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Despite how spotted and soiled glass can get, many people still don’t think to clean their windows regularly. The exterior surfaces can be hard to reach—whether they’re on the second story or simply behind some shrubbery—and it can be time-consuming to safely maintain them yourself.

Fortunately, there are many window cleaning services that specialize in scrubbing these hard-to-reach windows, offering whole-house packages that promise to remove water spots and stains in addition to treating your glass against future grime. Here, we’ve gathered four of the top window cleaning services around the country, each of which stood out for a different reason.

Best Window Cleaning Services of 2023

Best Overall : Window Gang

Window Gang

Window Gang

Why We Chose It: Window Gang’s add-ons, like water stain removal and glass sealant, make it a great choice for custom needs, and its unique “Wash and Wax Formula” repels grime for a long-lasting clean, regardless of the package you choose.

What We Like
  • ”Wash and Wax Formula” keeps windows clean after appointment

  • Online estimates available

  • Several customizable add-ons

What We Don’t Like
  • Mostly East Coast locations

  • $125 minimum spend

Lauded for quick, professional service, this North Carolina-based company has been serving customers since it was founded in Wrightsville Beach in 1986. Window Gang now boasts locations up and down the East Coast and beyond, and its variety of offerings continue to stand out from the competition.

Book online for an instant estimate: Window Gang uses your home’s square footage for an accurate idea of price and maintains a $125 minimum spend in most locations. During the booking process, customers can choose from a variety of add-ons and packages that include solar panel cleaning, gutter cleaning, and metal roof washing. Window Gang uses a unique “Wash and Wax Formula” for its services, which leaves an invisible layer behind to repel pollen, dirt, and other buildup—just one of several methods that keep your windows cleaner in between appointments.

Ask about the company’s special “Spot and Stain” or “Window Gang Clear” services to remove or prevent water spots, or its fingerprint-proof glass sealants. And rest assured that Window Gang keeps the health of your family and the environment in mind: Every cleaning solution used is biodegradable.

Best Value : Window Genie

Window Genie

Window Genie

Why We Chose It: With its three-step window scrubbing process and a presence in 25 states, Window Genie offers reliable, affordable services in many different areas.

What We Like
  • More than 100 locations around the country

  • Free on-site estimate

  • Rain or shine appointments

  • Three-step cleaning process includes scrubbing

What We Don’t Like
  • Extra cost for certain kinds of windows

Founded in 1994 and franchising since 1998, Window Genie is available at more than 100 locations from coast to coast. Window Genie offers window cleaning, window tinting, pressure washing, gutter cleaning, and more. The company boasts a three-step cleaning process, taking the time to scrub away spores, sap, or animal residue between the standard wetting and wiping.

Customers can receive a free estimate from one of Window Genie’s trained technicians before committing to a window washing, and the company is transparent about its window counting process. Prices vary by location and are determined by the number of windows as well as the amount of buildup, with most packages starting around $100. All of the cleaning products used by Window Genie are biodegradable, and customers who come back for multiple washings in a calendar year can save big: The company offers up to 30 percent off with its Window Care loyalty program, and discounts grow steeper the more often you book.

Best for Nationwide Availability : Fish Window Cleaning

Fish Window Cleaning

Fish Window Cleaning

Why We Chose It: The more than 250 franchises around the country make Fish Window Cleaning an accessible choice for most consumers—and its high ratings make it a smart one, too.

What We Like
  • Many locations around the United States

  • Gives back to the community through donations to nonprofits

  • Service for homes and businesses

What We Don’t Like
  • Pricing is unclear

Billing itself as the “world’s largest window cleaning company,” Fish Window Cleaning is available at more than 250 franchise locations around the country, each locally owned and operated. Founded in 1978 and headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, Fish specializes in both residential and business cleaning services and is highly rated for its reliability and top-notch customer service.

Fish Window Cleaning uses water fed pole systems for its services, employing high-power purified water for a soap-free clean. While their pricing structure differs between locations and can be unclear when booking online, potential customers can receive a free on-site cost estimate before confirming a service appointment, and many reviewers praise the company for its affordable prices. Choose between one-time or ongoing services—the latter is a top choice for businesses, especially those with awnings and large storefronts.

