The Best Window Covering Ideas for Your Fall Home

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    Choose Window Coverings that Enhance your Home

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    Choose window coverings that will compliment your room. iriana88w via Deposit Photos

    When it comes to window covering ideas, there are so many options to choose from. Curtains, shades, and shutters can let in light, provide privacy, and turn your windows into focal points. Here are some window covering ideas to consider before potential buyers come.

    Window Curtains can Transform Any Room Instantly

    These are the most attractive window treatments. Since they both comprise lengthy panels of material, they can be used interchangeably. Curtains can make or break a room. The secret to...MORE getting the right curtains is picking the correct fabric, color, length, and lining.

    Drapes add a lot of personality to your interiors. Whether lush velvet or breezy sheers, they block or filter light and can be lined for thermal insulation. Since they are hung near the ceiling, they can make windows and rooms appear bigger. Pair drapes with other window treatments such as cellular shades and wood blinds and you’ll be sure to attract buyers. Get the best fabric for drapes and perk up your home. Look at these dos and don'ts before you choose the right curtains.

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    Valances Let Your Gorgeous View Shine Through

    Valance window treatment ideas
    Consider valances or swags for a picturesque view. Getty Images

    Cellular Shades Add Privacy & Versatility

    Bathrooms need a lot of privacy. Cellular shades are hard window treatments that let light in while offering privacy. Top-down bottom-up shades are ideal for bathrooms as they offer ample privacy.

    Cellular shades come in many designs. Honeycomb shades have little pockets of cells. They provide insulation and save energy. Their tiny pockets keep the warmth in during cold weather and keep heat out in summer. Some cellular shades are cordless and ideal...MORE for families with little children or pets.

    Sheers Let the Outdoors In and Diffuse Light

    Sheers are perfect for common spaces such as living rooms that don’t require a lot of privacy but need a lot of light. They let in natural light and brighten up rooms. When getting sheers, pick the thickness of the fabric depending on the amount of light you want. Semi-sheer window treatments offer light and a little privacy even when lowered.

    Fall Valances are Great for Unobstructed Views

    Do you have a room that has gorgeous views and has privacy already? Valances are perfect for kitchens and bathrooms that have well-secluded windows because they show off the view. You can use valances alone or with curtains and sheers to complete the look of a room. Valances come in different colors, styles, and sizes and you can easily create the look you want, whether sophisticated or modern. They add privacy and beauty and restrict the view into and out of your home. Learn the difference between valances, swags and cornices.

    Fall valances provide an easy way to add style to your windows and also hide unattractive features like curtain rods and differing window heights. They add depth and detail to a room and make windows look taller. Pair yours with short curtains or drapes to create a layered effect. Valances look very nice in kitchens and bathrooms as they make them appear softer.

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    Consider Using a Variety of Window Treatments

    window covering ideas dining room
    Floor to ceiling wall covering ideas bring elegance. Getty Images

    Wood Blinds Are Versatile & Traditional in Style

    In days gone by, wood blinds were mostly used in libraries and dens, but this has changed as homeowners with traditional homes have come to enjoy the warmth and versatility. These days, they look at home in most rooms. Wood blinds can be stained or painted. They go well with a range of decorative styles and are very easy to use. They come in different finishes like stained ebony and light pine. Choose the wood slat size based on the amount of...MORE privacy and light you want. You can enhance wood blinds with drapery.

    Roller Shades are Economical

    When lowered, roller shades hang flat near window panes; when raised, they roll up onto cylindrical rods. The shades can be made with different types of fabrics. You can also print your own images or art on roller shades. Many cafés use them to advertise. Roller shades devoid of cords provide a clean look. If you want budget-friendly window coverings, roller shades may be a good option for your home.

    Window treatments are often the only barrier between you and the outside world. But too often, they are an afterthought, something chosen after everything else. It is worth noting that window treatments dictate the style of a room. Look to these window covering ideas and choose coverings that enhance your décor and offer both style and function.