniques, and energy output. We settled on companies that offered turbines with power ranges of under 1500 watts, primarily because this category offered the most options with a reasonable price point and accessible space requirements.

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