Best Satisfaction Guarantee : Shine Window Care & Holiday Lighting

Shine Window Care & Holiday Lighting

Shine Window Care & Holiday Lighting

Why We Chose It: Working with this Texas-based company is stress-free thanks to its satisfaction guarantee: You’ll be happy with your window cleaning service, or Shine will refund your money and work to make it right.

What We Like
  • Satisfaction guarantee

  • Trained in both scrubbing and water fed pole techniques

  • Full inspection before choosing cleaning method

What We Don’t Like
  • Not available nationwide

  • No instant online estimates

Booking services from a company you’ve never used before can be a gamble—especially for cleaning, which can vary widely in cost, quality, and professionalism. That’s why Shine Window Service & Holiday Lighting stands out: Book with this Austin, Texas-based outfit, and the company will refund your money if you’re not 100 percent satisfied after your appointment.

Shine’s associates are trained in both scrubbing and water fed pole cleaning techniques, use eco-friendly materials, and perform a full inspection before your service to determine which cleaning method makes the most sense. To book, fill out an online questionnaire—you’ll share your address, contact information, and details about the job, along with a photo if possible—and Shine will send out a technician for an on-site estimate at no cost.

The company offers solutions for both business and residential clients and boasts dozens of locations across the eastern United States. And don’t forget about Shine when the holidays roll around—the company also specializes in hanging holiday lights, even on those hard-to-reach areas of your roof.

Final Verdict

Final Verdict

When it comes to the best window cleaning services, Window Gang stood out as the most well-rounded company, with top-rated reviews, customizable options, and a straightforward online estimate tool.

For the best value in window cleaning, consider Window Genie, a company with franchises across the country that offers discounts based on your number of cleaning appointments each year. As for the most widely available window cleaning service, Missouri-based Fish Window Cleaning took home the prize: The company has more than 250 franchises and has been building its reputation for reliability and customer service since the 1970s.

What Is a Window Cleaning Service?

A window cleaning service removes any dirt, pollen, and other types of grime from the windows of your home, often washing both the inside and outside of every glass surface. From fingerprints to water spots, a window cleaning service will remove unsightly stains on your windows and will sometimes even treat the glass to protect against future grime, too.

How Often Should I Use a Window Cleaning Service?

Every customer is different when it comes to preferred window cleaning frequency. At the very least, most window cleaning services recommend hiring a professional to clean your windows twice a year. But depending on other environmental factors—from the weather to the wildlife around your home—you may want to book cleaning appointments more often. Some window-cleaning services, like Window Genie, even offer deeper discounts the more you book in a single calendar year. If you’re considering repeat service, ask your provider about special rates or memberships.

Do Window Cleaning Companies Offer Other Services?

Most window cleaning companies offer other services for hard-to-reach areas of your home, from gutter cleaning to pressure washing and more. In some cases, you might even be able to get a discount for booking these services together. Window Gang, for example, offers multiple different packages that include services beyond standard window cleaning.

How Much Do Window Cleaning Services Charge?

Window cleaning services range in price depending on your location, the number of windows in your home, and, in some cases, how soiled your windows may be. Some services offer instant online quotes based on the square footage of your home, but many can only estimate the cost in a ballpark range before sending an associate for an on-site estimate. Expect to pay at least $100 per cleaning, with most prices closer to the $125–$175 range and up. Extra services and glass treatments are usually available for an added cost.


To choose the best window cleaning services, we started by looking for companies that offer window washing across multiple states and regions, focusing on businesses that clearly state information about cleaning practices and company values. We also looked for companies that offered different add-ons or cleaning options, and prioritized outfits that provide free estimates before booking—especially if you could access those estimates online.

Window Gang was competitive in all of these categories, with special cleaning techniques, solutions that keep windows clean for longer, and a comprehensive online estimate calculator that relies on square footage for an accurate quote. The North Carolina-born company has locations along the west coast—and seems to be growing.

Meanwhile, customers who are worried they might be disappointed with the work might consider looking into Shine Window Care & Holiday Lighting: The Texas-based company offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so customers can rest easy knowing their expectations will be met.

Best Window Cleaning

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